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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Having trouble getting it going? Look in here

A topic by PixelForest created Jul 01, 2019 Views: 928 Replies: 12
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Developer (7 edits)

The best way to install and run FlowScape is to use the app 

There are a few advantages of using this, it lets you manage multiple installs, resumes downloads if you lose connection, sets permissions on MacOs, and has an option to check for updates and only install what is new, usually a few megabytes.

If you are still having trouble, you can Re-install

There are a few other things you can try.

If you are stuck at the loading screen, give it a bit of time, its loading a lot of textures. 

Clicking on the screen while loading, could cause it to crash.

A program called Citrix has been known to cause trouble with Unity based apps. Check that you don't have it installed, and disable it if you do.

On some Macs you can try windowed mode instead of fullscreen

Hopefully this will fix any issues you are having

If you need further help or would like to ask for a refund, you can contact me on discord, my username is Pixel Forest#4545

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1.3 ran fine on my system. 1.4 update does show the loading-screen forever, after 3 minutes CPU-load drops to zero and nothing more happens.. I tried windowed mode and lowest gfx-settings - no success.   :-( 


Thanks for working with me on discord to find the problem, should be all fixed now

Hope you're having a good night and a great day today. If you have nice weather, go out  enjoy some nature, time at a beach with friends and/or family. I know what and who I support and I'm enjoying it. Nice chatting with you, man.

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omg! what a site! where to ask?.. whom to ask?..

just in case I ask here. if one of the celestials descends from heaven, please, do not consider this as a work, and answer my question.

how to turn off the animation in flowscape: all these flying birds, the movement of clouds and so on??
I don't need animation and, secondly, it loads the videocard.

ps btw, flowscape doesn't work with my tablet (Wacom). this is VERY, VERY bad, because it's very difficult to move sliders previously with only a mouse.


I have a Wacom Intuos tablet with pens and a mouse.
You can use the Wacom tablet if you install a regular mouse. You do not have to use the regular mouse for most action, just gently push to get the tablet to see the cursor.
Once the cursor is visible, the tablet pens and mouse do as expected. With the exception of moving about with the right mouse button.
You can come close to that action by using the middle button and panning or just use to regular mouse for moving about.
It appears as the tablet right button move about is the only action not working on a Wacom tablet.
If you do not see the cursor, just push the mouse a bit to restore it.


I have a function that hides the mouse cursor after a certain amount of inactivity, is this messing with the wacom? should i remove it? or make an option?

I would remove the hide the cursor function or make it optional. I personally have no need to hide the cursor
If I spend a lot of time in Ansel, the cursor is often missing on return To FlowScape.

Mentioning options, is it possible to save the camera options in the settings panel.


Ok ill add an option, i wanted to hide the cursor on inactivity if you are viewing in fullscreen and just wanted to record a video without the cursor. but if it messes with wacom, ill have a think about the best way to deal with that

My recorder has the option of not recording the cursor, I assume most other screen recorders would have that option.


Cool, im just experimenting with setting camera paths and saving out a sequence of up to 8k images, looks quite doable

Installed on app and Need help!What's your Discord Channel @PixelForest? 

There is a link in this thread