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Aaand added! From what I can tell your translation is great. Thanks again!

Neat. I'll give it a test and then add it to the game page. Thanks :D

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Sure! I'm flattered you would offer! Sorry for not getting back sooner, I haven't been doing much game dev lately, so I don't check my messages very often.

Anyway, I have updated the download section with the project files, which should make your life easier. Send me the translation when you're finished and I'll add it to the page.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks glad you liked it. i like making small games :)

\o/ > ur game gud well done for finish

I love your MVDoc tool and this one looks super useful, too! Definitely will be getting some use out of this when I go back to rpgm.

whoa! love the battle graphics! imma download this...

i love this. movement feels good and i had a ball with the flying. aesthetics of cubivore's long lost pc98 cousin. gud gud gud.

the art in this is wonderful!

these elves? very cute.

cool patterns <3

thanks brah.

Oh, cripes!

Oh boy, here I go!

gimme that garbage.

Dank. Can't wait to explore the whole neko sekai!

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Wow love the atmosphere and graphics! The droning music is super atmospheric (running out of words here, your game is immersive is what I'm saying). Kinda reminds me of King's Field meets Sentinel Returns.

No worries! Good luck if you decide to make anything.

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Cool people make games. You should make a game, too.

Also thank you for your support. I don't want to sound too big headed.

I do not. But really, I tried it once and didn't like it. Felt messy and unintuitive. I'm happy with Godot and RPG Maker.

Legit spooky atmosphere. 10/10 art. Really has the potential to be up there with the likes of ib! Looking forward to more!

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Wdym? I wrote this walkthrough while playing through the game again, so I'm 99% sure it works.
Or do you mean, how would you get the answer without reading this walkthrough? You need to read the signs next to the buildings and talk to all the NPCs for clues. More specifically (based on what the NPCs say):

1. Terrance hates fruit. (the signs next to each row of buildings are named after fruit, except the one on the top row)
2. Terrance used to be into eastern media, but he's recently into western media. (this gives you 2 locations/directions east and west or left and right.)
3. Terrance would move his office, but not the building he's in. (he's used to be into eastern media, so he's in the eastern-most building)
4. Terrance moved his office recently. (he's now into western media, so his office was moved to the western side of the building)
5. Terrance is obsessed with the number 14. (this is how many times you need to go left in said building)
6. When exploring buildings, it feels like you're travelling through the same room over and over, but you aren't. (just keep going even if it looks like you're not getting anywhere. I added this as a way to discourage brute-forcing the puzzle. Maybe a bit mean on my part)

Thanks for trying my game btw, sorry if this message came across as a bit stern. Just wanted to be thorough.

Hoo boy. Captures the fear of lonely nights playing AC and being charged by a *redacted*. 10/10.

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Ahhh, Ioved this! I had trouble opening doors sometimes (I think if you're too close it wont work?), but otherwise it was a smooth experience. The atmosphere and graphics are spot on! I actually got really early Dreamcast vibes from the beginning. Like Tomato convenient store at 3am lol. Kinda want a legit supermarket sim with these graphics... Anyway, great job!

I think they're asking for an html/browser version.

After the jam usually. But as long as you diffirentiate the updated version and the jam version you shouldnt have a problem.

Yeah, I agree that puzzle mode should have an end point. I'm planning on an update that just plays each customer in order and then is like "good job, now go play challenge mode". The music was by the legendary Kevin MacLeod. I was looking for a track that was down-tempo and whimsical and luckily he has a whole collection of lounge music lol.

Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Nice concept for a game! Like others have said, getting letters to connect horizontally doens't work very well. Also I kept getting way too many consonants so I couldn't write anything! Sort out the connections and the letter distribution and you've got a great game!

Fun game, but after a while the shop menu wouldn't open anymore. I liked the graphics a lot.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! My main worry about my game is that it would be hard to understand, so I'm glad you figured it all out. Yeah, this would be at home one kongregate or something lol.


I'll take that as a compliment lol. I was going to make the tutorial more interactive, but I didn't have the time. People understanding my game was a big worry, so I'm glad you managed to figure it out anyway. Thanks for playing :D

Cute little game. Great presentation. Loved it!

Yep, its submitted!

baller artwork. cant wait to play the demo ;)

Very cute, I liked it a lot! I wish there was more content though. Sequel when? lol

Cute little game! Nice work!