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❓// FAQ Sticky

A topic by vex created Aug 30, 2017 Views: 460 Replies: 8
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can teams join?
A: Yes, they're encouraged to join! If you need a team, go to our CrowdForge page!

Q: Which platforms and engines are allowed?
A: As long as your game can be uploaded to it's allowed. Though I'll personally be judging on a Windows based PC.

Q: Is there a limit to how many games I can upload?
A: Nope, share as many games as you'd like.

Q: Can I use royalty free sounds and music?
A: Yes, but it's highly appreciated if you make your own. Take into consideration that sound design will be judged.

Q: How about using sprites I didn't create?
A: If you have legal permission to use those images, it's allowed. Though again, it's highly appreciated if you make your own.

Q: I was too late to upload my game to the jam! Can I still upload it?
A: Of course! Please do. If you ask, I'll give you a late submission link.

Since I don't tend to receive questions, I've hopefully answered most of the questions being asked. Though if you still have a question that's unanswered, here's the place to ask it!


can i make and submit just sprites?

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If you'd like to make and upload an asset pack, you totally can. Just make sure your sprites are modular / interchangable. Though I'd recommend to find a team mate that doesn't know how to sprite, but they know how to program. That way you can both make an awesome game.

You can team up with, i need someone who can make Sprites

In this line:
based around creating, modifying, personalizing, trading or selling weapons.

does that mean "creating or modifying or personalizing or trading or selling" or "creating and modifying and personalizing and trading or selling"
Thanks! :)

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It means "or". Sorry for the confusion. Though, if you'd like you may totally combine any of those. So if you'd like you could build and sell, or just build.

Thanks! :)

"I'm sure you get the point by now, but just in case... you must have custom killing tools."
Sorry, but what do you mean by "custom killing tools"?


Weapons or tools used to kill people, that you can customize.