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Unfortunately I don't have a mouse with a scroll wheel and the multiple fingers on the touchpad does not work. I have the Logitech Marble Ball. But after consideration, I decided to buy soon a new mouse of the same brand with scroll wheel. My old mouse needs to be replaced anyway. The mouse emulator would be an option but I find that too cumbersome, also because I use other applications I fear that this will give conflicts. But thanks for your advice and answer.  ;)


Thank you so much for the new version, you really do a good job. I enjoy the new options as far as possible. Except for 1 function that I would like to use in the new version and that is the selection of items that can be selected via the scroll wheel. I still can not figure to select it using the keyboard. I already suggested it in the previous version. If I have not yet found this in the new post of renewals, I would like to know if this function has been added.

Thank you in advance,

Thank you, I really appreciated your response.

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I really enjoy the new version 1.1 but I have a question about changing the houses / buildings. I understand from fellow users that you can change the item by using the mouse-scoll wheel. But if you do not have a scroll wheel, is there a hot key for this function?

Unfortunately, the connected Logitech Gamepad has not offered a solution, not even with the help of the buttons configurations.

This is definitely a nice piece of software, for which I am very grateful. The music also has a calming effect during use and I become completely ZEN and one with nature. Bob Ross would have appreciated this with the so-called lucky accidents.

Keep up the good work my friend!