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Sharing Scenes?

A topic by FirePro created 53 days ago Views: 132 Replies: 4
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Is there a way to share a saved scene with another FlowScape user?

Also, what folder or file has our saved scenes files?


If you  want to share  your scenes, copy the scenes "Savenn.json" to a new location
Send the scenes to your friend.
Rename one of them as   AutoSave.json  and have your friend move it to the following folder (Windows)
FlowScape 1.5,
FlowScape 1.4

Open FlowScape and load the AutoSave file from the Load menu.

Save the loaded scene in a new cell.
Repeat as required.

One thing not mentioned is if you have imported any mesh OBJ files (and probably sky HDR files, though I cannot confirm this as I've not tried to share skies). These are not saved in the save**.json file, just references to them, so you will also need to distribute the .obj file, texture files (.jpg or .png etc) and .mtl files with the FlowScape file too. The directory tree to the OBJ files needs to be duplicated too, otherwise FlowScape won't be able to import the mesh object.

That is correct. The above procedure will only work with native FlowScape scenes.
Imported meshes and skies  use absolute paths.

Great, thank you both for the info!