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Yes, please, adding animated FBX import would be a fantastic addition!

Great, thank you both for the info!

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Sharing Scenes?

Is there a way to share a saved scene with another FlowScape user?

Also, what folder or file has our saved scenes files?


Importing animated FBX meshes would be my choice for most  wanted update.

Flowing water?  Maybe an animated texture would work.

Thanks for the updates PixelForest!  

Regarding texture tiling:  If I choose the smallest size land and the smallest size objects (trees for example) and set the Tiling to smallest tiles, everything looks good.  But if I then increase the size of the land the tiles increase in size also, not matching the size of the objects (trees).  Is there anything that can be done regarding this?

Thanks PixelForest, FBX import support would be really great.

Now that Flowscape supports importing, is there a way to import an animated 3D mesh?  


Yup, that did it.  Thanks PixelForest!

Hmm, no pano file getting saved.  When I click the Panoramas button, I get the camera click and a "single screenshot" but find no saved Pano+time.jpg file.

I'm running Win 10 and V1.4, with GTX1080.

Hi, where do the Panorama files get saved to?

Hi PixelForest, have you had a chance to address  this texture tiling issue?

Thanks PixelForest, adjusting the tiling slider would be great.

So trying to use FlowScape with large terrains and small trees, however, the texture tiling does not shrink the texture maps enough.  Perhaps further size reduction possible?  Also, maybe use our own textures? 

Thanks, good luck with future upgrades, very nice fun to play with!