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Very well, Richard. I completely understand if it's not your cup of tea. I hope my previous summary of the sneak peeks were enough to sate your curiosity for now. If not, I've also now added a channel on the server, dedicated strictly to compile all the spoilers, previews, etc. There'll be no chat there, just the videos, pictures, and occasional descriptions. Even if the descriptions aren't in your taste, they shouldn't be hard to block out while browsing.  Thanks for your feedback - for the time being, this is the solution we've come up with.

Kind regards,
Lavrans, Community Manager

I just wanted to toss in my appreciation for the work that you have put into gathering all of the sneak peaks and compiling it all into an easy to follow channel.  I looked through it and was pleasantly surprised....I am now checking back frequently and chomping at the bit to build my first 3d Dungeon.  So thank YOU and Thanks to PF for the work on the community and for work on the next FS Update!

Be Safe and Take Care!!!!

I'm glad to hear! It was really an idea of one of the other mods, so credit where credit is due. Thanks for the kind words!
You take care as well!