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nice incremental difficulty

I'm really sorry for that breaking case :'( I have no idea why it happens but this crash seems to occur on Chrome Windows

very good idea indeed

Cool game & graphics.

fair enough :) I didn't know the arcade reference so that's probably why ;) that's a great game anyway. cheers

Woo, very cool atmosphere indeed. Have you used raymarching to render it?

Checkout my game because I've found some interesting similarities :)

good concept :)

It's a damn good concept. I guess it must be especially enjoyable on touch devices?

Finished at stage8 score222. Pretty impressive work. Addictive and very good music.

solid puzzle and incredible audio.

Really good pixel art and animations. The game is quite punishing and challenging but I think it's great. I can't go very far, I wonder if there should be some rewarding regain life in situation like when you chose to kill the sword skeleton (rather than jumping over it to escape)

very impressive work. simple mecanism but extremely well polished.

kinda reminds me a bit of WarioWare and Undertale

very cool graphics. especially the train. nice perspective too.

very enjoyable with XBox controller

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interesting concept. I like the graphics too.
Overall I think the game need some tweaks to be more balanced. The crowded enemies is an interesting idea but it's kinda tricky to kill them before they come (maybe it's intended, like you have to be more strategical but if so, I think either you need to go faster or they need to be slower so that would allow you to fallback more easily / avoid them / etc).

there is also some physics glitch like some can traverse walls, bullet hit wall even you are too close to a wall. Also the AI of enemies is pretty basic.


psychedelic graphics and concept. well done.

Hi there :)

my code is available as well on (JS / Raycasting signed distance functions in WebGL)

Can you please check on IE , I think it works better on IE when on Windows at the moment.