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You're lying. You know what I want to know... HOW! HOW DID YOU SIMULATE IT SO ACCURATELY!

Look. I know how to animate. I merely applied those skills to bird vomit, it's really as simple as that!

Mmm, well a games master must be familiar with their subject matter, I suppose. And I know magicians aren't supposed to reveal their secrets, but- I mean, really how did you do it?

Oh, well, thank you, I pride myself on my ability to break down games into their most basic elements, to then build them back up again. And luckily, in this case, I happened to know a lot about bird puke.

WOw! The fidelity with which you've simulated these birds vomiting is really impressive! And even more so, considering you did it in, what- 42 hours?

I love this! The way you've expedited energy management with the mouse click, is really smart. It's like a real time FTL in that way. And I know this is already really polished, so you don't need really large concepts for implementing, but... you know.... :) 

I think it'd be really cool if you emulated elements of basic circuitry. Like you already have the mouse-click-energy-storage acting as a capacitor. But if you had to buy resistors for certain guns that needed smaller amounts of energy, or charge a battery to fire a really big cannon, or attach knobs to control the amount of energy going to a light or something, I think it would be really cool. 

Take it or leave it, either way this is still really good.

This is my favorite of the jam! I love that you can bat around the timer, I love the aesthetic, it's such a perfect, tiny, little nugget of a game. If that makes any sense. What engine is was this made in? How did you even program this?

Very Nice! I liked the balancing act of trying to get through a hoop and avoiding asteroids at the same time. Loved the art style as well, reminds me of Tempest. 


Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

This is both a really clever idea in concept, and in execution! Reminds me of flight sim IPad apps I used to play.

This is really cool, I love a good sequence puzzle!

Was the playable cursor not moving at all?

Thank you so much for playing! This is the first proper let's play of any of my games, and it was so gratifying to watch how much you enjoyed it, considering all the time I've spent on it. It's also nice to have someone play it who understands the intricacies of puns, as that is a fourth of the writing. So, again, thank you so much!

I really like this! The only thing I'd say is that there seems to be no point to the market system. Like, I have insensitive to sell my new flower breeds for the money, that makes sense. But then I can only spend that money on new flower breeds, but, I have no desire to do that, because the fun of the game for me, is breeding those new flowers. 

I feel like more money should let you buy a bigger garden, or give you more organizational tools. Especially because with these types of games, I'm always looking to organize and expedite what ever the main process is. So like, money should let me buy flower beds or something like that. 

I don't know if you were looking to make this a 'flower breeding Factorio', because that's essentially what I'm suggesting, but I think that going in that direction would be fun.

Hopefully any of that was helpful.

I get an error about there being no 'pck' file. 

Thanks for playing!

This is a lot better than the garbage I was making when I was 11.

Though it confused me at first, the opening camera zoom was a very nice touch. I also like the cows.

The loose, spaceship-y feel you have going for the soap feels great! Sorry you missed the dead line; I barely got my game submitted on time as well.

The platforming is really tight, nice job! I also love the 'clean your mind' concept.

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Here's a link to the game page:

For Old Time’s Shake is a game about meeting a series of old friends you’ve taught secret handshakes in the past. As you begin to reconnect with these old friends, they ask to perform those secret handshakes you taught them oh so long ago- only problem is, you don’t remember a single secret handshake maneuver. It’s your job to awkwardly fake your way through these secret handshakes and conversations, to preserve the vulnerable feelings of your old friends.
I've been working on For Old Time's Shake for a while and I've been itching (pun intended) to get it out there in some capacity. This is the first ten or so minutes of the full game which should come out later this year. Enjoy!

I love the art style, it's right out of a good children's book!

Glad to hear it was fun!

The idea was that the game has only one object type. In a platformer, for instance, you might have a player who behaves differently from an enemy, who behaves differently from the ground, etc. In my game, all the blocks have the exact same behavior, they can be moved around until they are segmented from other blocks, and then they permanently stop, hence, there is only one object type. 

Hell yeah, this game really drifts up my spirits. I think that was technically a double pun.

This is the one I can defiantly see actually made into an LCD handheld. I also really like how you added on to the mechanic of just catching things and required a number of scoops and the cones to be grabbed first, it added a lot more depth to the simpler mechanic.

I am significantly impressed at how much the screen looks like an LCD one. Couldn't get close to pulling that off my self.

I really enjoyed this one, the mass amount of monsters made the challenge enjoyable, while keeping me on my toes and 'in' the game.

I love the fact you limited the amount the player can shoot with the overheating system, rather than something like ammo, that's been done and would be more boring. I also quite enjoyed how the ship bends a little bit depending on your position.

I didn't beat it, but I got pretty close!

Nice to see a video of the game, thanks for playing!

I played Iron Snout, a game similar to this one, where you couldn't move, however I got bored with it pretty quick and I think if it had a more fleshed out version of your platform switching, it would keep me playing much longer.

Though, the combat lacked game feel, the game felt like a Cowboy - Zelda, as I had fun figuring out where to go next, and even though I felt stupid to have not figured it out sooner, blowing up the rocks with dynamite was a nice little thing to do instead of doors. Nice game.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much! I actually was considering doing that, but in irony I ran out of time, to add a thing that makes you run out of time, so if I ever update it, that'll be kept in mind. Thank you again.

Despite it's lack of game feel, (Try some screenshake and/or particles) that's one of the best walking animations I have ever seen.

That'll happen when it's running at top speed at you, I imagine it would be scary, yes.