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A jam submission


When bones are threatened. Will you answer the call....
Submitted by Zambini (@zambini845) — 13 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#604.5004.500

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Neat game! I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)


Hahaha, the game idea is realy nice but I am terrible at this game. I still had a laugh and enjoyed it :-)


 I don't know why - maybe the blurbs on the page, maybe the wacko gameplay, maybe just thinking about pugs in space - but this one had me laughing out loud. I saved 18,060 bones!? Hilarious.


Thanks for that! I always try to make fun comments and often times it's a "lack of sleep humor attempt" that I worry will fall short :)


Very addictive gameplay! I love how puzzles work, I probably should add something like that to my game, do you think it would fit in a turn based format?


It would be hard to balance, but if you pulled it off it would be quite impressive. If each keypress would be an action that would make for some harrowing decisions in your game's pacing.


Very interesting idea, thank you!


This is really cute, I like the graphics, and the space momentum physics!


I felt that this was a lovely little idea. Very solid blend of movement and reaction. The floating controls feel really good to float around with, they have the right amount of ease-of-control / difficulty-to-master.  Feels good to drift perfectly into the right position in front of a console. Using the rest of the frame to convey info is really helpful, though it doesn't exactly stick to the 64 * 64 resolution role, I'm willing to give it a pass because it's so helpful.

Some constructive feedback. Using the Z, X, C and V keys for interacting with consoles works, but doesn't quite feel fluid enough. Consider WASD to interact, as they're much more firmiliar keys. Secondly, I found I had to fail a few times to get to grips with the locations of the stations. It might make that a bit easier if the level around the particular stations were colour coded to match, so that I can see, at a glance, that I'm heading in the right direction. Lastly, and this is a small, non-gameplay improvement, the rest of the frame could be a goofy, pug-filled arcade cabinet.

Great idea, well made, perfect little jam prototype. Well done!


Thanks for the feedback!

I attempted to make the colors match the stations themselves, but I like the idea of coloring the corridors to match the station/threat as well :) I was planning to throw in an arrow signaling which station was ready, but that would have crowded the UI a bit too much.

I chose ZXCV specifically because they aren't movement keys and it made the player really think about which key to press since most people don't use those keys often enough to have them bound to muscle memory ;)


I love this game's aesthetic and lore, kinda reminds me of Space Station 13. However I found the player a little difficult to control (probably intentional, but still frustrating at times).  It's pretty hilarious when you're frantically pressing buttons trying to protect the ship though. Also, it seems the music stops randomly after playing for a while.


Good to know I'm not the only one who had issues with the controls. Though, I imagine controlling your momentum in zero G isn't the easiest....



I initially had an inertia dampener that would slow you down, but I found that made using the stations a bit too easy, I really wanted the player to have to juggle zero-g positioning with having to think about pressing ZXCV.

The music stopping is a weird bug I think. I attempted to fix it a few times but wound up trying to prioritize other features instead of bang my head against it.