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Thank you for posting this :)

Hell yeah, Fox!

We really did a barrel roll out of that one!

As stated above, this is not a content creator tool but instead a relaxing game. It's probably better to spend your time in Blender than using this if you want to use it for game dev

It really has this interesting "Sim Tower" feel to it. Yoot Saito would be proud!

I clicked because screenshots!

Damn that little dog!

Really fun especially for followers of the Cult of Tim. GOTY!

Yeah thanks for checking out my game :)

Thanks for your feedback! I will definitely take these lessons into account.

I agree, I need some sort of tutorial. The tank button does buy tanks but you have to scroll the view (with W and S) to see them. You can then paint selection and give them orders. They spawn inside your base which is behind the shield. This is a problem others have mentioned to me before.

Don't crush the swordsman with your elevator!

Primita is an action/arcade tactical RTS prototype. I am looking for feedback on how I can make it better. It's a short game, only one level right now, and I intend to keep it free. It was developed using my Unity game framework called MultiGame which you can get for free while it's still in alpha.

Please let me know what you think and any suggestions you might have, I would love to get some feedback :)


Primita community · Created a new topic User Feedback

Hello! I'm looking for feedback on my game, how can I improve it? Are the controls intuitive?