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Hi, first of all - thanks for taking your time and do a write-up. This means a lot for devs and it was very interesting for me to read!

You got many things right here, but some observations are incorrect. But I think I will not reveal which observation(s) that is to keep a little bit of the mystery in still ;-)

I think your gameplay strategy is good and more or less how I envisioned it to be played.

Thanks! I picked up some improvement potential for next time also watching your vids. Keep up the good work!

Impressive scope and nice touches with the audio and levels! Funny with  "real-life" sounds and nice soundtrack.

The platformer feel was a little off - probably more floating jumps would have been better. I played a bugged version where you could fly somewhat, but I guess you fixed that in the post-jam version.

Also,  the graphics become a little bit garbled when using a lot of colors and low resolution, even though they probably look great with higher res, it felt a little bit off with 64x64

I was really planning to do procgen for connecting various rooms - but had too little time in total.

Nice concept, although I was not completely happy with the bullet paths (and they felt to slow). Also agreed to other posters regarding controls. Definately nailed the arcade feeling and also liked the ranking at the end :)

Very nice and polished entry. Was surprisingly deep. Tight graphics style, nice polish and nice music. Top game.

Really great concept and nice execution!

Very original idea. Would have loved a little more terrain to add a strategic layer. And maybe more logic to the metor rain / raiding parties

Very nice game, impressive that you have put in towns and character creation. The combat system could have been a little bit more elaborate - I'm not always sure what is going on in terms of hits etc - so would have been good to animate this more clearly.

Brilliant mood, music and graphics. Also like the interface touches with the title screen and animated menus.

It was really hard to figure out how to play, and although it was innovate, maybe consider doing a very small level at the beginning or similar to give more hints on what to do.

Very original - loving the weirdness.

Very nice implementation! Reminds me a bit of my own entry - except that you actually were able to do random generation which I find impressive.

I think the enemies and fighting were a bit overwhelming at first, maybe have even simpler enemies at the very beginning.

Nice entry. Graphics and music sets up a nice Castlevania-like mood. NIce animations and effects. I also like how the camera was handled.

The player handling for wall jump was a bit hard and frustrating for me, but thats the only thing I could pick on.

Known issue - sometimes tunneling through the flippers may occur.

Realized that the deadline was 1 day earlier than I anticipated :P Well, I did some effort to get this small proto-game on RPi which matches the GameKid screen size specs :) Uploaded on