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You should also credit the original authors of the game, the Pickford Brothers. They are flattered though

Played the original a lot with friends, wish there was network play then we could relive those days (now we are all in different parts of the world!)

I enjoyed it a lot, it did my brain in with the controls when you go upside down :) Would be good to play with a spinner controller.

Very cool, I have played a little with making a game, need to think of what can be made with it :)

Its similar to the original arcade game, you do need to be more tactical. I  amped up the number of enemys becuase I only had time to make one level. I also quite like the madness of so many :)

They are ghosts so can travel through walls :) , actually you are right, I never got the collison working properly. The player can also glitch through walls but I minimised this.

Totally Bonkers :)

I really like this, its simple but challenging , has that one more try appeal.  Also liked the fat pixels like the C64 as most of the games in the Lowrezjam tend to be square.

Watching the video of this Definatly made me want to play it

Nice work , its interesting the pico8 palette seems perfect for this game :)

I actually liked the slow attack, maybe you could have 2 or 3 different attacks with different speeds , the slower the more powerful. Overall the game has a nice feeling.

I have fond memories of it too, I remember seeing the machine for the first time in the Arcades when it came out as a kid. I did play it a bit back then, but mostly watched other people fill the machine with money :) It was quite  a unique cab design. The Arcade version good, but its designed to take your money, a better overall game would be Gauntlet4 on the Megadrive/Genesis.