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Maybe, I'm just not used to this type of game and the controls, but the thing I most found difficult was climbing the stairs.

I played a mostly pacifist run and didn't use the water one in the proper level, but, assuming killing the king is the end, I think you ought to make that clearer. I'd still be playing if I hadn't got stuck on the bridge.

This is one of the source materials I do recognise and I think it was very well played with.

Do you have instructions for what buttons do what? I've no idea what to do on the second level, and I think that might be from not knowing how to do certain things. Looks cool so far.

I really liked it. I couldn't get the mouse to adjust as the speed I wanted, but it was so fun I could rather forget that. It reminded me of The Stanley Parable.

That was rather weird. I'm not a fan of the font, personally, but I'll probably still be thinking slightly about this game as I go to bed tonight.

I found it really interesting. A trifle too easy to be really fun, but I definitely liked playing it.

I did have to write down on a piece of paper what the three colours meant. So, yeah my main issues are on UI, but I enjoyed the game once I could remember everything.

I found this really interesting.

However, at least for me, the game doesn't work in fullscreen. I though it ended in my first - fullscreen - play-through.

I really love the idea, the graphics, and the sound.

However, with the gameplay I like all the ideas, but actually moving the clues in the review screen is a hideously frustrating experience since they often seem to come across invisible barriers that they won't pass making it impossible to avoid them being all squashed together and unreadable.

After collecting the coins, I tried killing Hook, before finally giving up. Is there a message there, I don't know.

I like the sound and the graphics.

I don't know the source material, but looking it up on the wikipedia makes both it and its author sound pretty interesting.

Most of the actions in the game seem superfluous to me. Including traversing the first half of the map and having to move many of the pieces which weren't travelling up to the guards; would that have made more sense if I'd read the source material?

I do like the art style, and I think it looks cool, particularly the handcuffs.

I don't know the source material, but I enjoyed reading the twine. I think I agree with most comments. The meat of the game is the art and the meaning, and that's done well.

I've not played a Ren'Puy game before, and I'm having technical problems opening the application - it does nothing - as with the other Ren'Py game. Do i have to download some other stuff, as well?

After you touch the ground, did you get the spirit saying "Finish" with three wrong choices to choose from, or did you go back to the beginning.

EDIT: Ah, just looked at it. Yeah, there's an issue. If you mess up that puzzle one then the game gets out of sync. You'll have to refresh it when you do it wrong, or I've uploaded a fixed version here:

THanks for playing and for your comments.