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That's really heartwarming, thanks!

thanks! glad you pushed enjoyed it!

Bonbon community · Created a new topic blast from the past

It's 5 (five!) whole years later, and I completely forgot that Markiplier played Bonbon.

I guess some people just love paying bills and having a home more than they love working for free, smh

Hmm. That's unfortunate. Older Unreal builds can be tricky some times. The Steam version is slightly newer - it might be worth trying that one.

If you bought Bonbon on here you should be able to access a steam key.

If you got Bonbon for free or in a bundle, itch won't give you a key, but since you're having issues, if you email me at aethericgames at gmail dot com, then I'll reply with a steam key.

Sorry to hear that. Have you made sure your graphics drivers are up to date?

If you mean the door in the keypad room - there is a way, keep looking!
If you mean a different door (and there is only one other door you could mean) then it doesn't open.

Hehe! Good find. You're right though - I'm not going to fix it at this point. Good to know that if this ever does happen then there is a way to continue.

Chaque affichage du keypad a un indice caché séparé. Trouvez-les, puis rendez-vous sur le keypad central. Violá, profite.

Submission 2 of 2
Submission 1 of 2

Awww, that's so cool to hear. Glad you've gotten a lot out of it!

Hi! Thanks for the message! The answer is neither, it's a story I wrote for the game in advance.

The process for writing it involved taking as many problematic tropes from fairytales as I could think of, especially if they had anything to do with parenting or child abuse, and threading them together. The goal was to make a story that a parent would only read to their kid if they either didn't care what kind of impact it had, or they were not paying attention to what it was saying. Glad to hear it had an impact!

Sorry about that - it's a known bug in Unreal. Unfortunately it's not possible for me to patch this game, so I won't be able to fix it.

You could try finding and disabling the SteamVR setting labelled "Start SteamVR when an application starts", or unplugging your HMD.

If you paid for the game, I would 100% understand if you wanted a refund in this case.

Hi - very sorry I didn't see this post until now. I didn't get a notification for some reason.

That's strange. The door should be opening way before you get there. I can only guess that the game is running way to slow.

I've realised that the recommended system specs were missing from the itch store page, so I've added them now. I'm guessing that maybe your machine might not be able to run it.

If you paid for the game feel free to request a refund.

Hi - very sorry I didn't see this post. I didn't get a notification for some reason.

That's a very odd looking bug! Have you tried it in fullscreen, at native resolution?

I've realised that the recommended system specs were missing from the itch store page, so I've added them now. I'm guessing that maybe your laptop might not be able to run it.

If you paid for the game feel free to request a refund.

Thanks for the kind words and the interesting thoughts.

Sounds like it had the intended effect ;-)

Hi guilletor, sorry to hear you're having problems.
It sounds like your DirectX installation is broken somehow. Unreal engine usually checks and updates DirectX, but there must be something wrong on your system. Try re-installing DirectX.

Hi lilithkismet! Thanks for all of this detail, it's really useful. Sorry you've had issues, and thanks for your patience!

I think there are two things going on here. The first thing, with Bonbon not appearing and the game logic not progressing as it should, is due to a problem with how the game streams content from disk, especially on older machines. If you're still having this issue, use the steam key you got with your purchase on here to grab the steam version, which is a slightly newer build and usually fixes this issue. (I'm not currently able to put the steam version on itch. If you don't have your steam key, check the link in the purchase email. If you got Bonbon in the bundle, let me know.)

The other issue I think, is that there are parts of the game which are quite physics heavy, with lots of simulated toys around. Unreal's physics can get a bit sketchy on older machines. I think the problems with the robots were due to that. I'm glad that turning down the settings helped the game to run better. :-)

Hmm... I wonder if this is a screen modes problem.
Please can you try the fix on this thread? Thanks!

Whoopsie! Sorry about that.
There probably won't be any more updates to Bonbon at this stage.

If you start a new game and press shift+2 on the title screen, you'll start off in the second scene. Hope that helps.

That doesn't sound right. You should see the logo, and then a title screen with a menu. When you start a new game, you should find yourself in the same room as the title screen.

Please can you let me know your system specs?

That's an interesting problem! I think I know what's going on. The game was never tested for multiple screens, but it tries to guess the highest available resolution the first time you run it, and launch into fullscreen... So I think it's not understanding that you have two monitors. Unfortunately, I'm not able to patch the game any more.

But! Here's a work-around:

  • Run the game at least once, Alt-F4 if you need to. (You've already done this part)
  • Grab this file:
  • And paste it here: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Interactivity_v2\Saved\SaveGames\
    OR if you're using the client in sandbox mode, paste it here: C:\Users\itch-player-XXXXXXXX\AppData\Local\Interactivity_v2\Saved\SaveGames\
    (where c:\Users is wherever your user folders are, and XXXXXXXX is a code)
  • Restart the game - it should now launch in a 1280x720 window.

Let me know how it goes! :-)

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Hi, just a note to say I'm going to add an extra month onto the jam duration... because umm... I completely neglected to promote it. Whoopsie! XD

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Is there a way of uploading a build (first time, creating a new channel) without it immediately publishing?

E.g. can I start an upload using butler that will create a channel/download that starts out hidden? If that's not a feature that exists, it would be a good one to have in future.

EDIT: I found how to change the project publish date and how to set files to be pre-orders, via the site. It would still be cool to be able to set a publish date per download/channel (or to be able to upload a hidden thing) via butler.


Cool, thanks :)

Maybe this info exists somewhere and I just missed it, but does FlowScape have a first-person movement mode or is it a free camera only?

(If not, is it something you'd consider adding? Basically just a mode where the camera is constrained to the terrain height with slow-ish horizontal movement.)

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I (hello, I'm @MrBehemo of Aetheric Games) am doing Don't Make A Game jam.

This is going to be hard as, not only is making games tied to what I do for a living, Aetheric is also what I do when I'm not doing anything else. As Sophie H says, "If this jam seems exceptionally difficult to you, there is a good chance you should try participating." So...

I am going to be posting here any creative things I do (probably mostly photo-collage, maybe some animation or video) over the next week. I'm doing it 23rd March to  28th March, because of reasons. After the jam is finished, I might un-publish this project, but we'll see.

  • Saturday 23rd March:

Here is a picture for you. It is called "Dog".

You may enjoy thinking that the picture is about brexit, or perhaps you may not. The old man doesn't care. Maybe he doesn't even know his dog is a bot.

  • Sunday 24th March:

Today's picture is called "Lollipop".

Did you know? "Gilet Jaune" is another name for a "crossing guard" in the UK and Ireland, who are also known to hand out lollipops if you approach them after curfew!

  • Monday 25th March:

This one's called "Stack".

Our urban spaces are filled with things that we don't use any more, because we can't remember what they were for. Or at least we try not to remember.

  • Tuesday 26th March:

An image entitled "Drain".

Even though he's a time-poor millennial, Paul makes sure to get some time every day to enjoy some quality memes with his mates.

Wednesday 27th March

This is "Keepers".

My uncle used to take us out hunting in the woods above the long field. My mam never approved. She said it would make us grow up to be absolute edge-lords. Apparently, she was right.

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You didn't buy it. Buy something you like instead.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bon, j'ai regardé toute la vidéo et je l'ai vraiment appréciée!

Je ne comprends qu'un peu le français (avec l'aide de Google!) Mais j'aime bien votre analyse à la fin. Beaucoup de joueurs anglophones ont moins compris l'histoire. Merci du plus grand rat d'Ecosse.

Merci pour la vidéo! Bonbon est encore plus doux en français.

Ok - that's done! It should work through the app now. XD

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I think I know what the problem is. Bonbon has an installer, and I've never thought to test it with the app. That was remiss, sorry! Thanks for pointing that out.

I'll make a version that works with the app, but it'll take a few hours.

If you don't have time to wait, you can grab the installer on the website in the meantime:

Hi, I'm not sure either. That sounds a bit strange! Are you using the website or the itch app?

Bonbon community · Posted in thx

You're welcome, and remember: Bonbon will always be with you. Just out of sight.

Hi, I'll do my best to help. Please can you let me know what you're system specs are? (windows version, RAM, CPU, graphics card model + RAM) Thanks!

Only one of them will work, depending on your PC. Most PCs are 64 bit these days. If you right click on "This PC" or "My Computer" in Windows, and then choose properties, you'll see a bunch of info. Somewhere it will say either 32 or 64 bit.