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RPG Maker MV.

Thanks! Glad you had a nice time :D

"Allison's collar has grown even poofier"


Good work! It's always nice to see devs updating/fixing their games.

You don't need to select items in the menu. It's just a list so you know what you're carrying. Thanks for trying my game btw.

A solid and well put together game! I wrote a few notes while playing:

- Very cool title screen! A great use of mode 7.
- Cutscenes are very nice! I have mixed feelings about the auto-text though. I can see it being difficult to read in time for some players.
- I liked the subtle particle/light effects on the pillars in the opening cutscene. It's a small touch that jumped out at me.
- Good for having the controls pop-up in game. Only caveat is that the LB/RB buttons are difficult to read, but with context I figured out what they meant.
- You can walk on the table in the first room. Not a big deal, but looks a bit weird.
- Tutorials with pictures are very good! I know it's tempting to assume everyone has played an RPG Maker game before, so  it's great that you're willing to explain your game.
- Quest log text is a tad small. It's readable, but I find it a tricky to read quickly at a glance.
-I love the swimming fish! They add a nice bit of liveliness to the scene.
- I really not keen on all the pauses in the dialogue. I understand you're trying to pace the dialogue, but punctuation does that anyway. Maybe it's just me, I dunno, I just lose my patience with it really quickly.
- I like the compass. I think.... I dunno, it has the same feeling as Oblivion/Skyrim's compass where I feel like I'd be tempted to just look at it all the time, instead of the main screen. On the plus side, it's a simple way to guide the player. I suppose you need to find a balance between handholding and letting the player explore.
- The night-time bgs is very loud and distracting.
- I picked up some shoes north of the house (I forget what they were called exactly) but as far as I can tell, they're weren't actually added to my inventory.
- I noticed there's no help text for skills when in battle. Any reasons why? I often find myself comparing skills in battle, so not having it is annoying.
- I got a lot of slow down inside the cave, but that might just be my computer. I've struggled to smoothly run lighting plugins before.

A good and well polished start! I wasn't very invested in the story or characters, but if you focus on the gameplay, then a simple story is just fine. Good job!

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At least bin chicken is a constant in my life I can rely on.

But seriously, excellent work. The lowest point was the battles (there's just not a lot of variation with skills), but the enemy design and animation really brings it back up. Very, very solid and polished game and udderly ridiculous.

Cute little game! Weirdly ominous.

T̶̥̥̖͖̭̎̈́͐̈́͝ͅȞ̶̰̬̭͖͓͕͋̀̌̈́͝E̶̡̛͖̟̮͙͒̿̉ ̴͖͔̫͇̬̒̅ͅC̵̡̦͎͍̈͒̄̒͗̾̎̽́̈́Ą̴̲̞̱̗̀́̒̈́̀͝N̵̞̱̞͙̯̤̔̀̎̕͘͝Ḑ̶͎̈́͆̆̄̏̽̽́͝Y̴̛̫̳̺͔͙̋̎̽̃̓̔͘͘͘͜ ̶͚̱͇̠͛̓͆̊̓͑̊͗͊͜͝Ȋ̸̺̫̖͈̬̥͚̣̭S̴̯̜͙̣̐̅͊̉͆̊͛̒̅̚͜ ̴͍̲̃̆̉͋̅̌̃̉Í̴̛͙̫̑̇͌͆̄̍̕͘N̵̡̡̳̙͆̋́͋̏̒̉̍F̴̛̛͉̺̞͓̈́̂͑̄̎̕Î̸̖̀͒̀͒̇̐͝N̶̛̦̞̬͉̭͔̅̀̍̏̕͜Ī̸̢̤̙̬̠̹͖͂̅͊̽̆̐͘͜͜͝T̷̨̧̮͓̹̳͂̏̾̀͘É̴̢͖͓̯̈́̈́͑͘

Solid game with some nice ideas! A few thoughts I had while playing:

- The journal is a nice idea. It's always pain to take a break from a game and then come back and have no clue what's going on.
- The story tree thing reminds me a lot of Radiant Historia. Very cool to see a similar thing in another game. I'm interested in seeing what you do with it!
- Is there a reason why the game has to reset when you use the story tree? You should be able to store the map id/player coordinates and jump back to the previous scene. Maybe it's difficult to do with XP, I haven't used it in a long time. Anyway, it might take a bit of work, but I think it would be worth the effort for a smoother experience.
- I like how you can hear the sea in the next room! Adds a bit of extra life/believability to the scene.
- There's missing capitalization at the start of a LOT of dialogue. Maybe it's a style thing, but even though you're starting dialogue with a name tag (which is capitalized) I think it looks messy if the body of the text is uncapitalised. Small nitpick, I know, but it looks messy imo.
- There's also missing punctuation at the end of dialogue. Again, looks messy.
- Getting insta killed by bats is a bit unfair imo. I know the game warns you they are dangerous, but I mean... they're bats! I didn't think they would kill me in one hit! Do they have rabies or something?
- I'm not keen on the modern slang like "Ya boi" and such. It feels low effort and out of place for a fantasy game.

The mapping and the focus on puzzles was good. Presentation overall was solid. You need to work on your writing, though. Nice effort!

Cute! Love the characters!

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Thank you! The menu was a bit rushed and I think it might be conflicting with another plugin. I hadn't seen that bug in testing, but the menu doesn't display quite as it's meant to, so I'm not surprised there's other problems, too. I'll probably fix it after the jam. The roof section was intended to be a bit more logical but... well, I got lazy when it came to actually drawing it out. I have no excuse lol. Anyway, glad you had a nice time!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it!

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Charming and strange is high praise, as far as I'm concerned, so thanks! I had a lot of fun looking up weird yokai for it. I'm glad someone else enjoyed my effort, too.

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I gotta say, it's ambitious to make a platform/endless runner with RPGM. It works pretty well, though. I don't have much to say, but I found the camera to be a big problem. You don't have much room to see oncoming obstacles. It would play much better, if the player was closer to the middle of the screen. Also, don't use white text on a white background. It's difficult to read.

Nice effort and good on you for trying something different!

Neat game. I had a few thoughts while playing:

- Animated title screen is pretty neat. It's always nice to see a
customized title!
- Oh, yanfly's options core! Also nice to see. A tip though: you can delete
commands/sections if you look at the plugin's options. Since Controls
doesn't have anything in it, I'd suggest removing it so the menu looks
- This is probably just me, but I really don't like the text noise. Kinda
hits the same level of unpleasantness that the sound of rustling plastic
bags or popping candy does. I know this is really weird to point out, but
I'd prefer if it was lower-pitched and less "clicky" sounding.
- The text for the quest window hud is very small. My PC is running at a
pretty low resolution (1360x768) and I'm struggling to read it. I highly
suggest you increase the font size.
- In the status menu, you have red text on a pink background which is
difficult to read. I'd suggest a different text color or a darker outline
for the text.
- The transition to the pharmacy made me jump! I didn't expect it the tone
to escalate that quickly lol! This isn't a bad thing, I just thought I'd
point out that it genuinely surprised me.
- The atmosphere in general is great. The fog, colors and sound lend a Very
spooky and ominous feel. Great job with that!
- Rias' shocked portrait after you are teleported to the next area looks
kinda bong-eyed lol. Not a big deal, but kinda made me chuckle.
- Not sure about using the word "Materia". Unless there's a reason for it,
I'd suggest changing it. It's a bit too iconic imo.
- I like the stuff you can inspect in Rias' house. Adds a bit of needed
backstory to her.
- "Toys for Adults" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- The Camille Saint Saens song felt a bit... absurd? Out of place? The
other music tracks are much more understated so it doesn't really fit.
Don't feel like you need a new music track for each screen of the game. The
music you get in the town on the next screen would have fit fine.
- I know it's a horror game, but the coffee shop is way too dark. Having
friendlier looking areas mixed in with the scary ones can greatly increase
the impact of the latter. For example, the save rooms in Resident Evil
serve this purpose.
-  Transitioning to new maps is jerky and slow. There's also a noticeable
pause before the text displays in dialogue. The game is kinda laggy in
general. I assume it's because of all the fancy lighting. It's not game
breaking, but it is pretty distracting.
- The quest log doesn't update after meeting your friends. I feel like it
should add a new entry that tells you to go to the pharmacy. Just a small
nitpick and I only mention it because it felt like an error.
- The distortion effects in the pharmacy basement are really neat. Super

I liked the concept and atmosphere a lot. The battle was alright, pretty standard. I was hoping there would be more interactions with the fear meter, but I guess you didn't have enough time to expand it further. Anyway, it's a promising start. Well done!

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A few thoughts I had while playing: 

- The text is cut off for the help in the options menu.
- The text is also cut off for the Mr. Sword item.
- The dialogue is very Earthbound-ish. It's definitely teetering on the edge of
lolrandumb, but so far it's entertaining.
- I'd suggest changing the Armor menu command to something like equip, since it
allows you to equip armor AND weapons.
- There's no battle background for enemies past the first area of the forest. I
don't know how much knowledge you have of RPG maker but you need to set it for
every map.
- I'm really not keen on the forest map. It's a straight line basically, but I worry if you have such wide swathes of space in more complicated maps, they'll be really slow to explore. Consider making your dungeon maps more compact and with more interesting path shapes. Does that make sense? Basically, you have lots of big spaces and no distinct details/landmarks. I'd take a look at some snes RPGs and study their maps to see how to make interesting dungeons. Also take note of what the player can see on the screen at one time, as well as the whole shape of the map. What might appear to be a simple hallway in the map editor, might feel like an endless trek from a player's eye view.

The gameplay is simple, but it works fine. It was the writing is what kept me playing, though. Good effort! Get some more enemy variety and better maps and you're on the road to a good game!

I had a lot of fun! A great halloween-inspired game!

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This might be the most garish game I've ever seen and I think I've seen enough colors to last me a lifetime. I mean this in the nicest way possible, the aesthetics of this game are bonkers! Couple of bits of feedback:

- I like that the skill tree is literally a tree.
- The animation on the enemies is a nice touch. The dead sprites are pretty
- Not knowing what the skills do before you buy them is a pain. A short
description would be great so you're not buying blindly.
- I like the little events between nights. It helps the game not feel
- The game loop is fun, but exploring the woods seemed like objectively the worst thing to do because battles take up so much time.
- I loved all the different characters! It was fun seeing the new guys that popped up every new night.

Despite some balancing issues, I had a lot of fun! I kept playing to see the new events and characters. The animations and enemy designs were fun, too. Nice job! A very unique game and couldn't be more halloween-ish!

Yeah, I basically just made a small map where you bump into the next solution. Some of it is logical lol. Glad you enjoyed it regardless!

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Nice stuff! Some thoughts I had while playing:

- I like the animation on the title screen. The cursor is hard to see, though.
- Maybe it's just me, but I find the dialogue font a bit tricky to read. I think the
varying heights of the letters are throwing me off. Looks more like a font you'd use for
a title card to me.
- I'm sure I don't need to say this, but the battle animations and camera movements are fantastic!
- Tiny nitpick, but the character with the green cape (Lucian?) is standing on the
background of the battle back, instead of the floor. With all the effort you put into
the rest of the scene, it really sticks out as a silly mistake to make.
- The menu screen is very flashy. Can't decide if it's TOO much, but all the info is
easy to read, so I think it's fine. It's really easy to go overboard with particle
effects and such, so I'd keep that in mind if I were you.
- The music in the forest doesn't loop properly. Not a big deal, but it is a bit jarring
when it restarts.
- Does it matter which enemies you devour? Or is it just quantity? Because I ate the big
mushroom monster and Bysmoch commented on it, but he didn't get any stronger.
- Sometimes targeting skills/monsters get stuck on a single target. I found if you mouse
over the actor/enemies to change the target it fixes itself, but I was playing with a
controller and was very confused when it kept getting stuck and I wasn't sure if I was
doing something wrong or not.
- Might be worth mentioning in-game that when the enemy starts flashing, that's when you
can eat it. Maybe I'm dumb, but I didn't realize this until fighting the second boss
monster lol. Or maybe just a tutorial about status ailments. Poison/darkness is an
obvious one, but you add any unorthodox ones later it's going to get confusing if
there's no glossary or explanation.
- I also didn't realize what the blue bar on the skills was for quite a while. I thought
it was TP consumption or something, until I put 2 & 2 together and figured out it was
counting skill mastery. This is a pretty unusual mechanic, so I'd add a tutorial
message about that, too.
- More HP damaging skills would be nice to have. It gets a bit boring putting up
defenses and then using the attack command over and over.
- I really, really like the idea of symbiotic party members! It's a super interesting
twist on the usual JRPG-style team. It would be a really great hook for advertising to new players! TBH I almost skipped your game because I thought it was just a tech demo for animated battlers, but I'm glad I didn't because it was much more than that!
- The animations are quick and snappy, but there a LOT of them. I can see this getting
annoying if the player needs to grind at any point. There is fast-forward battle
animation plugin that you might consider using, but I don't know how it would react with
the animation engine. Might be worth trying out though.
- BTW Caz is a girl :p

This is a really great start! The only big thing I'd say you need to work on is the mapping. The dungeon layout is pretty boring. Other than the above, you did a good job! Very solid work!

You really weren't kidding about that loud noise lol. I liked the ambient music you used, it lent some nice tension to the last scene. The text was a little hard to understand, but you got the story across fine. Yeah, nice short story though. Reminds me of the sort of ghost story you'd tell around a campfire.

I expected garbage meme crap and instead I got a fun game. I mean, it's still meme garbage, but it's fun meme garbage! Yeah, good job. The combat is the best you can do with RPGM's tile movement, but fuck those dude that shoot green balls at you. I  had a really hard time blocking them. But yeah, surprisingly polished and fun little game. Good job!

There's not a lot there, but what there is, is super polished.  Couple of thoughts:

- I like the intro on the title screen! Really draws you into the game when
you've only just booted it up!
- I like the speech bubble text boxes. They look really sleek.
- I can't decide if all the particles and screen effects are over the top or not. They're definitely fun to look at lol.

Very well made story intro! I'd like to see more.

Creative idea for a game! I didn't play all of it, but it was pretty fun. I wonder how easy it is for someone with no knowledge of Japanese to follow though, because there's a lot of info thrown at you at once. Anyway, some thoughts:

- Remember to delete any saves you have made before you share your game. It's
pretty confusing to see some random save file when you go to save your own game.
- Is there no music or am I encountering a error? There was music on the title
screen but not on the map.
- Displaying the hiragana on the board one message at a time is annoying to
progress through. It would be easier to read through if there were a few example
per message box instead.
- The color puzzle with the monsters doesn't really work. I mean, it's
functional, but the fact that you can see the monster's name means that you
don't need to figure it out, you just need to choose the skill with the same
name. If all the monsters had the same name, but different sprites, that would
work better. Anything that doesn't give away the answer at least lol. Also the
blue Obake looks green to me and I swear I'm not colorblind!
- Also you can run away from all the battles, bypassing the puzzle completely.

Your game is lacking a lot of polish and kinda suffers from introducing a lot of words at once, but it's fun to practice a language with a game, so that's neat. Nice job!

I really like the presentation and Resident Evil homage, but I have a BIG problem with the gameplay.

The feed back from hitting enemies is good, but everything else has problems. The pause after being hit and attacking is very punishing and, due to the amount of enemies and wide open areas, means you get swamped by enemies very easily. I know I keep on bringing up Resident Evil, but it's a good example of what you seem to be going for.

Let's take a look at how RE does things: in RE, you rarely fight more than a couple of zombies at once also most environments are very small or hallways. This means, even though you have the same stun from being hitting and attacking that you have in your game, the player is punished less for making a mistake. If you mess up a swing, you're likely to get bitten, but only once and not by multiple enemies. It was pretty easy in your game to get surrounded and hit several times before I could react. If this game had less enemies or tighter environments, I think it would feel much fairer.

As it is now, the only effective way of playing (imo) is to run past everything and only hit stuff when you get stuck in a cubbyhole or something. It's more like I was playing Pacman instead of a tense survival horror. Anyway, I felt the game was more unfair than hard. Sorry if I'm being harsh, but I saw a lot of potential that was ruined by poor enemy balancing.

It's almost a great game and I'm only writing this much because I'm frustrated at the lost potential.

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I couldn't figure out where to go after getting the rope, but I think I played enough to get gist of it. I haven't played any Corpse Party games past BoS, so I was a bit lost with the story, but from what I played it felt like a really authentic spinoff/fangame. You got the presentation down great! Anyway, a couple of notes:

- The animated titlescreen is cool.
- There are already saved games? I would highly suggest you delete these before
sharing your game as it can be a bit confusing.
- Good for adding the option to skip the opening. Most people wont need to, but
it's nice just in case the game crashes at the start or something.
- Voice acting! Very nice! I'm not big on voice acting in RPGs (I usually end up
turning it off so I can read through the text faster), but I appreciate the
effort. What voice acting there is, is pretty good though.
- I started skipping the text, but I get the general gist of what I need to do.
So even as someone who isn't up to speed, the objective is simple enough lol.
- The sprite of the corpses are blurry, while the rest of the
graphics are really crisp. Did you enlarge them or something? It really sticks
out, because the rest of the presentation looks great.

Yeah though, really cool effort. Nice job.

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Sup. I played for a couple of hours and had a few thoughts:

- The manual is legit very cool.
- Titlescreen is very snazzy. I like the subtle wave effect on the title.
- Intro cutscene was short and sweet. It doesn't tell us much, but it kicks off
a bit of intrigue.
- Good for showing the controls in the game! For an RPGM jam, it's totally
unnecessary, but for other people that will play in the future, it's always a
good thing to include.
- I like the separate animations for running, idle and walking. Adds a nice bit
of extra life to the game.
- Same for the varied footstep sounds.
- The item shop's inventory is quite unorganized. Ordering them by type (healing
items, weapons, ammo, etc) would look a lot nicer and be easier to navigate.
- I like the graphics. It's a bit rough and amateurish, but the amount of detail
is really nice.
- The RTP sound effects are much louder than everything else. Consider reducing
their volume so they're more consistent.
- The wolf enemies make too much noise! Having them howl constantly is really
annoying. I'd really suggest you give them a subtler noise or just get rid of
- I love all the bits of lore strewn about like the graffiti, abandoned tanks,
messages left by wanderers, etc. I admit I don't really understand what's going
on, but I'm enjoying figuring it out with being interrupted by an exposition
- The moving platform in the northern dungeon could be faster. It's annoying to
wait for it to come back around.
- The big sliding blocks are a pain to get through. Maybe make the timing more
- Really appreciating the autosave function lol.
- Combat is simple but works fairly well with RPGM's tile based movement. It's
pretty clunky, but once you get into a hit-and-run rhythm it's fun!
- The difficulty could use some tweaking. I couldn't find any enemies that
dropped money, except the robot that shoots missiles in the southern dungeon. I
mention this because I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong because after
the infected and wolf monsters, everything felt too strong. I couldn't afford to
buy a bunch of healing items without grinding on the robots and likewise for new
weapons/armor. I ended up going north and running past the obese infected until
I got the laser pistol. After that it was more manageable (and I found money in
boxes and chests in the dungeon) until I encountered those moving block things
that instantly kill you. I lost my patience there lol. But once I got that
pistol things really started taking off and I felt like the game was getting
into its stride. Before that, I was having fun wandering, but it was a bit
discouraging to not find any money for upgrades and running into monsters that
were too strong.

I understand wanting an open world game, but I felt too
powerless without an achievable goal to get stronger. My only viable option was to
stumble upon that northern dungeon and get the laser pistol.
If you want my advice, I would make the game linearly force you to explore the
northern dungeon so you get a side arm and a source of money and THEN let you
explore the wider world. Give the player some tools to work with first.

Anyway, very ambitious game with some rough edges, but fundamentally a fun game.
Keep working on it and you'll end up with something great!

Reminds me of Makai Toshi on the wonderswan. Very cool.

simple gameplay, but the presentation really elevates it beyond! loved the battle animations (the shoot one is great) and the general style. dialogue was crass af but very funny. i noticed a few typos (mostly you seem to have trouble with your/you're) but overall very polished game. nice job :D

noice. love your style!

In case you don't see my post on reddit: 

Okay, some thoughts:

- Rumble toggle doesn't seem to work. Entering a new map resets it to "on".

- The grey cacodemon monsters appear too suddenly when it turns to night. Consider giving them an emerge animation like the skeletons?

- Combat feels tight, very Link to the Past. Using the bow and sword in tandem feels great! I don't really have any problems with the controls, but it would be nice to have a button to quickly cycle through tools (bombs, arrows, etc).

- The screen shake when hitting an enemy is excessive, imo. Consider an option where you can toggle it off or lower the intensity.

- Is the sfx when changing the menu pages from Stardew Valley? It sounds really similar lol.

- I experienced frame drops of about 10-5fps while walking around the outside maps. It's not too bad, but it is a bit jarring. I think it might be the overlays (i.e the cloud shadows) causing it, but I can't be sure. I'm running this on a pretty old PC (2.8ghz CPU) so it might just be me.

- I feel like the delay between dodge rolling is too long. I tried to chain together rolls while I was wandering about and it never felt quite responsive enough.

- You can stand on top of the chests that appear when you press buttons if you can get there while the fade-in animation is playing. You don't get stuck on it or anything, but it does look funny.

- Puzzles were standard Zelda fare (which I like!), but I thought the invisible blocks room was especially cool.

- The boss was fun and had good variety. I'm very impressed with how tight the collisions were. When I saw the ton of projectiles in the final phase, I got a bit worried, but dodging stuff was tight and I didn't feel like it wasn't my fault when I got hit.

- It took me about 20mins to finish, but it only felt like half that. I'm impressed you not only got an authentic Zelda experience working in RPG Maker, but you made it fun, too!

Great job with only a few little problems! I'll be eagerly awaiting the next demo!

i've been using for a bit and its seems really simple and useful. i can see myself using this a lot. thanks for making it!

oh! what a cool idea for a tool!

aww what a cute game! its nice to play something thats just about kindness.


Holy cow!

Oh heck, this looks bonkers!