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its a lot less...
Submitted by mikiex — 1 hour, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#364.7064.706

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Very satisfying game! I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)


Really enjoyed this port.


Great "remake" you definetely add a lot of enemies just like in the original, great game it is really fun, and you nailed using the sfx, the game looks amazing on the 64x64 screen, great job !


Really great effort, you've done good to replicate the feel of gauntlet in 64x64 rez. Very hard though!


There'd be so many ghosts spawned in one place that they'd eventually glitch through the wall and hit me from both sides. I ain't even mad, that's hilarious.


They are ghosts so can travel through walls :) , actually you are right, I never got the collison working properly. The player can also glitch through walls but I minimised this.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

interesting concept. I like the graphics too.
Overall I think the game need some tweaks to be more balanced. The crowded enemies is an interesting idea but it's kinda tricky to kill them before they come (maybe it's intended, like you have to be more strategical but if so, I think either you need to go faster or they need to be slower so that would allow you to fallback more easily / avoid them / etc).

there is also some physics glitch like some can traverse walls, bullet hit wall even you are too close to a wall. Also the AI of enemies is pretty basic.



Its similar to the original arcade game, you do need to be more tactical. I  amped up the number of enemys becuase I only had time to make one level. I also quite like the madness of so many :)


fair enough :) I didn't know the arcade reference so that's probably why ;) that's a great game anyway. cheers


I like the bit of music at the start and the graphics look pretty nice, too.

I couldn't make it very far, though - there's way too many enemies. I would have preferred it if there were less enemies and a bit more enemy variation.


Nice, it brings me back memories. Unfortunately I have never been good in playing this game even if I loved it.
It will always be a dream for me to play it properly but I enjoyed to see a revival of the game :-)

Well done!


I have fond memories of it too, I remember seeing the machine for the first time in the Arcades when it came out as a kid. I did play it a bit back then, but mostly watched other people fill the machine with money :) It was quite  a unique cab design. The Arcade version good, but its designed to take your money, a better overall game would be Gauntlet4 on the Megadrive/Genesis.


i recently bought two Mega Drive (my old one is in Italy and I  in Australia now) and that game is on my wishlist ;-)