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After playing around a bit, you come to realise there is A LOT of stuff going on under the hood of this Twine game. Can't wait to see how the ballroom "battle" shapes up. :D

So glad you enjoyed it, folks!

If you have any feedback on which paths or characters you took, please let me know. Would be great to hear how different people fare through the story. :)

Thank you very much, folks. Really appreciate the kind words. :)

This was a LOT of fun. Responsiveness on controls was pretty tight, loved the feedback on all the moves, and the integration of theme with the highschool sketch style of art is FANTASTIC.

A+, would monstrous handstand kick frontflip again.

Nice animation, and bonus points for providing sound control. Felt a keen sense of dread as the horseman approached, that bridge couldn't come quick enough!

Poor Grandma! 

Really liked the choice between waves, it's an interesting choice as a player.

I feel horrible for enjoying this game so much. :D

Really liked your use of the theme and your story selection. :)

Wonderful writing, you told a lot of story with a short amount words in those email sequences.

Really, really like the pop-up book effect, so good! Was impressed with the character switch mechanic as well.

Bullet-hell crazytimes! Art direction was cool, and the game felt super responsive. I just wish I was better at this genre of game so I could get further into it. :D

Brilliant core mechanic that innovates on the source material, cute as hell art, and crazy level of polish for seven days. I really enjoyed the "attack" animation. Great job!

Wonderful pixel art, and great section of the story to use in conjunction with the theme.

Thank you very much for the kind words, Adrian!

Rad, thanks for checking it out, Jupiter!