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Very cool idea and I love the artwork!

this game felt intensely... wrong. i love it.

aww this is such a lovely idea!

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I really enjoyed this! I got both endings.

Some stuff I thought about while playing:

- I like that there's a whole house to explore. Love all the scattered objects, really makes the place look lived in and gives a little insignt into the player character

- You can sit on the bench! I liked that your sprite changes when you press directions. Love little details like that :D

- The panoramas are gorgeous! I espcially liked the one with the bridge and the sparkly water. Also, great use of parallax scrolling throughout the game, like the dark forest and outside of the house's windows. Really breathes life into the enviroments.

- The sorta JRPGish town is a unqiue approach (for a ynfg). It makes the world feel more coherent, but also provides a stark contrast to the much more surreal areas.

- Oh god, the wake up animation when using the Lycanthrope effect caught me off guard! Was not expecting that lmao

- I liked that you told a wordless, but less subtle (more overt? I dunno how to word it) story than other ynfgs. I caught on to the Gender Stuff going on. Yeah, very nicely done with the enviromental story telling (the toilet literally being unusable was so on the nose it made me laugh, but I love it as a symbol of frustration/incompatibility with the gender dichotomy) and the metaphor of bestial/other vs human/socially acceptable.

- If there's any complaints I have is that I heard a few stock RPGM sound effects, which was jarring when everything else was so well crafted. But this is coming from the viewpoint of someone who has spent way too much time around these default assets to your mileage may vary lol

Anyway, fantastic entry. Short, but didn't drag at all and I was interested in finding all the areas and interactables, which is more than I can say for some games. Nice job :D

If anyone tried my game eariler, I have fixed the saves now. Unfortunately, your old saves wont work because I ended up overhauling how it functions. But function now it should!

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okay, now it should be fixed. unfortunately, you wont be able to use your old savefile, due to changes ive had to make with the save/load system. there is a walkthrough in the game folder you could use to catch up though, if you want

im glad you liked it. thanks for the error report, i think i know what the problem is, something to do with exporting which ive been having problems with. ill see if i can fix it. thanks again :)

thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)

very cool. nice to see something inspired by germs. ive been obsessed with that game's look ever since i saw it.

Oh, I got feelings. I wouldn't want to miss the apocalypse either.

cause sometimes I just want to chill in a spooky enviroment. No really, I think it's super cool.

Thank you, glad you liked it!

Thank you! Control and volume config are a good idea. I always forget those details.

yay more yames \o/

I love the little details, like the villagers reacting to turning the lights off.

Thank you for this ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ

This looks great! Definitely nailed that late snes squaresoft style.

Thanks! Yeah, I'm really happy with how the style turned out. I'd love to use it in more projects. Godot kinda reminds me of old gamemaker's workflow, so it's pretty familiar to me. Once you wrap your head around nodes, it's a really intuitive engine.

Hey, thanks! I did have a shortish game planned, so it could go somewhere.

Distilled dread. Loved it.

you absolutely nailed the n64/oot aesthetic: sound, gfx, textures, particles, ui. just fantastic! great feeling of dread soon as you realize what the "snow"
is, followed by a rapid downfall. loved how even the ui dregraded. take out the blood effects and this could have been a majora sidequest! your execution of 32bit style and horror vignettes are inspiring!

Aaand added! From what I can tell your translation is great. Thanks again!

Neat. I'll give it a test and then add it to the game page. Thanks :D

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Sure! I'm flattered you would offer! Sorry for not getting back sooner, I haven't been doing much game dev lately, so I don't check my messages very often.

Anyway, I have updated the download section with the project files, which should make your life easier. Send me the translation when you're finished and I'll add it to the page.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks glad you liked it. i like making small games :)

\o/ > ur game gud well done for finish

I love your MVDoc tool and this one looks super useful, too! Definitely will be getting some use out of this when I go back to rpgm.

i love this. movement feels good and i had a ball with the flying. aesthetics of cubivore's long lost pc98 cousin. gud gud gud.

the art in this is wonderful!

these elves? very cute.

cool patterns <3

thanks brah.

Oh, cripes!

Oh boy, here I go!

gimme that garbage.

Dank. Can't wait to explore the whole neko sekai!