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Thank you!

Thanks, yes the fixed version is still far from bug free.  :)

We are going to release a new version with more fixes and updated content.

Thanks, more content is on the way!

Thanks very much! :)

We are going to sort these issues out and release an update with more bug fixes and more content after the voting is closed. 


Thanks for the review, very useful feedback!

Yes, we left two skills (feather fall and double jump) turned on at startup in the jam version by accident. You are supposed to get them by finding the Wings of Icarus and the Sandals on Hermes. Fixed in the post-jam version.
We are going to release an update after the voting's closed with an updated level. Hopefully you will find more platforming challenges in that.


Haven't seen that bug. Are use using WASD, cursor keys or a controller?

Thanks, glad you like it! We barely managed to finish it on time. :)