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*** Zombies invade They want your brains! ***
Submitted by evoelise — 3 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Paint vibe#14.6674.667

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It took me some time to figure it out exactly what to do, but this game is very well made, the art is the best part, good mechanics and a simple but fun gameplay and concept, great job !


Thanks for the complements. Glad you liked it.

I think the art, especially the backdrops - done by our 11-year-old  - are the best part too.


I played Iron Snout, a game similar to this one, where you couldn't move, however I got bored with it pretty quick and I think if it had a more fleshed out version of your platform switching, it would keep me playing much longer.


Thanks for the pointers.

I'd never heard Iron Pig so I looked it up & I can see what you mean about the similarities.

if there's ever a Zombie Bash 2 there's some ideas in Iron Pig that could inspire us. We'd already thought about different sword and gun types & also different fighting moves but didn't have time to implement those.  It was our aim to keep the fighting as simple as possible and make it more timing based - more about rhythm than doing combos.  But I think we could have expanded on this a little, we could have done some combos and also kept it simple and timing based. 

We should also have made the game sprites animated especially the player sprite, we didn't think we had time but looking at our game now I think it's a problem. Seeing a game like Iron Pig shows how good the fighting animation sprites could/should be. 

Developer (2 edits)

Pro Tips for Playing Zombie Bash

I will add these here in case someone misses them in the game page. 

  • Play the game like a rhythm game rather than a platformer; learn the levels and when and where zombies spawn. 
  • You can't kill all the zombies on all levels, sometimes you just have to dodge and survive.
  • Vultures can be avoided by ducking them.
  • Your sword can hit multiple zombies at once. 
  • If Chargers are wounded and not killed they enrage and eventually charge trampling all in their path - including other zombies.
  • Zombies can jump but can't jump between platforms, use this to your advantage. If on the left platform you are safe from zombies on the right platform and vice versa.
  • Killing zombies on the platforms before they drop on you is critical. 
  • Use pause frequently to plan out your next set of moves.
  • Remember ammo is fully restocked on each new level. You can get more ammo by crouching for a while.

Fiddly controls, but fun once you get the hang of it. Sometimes the hit detection felt a little odd though. I liked the game over voice over lol. Graphics were neat. I liked the different backgrounds. Beating up zombies at a fun fare is a great concept that totally needs its own game.

Nice job!


Thanks for the review.

Collision detection was an issue we had throughout development.  We wrote the collision detection ourselves in our game library rather than let Unity do it for us so we could port this to another game engine if we wanted. 

All the math and unit tests shows that the hit detection is technically correct but we also felt something wasn't quite right.

We ran out of time to fully resolve it. I think the issue is the that code is right but the sprites aren't drawn quite in the centre of the sprite images. Also you often get hit multiple times by very close together zombies. We should redo the sprites to make them narrower with a narrower hit box and also give the player half a second of immunity after being hit.

Note that if you time your jump up right you can "jump through" zombies jumping down and vice versa - this is intentional. 


Tough game! Enjoyed the platform switching mechanic!


It's is a bit tough especially the later levels. I'm rubbish at the game but our resident 12 year old expert (that has played games like Mario and Binding of Issac to death) is pretty good at it & has a high score in the 500s.

There are patterns in the way zombies spawn in the levels, once you have learnt these it becomes easier.

We have tested each level and each level is doable but they are tough on the later levels.