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John Clark

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This is the one I can defiantly see actually made into an LCD handheld. I also really like how you added on to the mechanic of just catching things and required a number of scoops and the cones to be grabbed first, it added a lot more depth to the simpler mechanic.

I am significantly impressed at how much the screen looks like an LCD one. Couldn't get close to pulling that off my self.

I really enjoyed this one, the mass amount of monsters made the challenge enjoyable, while keeping me on my toes and 'in' the game.

I love the fact you limited the amount the player can shoot with the overheating system, rather than something like ammo, that's been done and would be more boring. I also quite enjoyed how the ship bends a little bit depending on your position.

I didn't beat it, but I got pretty close!

Nice to see a video of the game, thanks for playing!

I played Iron Snout, a game similar to this one, where you couldn't move, however I got bored with it pretty quick and I think if it had a more fleshed out version of your platform switching, it would keep me playing much longer.

Though, the combat lacked game feel, the game felt like a Cowboy - Zelda, as I had fun figuring out where to go next, and even though I felt stupid to have not figured it out sooner, blowing up the rocks with dynamite was a nice little thing to do instead of doors. Nice game.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much! I actually was considering doing that, but in irony I ran out of time, to add a thing that makes you run out of time, so if I ever update it, that'll be kept in mind. Thank you again.

Despite it's lack of game feel, (Try some screenshake and/or particles) that's one of the best walking animations I have ever seen.

That'll happen when it's running at top speed at you, I imagine it would be scary, yes.

Thank you, It's nice to have someone play one of my games let alone record them!

This game is really good, I love the paint splatter effect, I quite like how everything revolves around the shooting and how you managed to make a twin, well, single stick shooter, fun without movement.

This game is great, the pun is great, even though i'm not a fan of the art, it still clearly communicates you can't land on the spiky enemies, because they're spiky. 

Sorry about that, somehow slipped my mind:

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A game about swinging around different particles and changing the particles to be your color.

The Game is Pay what you want right here: