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Pro Tips for Playing Zombie Bash

I will add these here in case someone misses them in the game page. 

  • Play the game like a rhythm game rather than a platformer; learn the levels and when and where zombies spawn. 
  • You can't kill all the zombies on all levels, sometimes you just have to dodge and survive.
  • Vultures can be avoided by ducking them.
  • Your sword can hit multiple zombies at once. 
  • If Chargers are wounded and not killed they enrage and eventually charge trampling all in their path - including other zombies.
  • Zombies can jump but can't jump between platforms, use this to your advantage. If on the left platform you are safe from zombies on the right platform and vice versa.
  • Killing zombies on the platforms before they drop on you is critical. 
  • Use pause frequently to plan out your next set of moves.
  • Remember ammo is fully restocked on each new level. You can get more ammo by crouching for a while.