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Thanks for the feedback! There is a semi-working difficulty setting in the options menu if you want to adjust it. If I remember correctly it will not spawn any enemies at 0. If you set it to 1 or 5 or so you might find it a bit more approachable!

I'll be working on rebalancing at some point, so that instead of being entirely random it will have a maximum spawn rate dependant on things like your settlement size and how many ships you have.

Edit: you'll have to set the difficulty each time you start a match for now until I sort out a proper saving system.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I've been wanting to add the stockpile building for a while, but put it off until I make a new gui.

Enemy settlements will likely have a 'settlement strength' in the full game. This decides how many airships they send your way, and also how likely they are to surrender (which gives you all their buildings). I'm also looking at an ai helper. When stockpiles reach a threshold it will build units a bit like the enemy spawns them. Probably most of this won't happen until near the finished project however.

I'm also thinking of beefing up the airship health, maybe to 6 instead of 2, and reducing enemy spawns. Currently any assaults are extremely costly and end in huge losses, but as we know from real strategy, if you are fighting a fair battle you didn't plan correctly. Of course you can cheese the game by manually controlling units or using seige walls, but I want that to be an advanced tactic rather than the only feasible one.

Thanks! It's always great to hear feedback. I hope I return to this some time (and untangle the spaghetti).

I was hoping to add artefacts which would give some slight boosts (like, one for agriculture, one for military etc) and the idea would be that you would have to travel a long way to find them.

Also potentially have airships build for you, so you can't just instabuild miles away from everything like you're a magician.




Yep the fire and blood particles and a few extras like potions, the chest, doorways and all that are mine, and the base sprites and 90% of the animations are from 0x72's pack.

Thanks! I'll consider it for sure. I had the idea to be able to add more cars to the train at the cost of longer travel times and needing to move further to survice or defend areas. That and more enemy types might make it a much more fleshed out game 😃

It was based off a project I'd meant to do ages ago. There's a note at the end of the description 😁


This is great! I love the combat mechanics. Adds a lot of strategy to it.

This is great! Looks awesome, the sprites and animations are on point.

Love the spritework!

Really cool game mechanics idea!

Super hard though even using items

This is great! Must have been a pretty huge effort!


Thanks for the feedback! All good ideas. I'd meant to add score for perfect and no weapons runs but ran out of time. Might make a new version post jam with it though!

Thanks! There is no bonus for unlocking everything... If I had time I would have added a difficulty multiplier to get high scores though


Nice work!

Yeah I made the mistake of making an RTS for my first two jams... for lowrezjam too hahahaha

It's all a learning experience. Jams are kind of meant to be for those types of projects though. Both to get bad ideas out of your system and come up with better ones too. 

It's impressive you went with a tactics game! Looks great

Your hotdog is in another vender.

This is great!

This is great!

Looks great but I can't resize the window! It's 64x64 so it's only about an inch across and I can't see haha

Keep up the good work!

Cool! Well done especially for one person.

If you shoot them you skip some time 😉

This is so ridiculously hard


uhoh what crazy debug godpowers have I forgotten to take out...


Which version did you download?
Did you open index.html in your browser?

There isn't a non-html version at the moment since it is easier to keep it cross-platform compatible. Let me know if it works 🙂

This is awesome. Not much to it but very cool. Would be awesome to have different sizes too.

Did it start working again? Make sure your browser supports HTML5 and javascript also.

Hope it works!

Nice tip! Thanks for that!

Thanks for the feedback! I added a quick rundown of how the game plays and how to build and that.

I say that and then they start spawning. It should take about 4-5 minutes to start spawning. Maybe try waiting a little longer if you can't use the P wave spawn key.

Found the issue, thanks for pointing it out! Press P when you are ready for the first wave. There's a problem with the grace period never ending.

Temporary fix for no spawns starting! Press P when you are ready for the first wave. Not sure what the ethic with bugfixes is but I would like to avoid uploading another version.