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If I start FS in a window smaller than the full screen, then maximize it, the cursor is limited to the old window and cannot go outside it unless I use Alt-Tab to switch windows. Then when I move back into FS I can click on the UI outside the old window size. However if I move back within the boundaries of the the old window pane, I cannot move outside that area again without an Alt-Tab. OS: Win 7, FS 1.5.1 (not updated to 1.5.2 yet). It's an irritation more than a major issue & there is a work-around.



Rivers & streams don't always freeze over the instant it snows. Here in the UK it's rare to have rivers & the sea freeze over - once in a lifetime or even less frequently.

One thing not mentioned is if you have imported any mesh OBJ files (and probably sky HDR files, though I cannot confirm this as I've not tried to share skies). These are not saved in the save**.json file, just references to them, so you will also need to distribute the .obj file, texture files (.jpg or .png etc) and .mtl files with the FlowScape file too. The directory tree to the OBJ files needs to be duplicated too, otherwise FlowScape won't be able to import the mesh object.

Plants growing from imported objects can lead to interesting effects, such as this image I did:

As it's interesting, it would be nice if this feature were not broken.



Does snow still coat river/sea beds like it does in v1.5.1? Bit strange that when you first see it.

Just had an idea how these could be implemented on the UI. Have up to 5 camera dots somewhere, possibly under the FOV slider. Black when empty, green when set. Left click to set with current camera, Right click to move the camera to that position. Shift Left click to clear. Camera dot records all camera related settings, including FOV, depth of focus, angle, altitude and location.


It occurred to me that being able to save more than one camera position would be useful.

And having the current saved camera position reliably returning in the next session would be just as useful. I have a moderately complex scene with a number of viewpoints designed in, and a couple of obj import figures placed. Saved the camera using 'page up', and next session it returned to a position near to where it should have been, but not exactly the same position, height or angle. (Version 1.4 on Windows 7).

I was impressed. Imported the 11.2 million facet model, and while it slowed the machine down, it was not a jerky as I had feared. The model represented 3 man-years of design work and crippled the same machine when in SolidWorks (15 minutes to change view degree of crippling). Now I only have to work out how to texture map such a model & I could do some publicity shots for it as opposed to our usual CAD drawings. That'll surprise the boss..

Tried with triangles and quads. The only thing relating to the shadow that affects it is the normal. If a reverse side of the facet faces the light, it throws no shadow. I suspect that with the model of the yacht is such that it's either single sided or there is something peculiar about the normals on the inner surface.

I wonder, then, if it's the fact the facets are triangular. The shadow I get from a DAZ Studio figure and clothing looks right to me. The poly count is 100,000+, but most are quads. I'll try with a small converted STL later today to test. I have an 11.2 million triangle/660Mb model I could try testing with after that - will be fun , but I have no expectations of it working, and had none for DS, and was pleasantly surprised when it did work.

While using V1.4 I've not had that problem - see the last post on this page