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Wow! This aesthetic is fantastic!

This is super rad!

I absolutely adore this game. The art is so charming, the dialogue is witty,  and the overall experience is really enjoyable. The game left me feeling good and upbeat about life!

Really enjoyed everything this has to offer and greatly look forward to more from this team!


This is fantastic! There's a lot of potential here and I really look forward to seeing this progress. The first time a gator chomped down on me I nearly lept outta my socks!

My only suggestion given the things you are still working on is to give the gators some sort of visual clue to let the player know how close they are to getting chomped. Maybe the closer the gator is to chomping the more points the player gets for touching them (risk vs reward). As it is right now it feels random as to when a gator will attack!

Hey thanks! :)

This is fantastic. Super challenging and relevant. A+

Thank you very much! I'll be sure to fix your issue as soon as I'm able so that future players have a more enjoyable experience. Thank you for the feedback! :D

Thanks! :)

In this line:
based around creating, modifying, personalizing, trading or selling weapons.

does that mean "creating or modifying or personalizing or trading or selling" or "creating and modifying and personalizing and trading or selling"
Thanks! :)

Thank you for those kind words! What sorts of collision issues were you having? I'll do my best to fix them for future players! :D

Wow! Really nice animations! Really enjoyed all the mechanics present in this game! It was exciting to see the armor come off and I liked the idea of having my hits go through to health on parts of the body where armor was missing (rather than just average it all together as most games do). It was spooky when the enemies helmet came off and his totally black visage was staring back at me - like staring into the abyss, hah. My only critique is I wished I could do a running attack (D+J/K/L) - otherwise this is a really solid start to what could be a great game! Move over Absolver! :D

Thanks! Really appreciate your comments! I had thoughts of extending it into a more fleshed out experience but I wasn't sure if it would become repetitive so I just let it eventuate into chaos - given your feedback tho I'll reconsider! :D

Really enjoyed the aesthetic and music in this one! I wish the boss at the end would have flashed when I hit him as I was unsure if I was doing any damage! Otherwise really fun! :)

I expanded the game window and added more vertical real-estate in this recent build - hopefully that alleviates any problems you might have had! :D

Thank you so much for the critique! I just updated my build in regards to your suggestion and expanded the game area - feels much better now. Thank you! :D

Thanks! I appreciate it! You are right about the space - I'll put full-screen support in this weekend :)

10/10 would throw knives at ghosts again.

Tough game! Enjoyed the platform switching mechanic!

I really, really enjoyed this one. Played it multiple times, absolutely adored the art, music was perfect. Seriously, great job.

The political statement in this one comes across strongly. The mechanic of the protesters taking hits for you was a good idea and I appreciated the "draw in a notebook" feel. I wish my guy moved a little faster, and I had issues playing in the Web Player; my arrow keys kept scrolling the page when I tried to aim. Otherwise, cool game!

Great MS paint vibe - it was hard to tell if I was hitting enemies or not! A+ Game Over screen.

I wasn't sure how to play this game or what I was supposed to do! Also the restart button didn't work :(

I loved the aesthetic of this and I LOVED the ghost's legs and walking animation.

I really enjoyed this - simple but sweet, and a really cool idea of a different way to do a 'clicker' game. I hope to see progress on this one! :D

Thanks that means a lot! My sincerest apologies about the Mac version not being pixelated - we had some issues with porting the correct resolution over and rather than deliver a half-broken experience we decided to just keep with one that works. Hopefully in the future we'll have a pixelated version for Mac! Thank you for playing!

Thanks for those kind words! Very much appreciate it! :D

Hah thanks :)

That's a great idea! Thanks for playing and providing feedback! :D

Thanks for playing! :)

Nailed the aesthetic and feel, great job!

Super clever mechanic! Really enjoyed the music and pacing! Great job!


Love this one! I really enjoy sliding puzzles like this - I wish more games used them!

This one consistently reminded me of trying to draw a straight line with a pixel brush - a sort of pixel-ptsd. 10/10 would Binary Lane again.

Really cool! Reminded me a lot of the source material! :)

Shooting and then collecting your own projectile to fuel your ammo is a cool idea! I wish there was some cool sounds to go with this!

This one was really clever - I was absolutely rubbish until I realized that when you cleared 3 it would clear similar colors around it. Cool mechanic and cool implementation. I would have loved if I could have cleared 3 horizontal as well!

This one was brutal but I really thing you nailed 'what these games' are supposed to feel like. It reminded me a lot of being a kid in the arcade and pumping quarters into a game similar to this. Maybe it's just nostalgia winning the day with this one, but I enjoyed it a lot!

I had a total gush at it starting in MA and NY, two areas where I've spent a lot of time living. I liked the environments but turning was sooo slow! Made getting around tough!

Whew! The graphics in this one were fantastic! Well done!