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The ZipperView game page

A fast-paced puzzle game with a low-res sci-fi theme
Submitted by bauxite (@bauxitedev) — 4 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline

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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#464.6434.643

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Fun game! I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)


This game is great! It reminds me of this amazing board game I used to play called Ricochet Robots. This is fantastic work :) It could easily be released on mobile and would be a super fun :)


Really nice work on the atmosphere! The sounds are a DELIGHT and the graphics are cool. Got stuck in a level, so I would have liked some kind of clue to be able to continue.


Really good graphics & sound! And really fun & satisfying until the timing puzzles started at level 19. That's just a personal preference, though. Awesome job overall!


VERY nice visuals, and cool gameplay! Great job overall on this!!


Really good game. The gameplay is fun and ramps up well with new mechanics. I like the addition of time and move records for each level. The graphics look quite nice and there's a surprising amount of detail. It's overall very polished.

The one thing I dislike is how some levels are larger than the screen. You can't tell whether going off the screen will kill you or lead to another part of the level and it's hard to figure out where to go when you can't see everything. Maybe there could be a way to pan the camera around the level?


Great designed puzzler! Nice look and atmosphere. Works really work within the confines of the resolution limitations. Nice difficulty progression and introduction of new mechanics. My only suggestion would be maybe a clear indicator of which edges lead off screen (death) and which ones will lead to another part of the level. Other than that, this is a spectacular entry!


I really love puzzle games but this one was particularly satisfying to play, very impressive entry!


I liked the game. Excellent level design. Good job!


It got really tricky in the end, but somehow managed to get through. There were a few occasions when I had no idea whether I'm gonna zip to the next screen or to my death. A very clever and well designed puzzle game.  Impressive work considering the time constraints.


Wow! I'm in love with this game <3 

(also got stuck on level 23 :v )


I'll spoil level 23 for you guys. The solution is D-L-D-R-D-R-U-L-D-R-U-L-D-R (be careful not to hit the blinking yellow thing).

(U = Up, R = Right, D = Down, L = Left)

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I liked it. Got stuck on level 23.  I liked the smaller levels best where you could plan out everything in advance. The big ones where you couldn't see the whole level felt like it was game of chance. Really liked the graphics, glow effects, particles... looked and felt really nice.


Great game, the UI is extremely well done and I love the effects for the various mechanics. It was a bit hard to see whether there were walls or gaps in some of the later levels,  and I think some adjustments to the camera may have helped, though these are minor complaints and overall, the game is spectacular.


Thanks! And yeah, you're right, sometimes it gets difficult to design levels for such a small resolution. I tried to avoid creating leaps of faith, where you have to zip to a place you can't see, but that wasn't always possible.