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download options

A topic by wendyluvscatz created Apr 04, 2019 Views: 797 Replies: 7
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I tried the Itch app after 4 normal zip download attempts failed 1GB in but apparently the app doesn't support it.

I will have to just wait a few hours or GASP try internet explorer as Chrome keeps stopping it sadly in spite of checking the tick box option,

I am also having the same issue using Firefox. Just awaiting a fix! 

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I can't install on my Mac. the itch downloader says no compatible files, and when I downloaded if from chrome my OS gave a  file could not opened error

I get the Failed - Forbidden message on chrome; hoping it gets fixed soon, it's really cool!

I ended up using the very scary Microsux  Internet Explorer I have on my computer to download Chrome and other browsers!

It worked, I had to find where I had put the shortcut though as not used often.


seems itch was causing issues for a few hours, can you try again please?

I've been getting a failed download at about 50% with firefox today.

i also try twice and last time was tonight with safari . the download stop at 1,08 Go . Please try to fix this . I am so impatient .