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Hi all, I purchased this program today, having been on the fence for a while. Downloaded and when I start it, the screen goes black and then nothing happens. I guess you know what question I have. (I noticed it runs x32 and I run x64, could that be the problem?)

Edit: I had placed the program on an external drive, when moving it to the hard drive I got one (tiiiny) step further. Now I see a blurred floating island occupied by an oak or some such. And there it stays, hanging.

Edit 2: All right, I obviously had to direct my dedicated graphics card to FlowScape. Now at least I get to the "front page", but clicking a button takes a very long time or crashes. I'll try on lowest setting, though I expected a GeForce GTX 960M to be enough--

--nope. Perhaps I'm just delusioned and thinking my graphics card is good enough, lol. I suppose this program needs a "Recommended System Requirements" notification somewhere.

Down to 800x600 and it kind of runs... 

(Hopefully final edit, sorry!) 

Okay, I've got it running at 800x600 and while it is slow when I hit menu buttons ("New", for example), painting/creating is going fast enough. Unfortunately it is not quite what I'm looking for, as Reddit would have me believe. I need larger landmasses (I want to do more "panoramic" scenes - my dream is to make a visual of "my" medieval fantasy city, but I need city walls, bell towers, domed temples, spires, piers, stairs, more different buildings for variety, etc. Basically less "battle map" and more "concept art", so I guess it's my bad for not realizing what FlowScape actually does) - or even smaller units. But hopefully this will explode and there will be lots more assets :) Thanks for the good work.

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happy you finally got it running. Cudos on your perseverence. 

When you choose a building, you can use the scroll wheel to cycle through all the models. Also the - and = to make them smaller. In your terrain textures panel, there is also a terrain size slider. 

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the reply, is there a document somewhere with information like this? I tried looking for a manual. The help menu is somewhat limited I suppose (or my perseverance wasn't that impressive at all)? Thanks for the tips!! Will check it out when I am back behind my master the almighty computer

Edit: Don't know how I missed seeing the download for the x64 version. Downloading.

Also, wow. Now that I'm getting to grips with it, wow. Those tips turned everything in the right direction. Happily building (still missing a dome to plop onto other structures though :p ) Thanks!!

in the gothic buildings is a few domes and spires i think

I know I'm rude to ask, but would it be possible to split some of these assets? There is a dome but it is attached to a huge structure. Your models are amazing though, especially the cathedral! 

Quick questions for whenever you have the time..hope that is ok.

1. When I raise terrain to make hills, is there a way to get rounded hilltops? I'm getting these Mesa-like plateaus.

2. (Asked before but trying again) Is there a a manual? I totally understand if you haven't made one, lol. Perhaps we (fans of your product) should start a wiki or something. 

3. I have this landscape in mind, but can't figure out how to create a body of water / lower part of terrain to reveal water (like a lake or a tributary or fjord)...kind of the opposite of sculpting hills I guess. Is there a way?

Thanks! Falling more and more for FlowScape.

When you sculpt, if you hold left shift and drag with the right mouse button, you can lower the terrain.

No manual yet, just that help up top left. Got any questions, just ask away i guess.

Our reddit is pretty friendly place to ask also

also our discord if you prefer that