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Aetheric Games

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Share your purplifications here! I'd love to read them.

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So, I came back and played the latest version (9.4). The current music is much better; less obtrusive. I had a really nice time and rated 5 stars.

(Just to clarify, the music was important as I was unable to turn off the my sound, for reasons that would be boring and complicated to explain, so it did actually stop me from playing, whereas the current music is much better. Thanks for the continued hard work!)

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This game looked really nice and I would love to give it a try - the only thing is, I'd prefer to have some control over the music, even if it's just "press 'm' to toggle music" dealio. I love when games and creative media make use of thematically appropriate music, but I can't cope with Kevin MacLeod on a short loop like that. Sorry! Otherwise, this looks awesome. If you ever add music control, I'd love to try it again.

I hate to offer unsolicited feedback, so please feel free to delete this comment if you feel it is not constructive.

Replied to Donjonneau in Hel comments

Hi again. I think I do understand what your issue is. I didn't have lots of time to make detailed menu options, so I just made buttons for 4 common resolutions. I didn't even realise that 1366x768 was a screen size that existed until you mentioned it. But... which ever way you look at it 1366x768 is bigger than 1280x720. I'm done working on this game, so the graphics options aren't going to get any more detailed than that.

The thing that I didn't understand is what you meant by "I can't reach the option". I now realise that you meant that your highest screen resolutions doesn't "reach" the lowest option. I get what you were saying now, but you had me scratching my head, thinking "Are they off the screen or is the mouse cable just too short?" :) I'm sure you understand how that was ambiguous.

Anyway, if you switch it to windowed mode, you should be able to maximise the window to whatever your screensize is.

Also, please try not to get frustrated with creators who make a free game and offer you free support with it. I hope you get it working to your liking and I hope you have a good day too.

Replied to Donjonneau in Hel comments
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Hi Donjonneau. The default resolution is actually just 1280x720, but you can choose to raise it a bit.

Maybe I can help. When you say you can't reach the resolution choice, what do you mean? Is the option off the edge of the screen or something weird like that?

Sorry - I'm not looking to recruit anyone for now. Thanks for the offer.

Glad you enjoyed it! :) Feel free to ask questions here if you have any.

Hey DedDinosaur - glad you enjoyed it. There is really just one ending, but the text and music at the end will be different depending on the steps you take to get there. (I don't want to spoil anything, but hopefully you know what I mean.)

Hi Fellowplayer. Like the description says, it's primarily a walking simulator and a place to explore. There's more there if you want to search for it, but searching for it and figuring it out is what the game is... :)

(If you found a key, then maybe you need to find a lock...)

Created a new topic question on the theme

Hi there! I was planning on "dusting off" two old interactive flash toys that I never published before, by refreshing the artwork and sound a little, is that allowed as an entry?

Created a new topic 2 submissions coming soon...
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Just dropped in to say that I've been working on 2 submissions and I'll be uploading them both in the next 12 hours or so... :)

One is an exploration game / "walking sim" in Unreal. The other is a short interactive story made with Flash. Looking forward to uploading!

This is very nice for a day's work! It would be interesting to see an expanded version with branches and more complexity and nuance.

I am a college tutor, working with students on issues like equality and employability. I'm planning to use your game in class - I hope that's ok!