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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

RoadMap for the Future?

A topic by Rathnierre created 89 days ago Views: 476 Replies: 8
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I know that the world is considerably up-ended at the moment....and that it would be silly to expect any sort of immediate update.  However, is there a roadmap for what we can look forward to as it pertains to the future of FLOWSCAPE? 

Hints at coming plans?  Glimpse at new assets?  Anything that can be shared?


If you go to the discord and then the flowscape channel, scroll up to march 11th to see some of the things being worked on.

That said, due to the current situation, a lot of my time is being taken up by my 2 young kiddos being home and having to entertain and home school them.

So development time is getting harder to find. Hopefully things sort themselves out soon.

Stay well everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to reply!  I 150% understand!  Be safe, Stay Healthy, and Enjoy the extra time with the kids!

If there was anything of any consequence shouted into the screaming chaos of the discord at that date, I can't find it.  There is nothing at that date under 'rules-and -info', 'reddit-feed', 'announcements', 'challenge-announcements', 'flowscape', 'off-topic', 'q-and-a', 'reviews-n-videos', 'welcome', 'suggestions', 'bug-reports' and 'gallery'. At that point I was sick & tired of the toddlers screaming for attention and turned it off. There is a limit to how much chaos I can be bothered to put up with. Can I ask,  where did all the capital letters & punctuation run off to hide, I wonder?

So, PixelForest, as it's far from easy to find your plans in Discord, is it possible to repeat them in the calm of this environment? Rather than us having to brave the tiresome screaming for attention of the discord madhouse?



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Hey Richard,

The exact location of the topic could've been clarified better, I suppose. It's in #flowscape, since it's neither an official announcement, nor is it unrelated to FlowScape (as per #off-topic). 

It seems you might've gotten confused with the channel list. Perhaps some clarification of the server's structure would be in place? The #q-and-a is specifically for people to ask questions and have them answered to the best of the community's ability, so that typically wouldn't be where PixelForest sends his previews. Neither do I reckon they'd fit in well with the #rules-and-info (I suppose it's information, sort of? It's not officialized yet though, and prone to change). The #reviews-n-videos are... well, just that: reviews and videos (which, granted, could be a place where PixelForest could've posted his spoilers). The #welcome channel is where we have the welcome notifications, the #suggestions and #bug-reports where people add suggestions for PixelForest to browse through, and #gallery (and its various branches) where the community posts user-made content.  Perhaps it's chaotic to newcomers (esp. if they're new to Discord itself?). I'll look into potentially streamlining it, and at any rate clarify some of the topic descriptions. We don't want to lose our tech-challenged audience after all.

I can't speak for the individual community member, but I'll be honest and say I find your abrasive comments about their 'screaming for attention' rather disrespectful. I recognize that a such environment, in which the members regard each other with the familiarity of friends and not the cool politeness of strangers, might not be equally suited for everybody. The 'chaotic' nature of the server, however, lends itself well to such things as the dev showing short glimpses of his upcoming plans; they're after all no official roadmap, but a friendly remark: "Hey fellas, here's what I'm currently working on."

Furthermore, I do not think it particularly apt to enforce proper grammar or punctuation on the server (though my background in philology would add itself to that quite neatly). We don't aim to exclude people based on their ability to express themselves in writing, or we'd have attached an entry exam, not a public invite! :-)

To sum up the content of the previews: there's plentiful dungeon interior assets (anything from walls and tilesets to traps, spikes, treasure, bones, etc.), a placement grid, shooting stars, light shafts, a revamped save system, a color wheel for adjusting placeable lights and (various) objects, spotlights, lightning, and - most likely - more that I might've missed. 

Kind regards,
Lavrans, Community Manager.

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Dear Lavrans,

I fear I'm not going to make you any happier. I reported on the impression I received from the site on each of the repeated occasions I have tried to find something there. I feel wildly uncomfortable visiting, and really dislike doing so. I would be very happy not to need to do so again. 

It could very well be that I am a fully qualified 'old fart', but it takes all sorts to make a world. I don't ask for everyone (or maybe anyone) to agree with me, and can see how some people really enjoy the site; if nothing else, the activity level indicates that there are many who do. I cannot pretend to be one. Equally, I don't ask those members to enjoy everything I do. I do not ask anyone to change their opinions of me because I don't like it. A good range of opinions is needed for diversity in the world.



Very well, Richard. I completely understand if it's not your cup of tea. I hope my previous summary of the sneak peeks were enough to sate your curiosity for now. If not, I've also now added a channel on the server, dedicated strictly to compile all the spoilers, previews, etc. There'll be no chat there, just the videos, pictures, and occasional descriptions. Even if the descriptions aren't in your taste, they shouldn't be hard to block out while browsing.  Thanks for your feedback - for the time being, this is the solution we've come up with.

Kind regards,
Lavrans, Community Manager

I just wanted to toss in my appreciation for the work that you have put into gathering all of the sneak peaks and compiling it all into an easy to follow channel.  I looked through it and was pleasantly surprised....I am now checking back frequently and chomping at the bit to build my first 3d Dungeon.  So thank YOU and Thanks to PF for the work on the community and for work on the next FS Update!

Be Safe and Take Care!!!!

I'm glad to hear! It was really an idea of one of the other mods, so credit where credit is due. Thanks for the kind words!
You take care as well!