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I didn't have any technical issues (ran in Firefox just fine).

Really liked this one. I thought the formatting helped convey the pacing really well, and the accompanying imagery was interesting to connect to the text.

Glad to hear people are enjoying the game and that some are having close yet successful boss encounters :)

We're definitely going to continue working on this, and deck building with a wider variety of cards is absolutely in the plans.

I really love the visual treatment--both the hand drawn graphics as well as the paper stack effect. Definitely nailed the theme on this one :)

The limb controls reminded me of QWOP. Fun and frustrating at the same time. Maybe a smaller/easier battle could be added near the beginning before getting swarmed by enemies and arrows in order to get people used to the mechanics? Once I figured out how it was supposed to work, though, flailing at my enemies was quite enjoyable, even when the odds seemed stacked against me.

I quite enjoyed the doodles in the background. They gave me a good reason to keep going. There were a few nice moments as well when the notes from the keypresses happened to go along with the beat of the background music, which was pretty cool :)

Puzzle pieces are a good idea! One of the earlier prototypes used shapes that were eventually intended to look like they could be "filled in" or "completed" by overlaying them with the shapes on compatible cards, and I have some plans for changing the shapes of the flags so they aren't symmetric, but I hadn't really thought much about altering the edges of the cards themselves. I think that would work pretty well.

Thanks for the Windows version SnoutUP! Worked great for me, although the help key didn't do anything.

I liked the idea, although it seems like population only increases outside of the player's actions which makes it pretty easy to keep stable. Since the story is about some "off the books" deaths, it might make sense to randomly decrease the population once in a while as well. Considering the ending to the story, though, maybe the goal is not just to keep the population stable but to maximize the number of newborns entering the population as well?

I'm so glad to hear the instructions were clear! One of my biggest worries with this game was confusing players since some friends I sent early prototypes to had a lot of trouble just picking it up. It seemed the most common issues were either assuming you could just play one card per turn, or not knowing which cards could combo into which other cards (e.g. by not knowing that combos went left-to-right across cards but not right-to-left). 

Tried to address this as much as possible with the behavior and design of the cards, but don't think it's quite there yet since I noticed Jupiter was playing one card per turn in the video below. I have a couple ideas on how to improve this a bit more that I'll look into adding after the jam, though.

Thanks for the feedback! I think a couple people were confused about how the card combos chain together, so I added an animated gif to the instructions on the game page which I hope makes things a little clearer.

I love the monster illustrations! The shadow from passing clouds was a nice touch, too.

When I run the .exe, I get the following error: 

"There should be 'MysteriousIsland_Data'
folder next to the executable"