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Reminded me of playing Sim City on the SNES when I was a kid! The soundtrack's really great, and gives the game a kinda relaxing mood, which is awesome. But what really got me was experimenting with items and buildings, it's really cool that using stone/wood + something would lead to another building, with more items to experiment! And, even with low resolution, it's really easy to find out what's on each tile, the description of items really help, but the pixelart is also really well done! :D

Does the game have any rule on placement of roads? I couldn't place some turns to link buildings with roads. :P

Sometimes, when I accidentaly double clicked the inventory, the game froze, but the music kept playing.

Anyway, it was a great experience to play it! Good job!

Thank you for your comments!

Yes, there is rules to road, and all tile placement. But it's handled for you, it should show green highlights in spaces you can place a tile.

Yes, I've heard a few issues with the inventory... I didn't have them during development but I will look into them! I plan to release a new version next month, so hopefully that'll fix all these things. :)