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A jam entry

After The ShiftView game page »

Submitted by Sumyjkl with 6 days, 20 hours before the deadline

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Great looking, great sounding and a great original concept. But yeah, as mentioned it's a little difficult to grasp at first. I'll definitely have to play this again and give it a much better go. Some introductory scenarios would go a long way here. :)

Brilliant mood, music and graphics. Also like the interface touches with the title screen and animated menus.

It was really hard to figure out how to play, and although it was innovate, maybe consider doing a very small level at the beginning or similar to give more hints on what to do.


Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I rushed the help screen a little.. I probably should have put it in-game as well for people to look at while playing. Duly noted for if/when I work on the next installment!

That is some clever use of pixels. Love the bright colors and soothing music. I was also thinking of going for couple of pixel hero, but doubted I would be able to make it look that good. 

Whew! The graphics in this one were fantastic! Well done!

Wow, the graphics of this are really cool! It was a bit confusing at first, but it seems well thought out, and the idea of being able to move islands around is really cool. I'm not entirely sure what the advantage to getting out of your balloon is, but the idea of being able to get in and out of it is pretty cool! Great job overall!

Great job, Sumyjkl!

I could see this being a fantastic little timewaster. The 'aha' moment when I figured out this game's prime gimmick was quite a memorable one. Though I never could figure out how to get out of the airship when I embarked, I'd be more than willing to learn.

The graphics and visual aesthetic are also great. Clear and concise with a precise use of colour to set a mood. It's very easy on the eyes.

I could certainly see myself reccomending this to someone.