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If that's your only regret then you can safely say you had a successful and solid game jam :) I'm sure we all know that feel of running out of time, haha.

After I posted that I saw you had mentioned that in other replies (sorry for making you copy/paste! :) ) After reading your reasoning I appreciated it a little more, but I still personally would prefer an <ACTION> to skip to the end of the audio :P

I managed to get 30.7 for my lap! Very fun :) Reminded me a lot of playing F-Zero on early Nintendo hardware :)

This was really cute. It was pretty impressive how you went wild with the theme and made three little micro games to fit your main game :) Dun was the hardest, but I really liked Kin of Fight :)

So much fun! I found the timers to be pretty punishing but you did an amazing job with this one! I love the seemingly procedurally generated crazy-weird-strange guns :)

Your background music was so cheery! I really enjoyed the gameplay. Sometimes I felt like I was flinging the poor bunny off a cliff to its death :(

Overall really fun!

Crazy fun game! Brings back a warming nostalgia to Ski Free but with a fantastic soundtrack :)

My one improvement would be to balance the audio. Your bgm was great but it kept getting drowned out by the "Whee!" (which was cute btw)

Fun concept and fantastic art!

I found the tutorial re-do a little cumbersome, especially since I died so much. It would be a little easier if enemies were slower or you could see further. But overall fun game!

Fantastic game! Very fun turn-based mechanics. Terrific audio and visuals, and a super fun strategy element.

The one thing I would change is making the fonts easier to read. It felt like they were bitmap fonts that were scaled up so they lost some clarity.

I found the last boss impossible to defeat. (Maybe that's the point?). I really like your message and you conveyed it in an enjoyable (and pretty adorable) way!

Thanks for that! I always try to make fun comments and often times it's a "lack of sleep humor attempt" that I worry will fall short :)


I initially had an inertia dampener that would slow you down, but I found that made using the stations a bit too easy, I really wanted the player to have to juggle zero-g positioning with having to think about pressing ZXCV.

The music stopping is a weird bug I think. I attempted to fix it a few times but wound up trying to prioritize other features instead of bang my head against it.

Thanks for the feedback!

I attempted to make the colors match the stations themselves, but I like the idea of coloring the corridors to match the station/threat as well :) I was planning to throw in an arrow signaling which station was ready, but that would have crowded the UI a bit too much.

I chose ZXCV specifically because they aren't movement keys and it made the player really think about which key to press since most people don't use those keys often enough to have them bound to muscle memory ;)

It would be hard to balance, but if you pulled it off it would be quite impressive. If each keypress would be an action that would make for some harrowing decisions in your game's pacing.

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Overall really fun game! The player death noise might be a little long but otherwise this game has a lot of quality traits. The game's overall design, humor, and challenges are very well thought out :)

Also loved the ending! That was unexpected and made me laugh out loud.

This is quite impressive! Turn-based rogue-likes are always a good time, and the art and sounds in 8-Bit Buccaneer were excellent :) Fantastic work!

Really fun! It's a creative use of simple movement commands. Great challenge for an endless too :) I could see variations and mutations causing incredibly interesting game behavior.

This game is great! It reminds me of this amazing board game I used to play called Ricochet Robots. This is fantastic work :) It could easily be released on mobile and would be a super fun :)

Thanks for the feedback! I tried to use a couple things but there were some mixed up API references in Phaser's documentation.

I would recommend avoiding creating any stark likeness or naming any real life characters, but if you abstract it out I feel like it should be fine.

As a follow up, I'd like to know if this is similar to timed jams (Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam, etc). It says submissions are open for the week of March 3rd, does that mean we can start now?