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Impressive scope and nice touches with the audio and levels! Funny with  "real-life" sounds and nice soundtrack.

The platformer feel was a little off - probably more floating jumps would have been better. I played a bugged version where you could fly somewhat, but I guess you fixed that in the post-jam version.

Also,  the graphics become a little bit garbled when using a lot of colors and low resolution, even though they probably look great with higher res, it felt a little bit off with 64x64

Thanks for the review, very useful feedback!

Yes, we left two skills (feather fall and double jump) turned on at startup in the jam version by accident. You are supposed to get them by finding the Wings of Icarus and the Sandals on Hermes. Fixed in the post-jam version.
We are going to release an update after the voting's closed with an updated level. Hopefully you will find more platforming challenges in that.