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Jón Kristinsson

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Thanks! No no, wall jumping is totally how you're supposed to get through it, we just didn't signpost it *at all*!

Thanks! We've actually disabled the auto-scroll stuff in the latest release thanks to feedback like yours. Hopefully it's less frustrating now. :)

Suuuuper cool stuff and I love the WJCU references! :D

Nice! Don't shoot that pizza!

Thanks for the comments everyone.

@Gritfish - Thanks, and thank you for all the mentions on twitter! Despite finishing in 25th place overall, I've still had a lot of good comments on it from a lot of people so this had been a great experience!

I totally agree about the only choice in the game being a very blind choice, but alas.. time was short and man, nobody told me drawing comics was so time-consuming! :o

I might go and add a tiny bit of variation and branching, maybe give you a bit more authority towards the end there, now that the Jam is over. I've already gone and fixed the dreadfully slow server problems and I'll continue to try and fix some other stuff (eg. making the images load immediately at the start, so they don't pop in during play)

Anyway, thank you all and thanks Gritfish for making this jam! My first time jammin', and it was a great experience. :D

This was subtle and weird! Very surprising stuff and well made! Loved your font. And you really nailed the paper theme by choosing a public domain source that is all about it! Well done. :)

Hilarious stuff! Could've used some sort of progress indicator, let me know how far down the hill I was?

This was fantastic! I didn't entirely figure out why what I did was working, but yeah when I finally put out all 5 cards it was really satisfying, with all the insults and thrusts. Fantastic entry! :D

This is great! Great writing and I ended up playing through it many times!

Excellent game. Very polished. The jumping is a bit too unforgiving, but everything else was excellent! Well done. :D

This was fantastic! Everything is pretty well executed! :D

Excellent surfin' game, crazy stuff! I love how you seemingly need to use your feet along with your hands to play it. And the graphics style, ruled paper art, looks awesome!

Oh no! We will check it out and get back to you if we find a fix. Thanks for reporting it.

Great! Make a topic, describing the bug you encountered or any feedback you might have. I'll try and answer all of them and add them to my issue tracker.


Hi you,

Welcome to the Mr. Puffin in the Dark Castle community! This is the place for any dicussion regarding the, currently very small, Mr. Puffin alpha demo.

To anyone wondering, I'm hoping to expand and make Mr. Puffin into a proper game, but along the way I might post some alpha versions for free and I'd love any kind of feedback from all of you.


Jón Kristinsson

Thanks! I definitely plan on doing so eventually. Don't know when I'll have time for this, but I'm really hoping I can expand on it. :)