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Selecting items (not trough scroll-wheel) but hotkey

A topic by GMLAB created Apr 04, 2019 Views: 112 Replies: 3
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Thank you so much for the new version, you really do a good job. I enjoy the new options as far as possible. Except for 1 function that I would like to use in the new version and that is the selection of items that can be selected via the scroll wheel. I still can not figure to select it using the keyboard. I already suggested it in the previous version. If I have not yet found this in the new post of renewals, I would like to know if this function has been added.

Thank you in advance,


Ahh no sorry, i didnt get around to that one, does using multiple fingers on the touchpad not work? or are you missing the middle mouse button?

Alternatively a quick google search has a bunch of ways to do it, maybe this will tie you over until the next update

Unfortunately I don't have a mouse with a scroll wheel and the multiple fingers on the touchpad does not work. I have the Logitech Marble Ball. But after consideration, I decided to buy soon a new mouse of the same brand with scroll wheel. My old mouse needs to be replaced anyway. The mouse emulator would be an option but I find that too cumbersome, also because I use other applications I fear that this will give conflicts. But thanks for your advice and answer.  ;)


I would absolutely love an option to use a key or two to toggle though the different items currently found by scrolling and especially a way to disable the middle mouse scroll entirely.  I use a magic mouse and sometimes when I click it also scrolls one or two items.  Totally understand if it isn't going to happen though, it's a niche issue that could be solved with a different mouse.