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Rules? Guidelines?

A topic by jackbanditdude created Feb 13, 2017 Views: 1,390 Replies: 24
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Are there any rules or guidelines or any structure to the jam yet? I'd like to draw more people into this, but it's hard with just a barebones page right now!

As a follow up, I'd like to know if this is similar to timed jams (Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam, etc). It says submissions are open for the week of March 3rd, does that mean we can start now?


Hey! Thank you so much for your interest. We're writing up jam guidelines now - there's just so much to do :D! - but here's a quick answer:

1. Jam theme: make a game about resisting. This can be against authoritarianism, it can be against subtle violence, you get the picture. We trust that you'll make something cool.

2. Diversifiers: on their way. :D

3. You can start working on something now if you really want. We're not going to censure you, or remove your game or anything. We understand that some people might want to use a little more than a week to make their game, so, if you wanna do that, go for it. However, our official recommendation is that you make games between the 3rd and the 11th of March. <3

Let us know if you've got any more questions, we're happy to answer.


First time doing a game jam, so this might be a dumb question. I have a project I started writing code for a couple months ago but haven't had time to touch, but I feel like it fits the theme perfectly. Is that cool if I go with that as a project or is that against the spirit of the jam?

Yep, that's totally fine :)

Is there a preference for what format games are submitted in? I was planning on a PC build but figured it was worth asking before the jam got too close.

We don't really have a preference of format. If most of our judges and eventual bundle purchasers can play it on something, it's good enough for us :)

Any details about the bundle at all? Will is be a charity bundle or will money go to devs/organizers or will it be a hybrid like humble? If there's a charity do you have any idea which one(s)?


Yep, 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. There will likely be 3-4 charities and funds will be split among them. Some of the ones we have discussed are Human Rights Warch, Doctors Without Borders, Environmental Defense Fund and some others. When they are finalized, we will announce it :)

Sounds great. DWB/MSF is one of my favourite charities.

Are iOS games allowed? I'm not sure how difficult they are to submit.

Absolutely, mobile games are allowed. If you're doing iOS only and you have an Apple developer account, you can send us Test Flight versions of the game. Also, Unity and Play Canvas (and potentially others) allow publishing to the web. In any case, we should be able to work it out :)

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I have a Twine that totally fits the theme, but it's in Spanish. Is it okay if I translate it to english during the jam and submit that?


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If you think it's a good contribution to the jam, that would be fine. But feel free to keep the Spanish. Maybe if there was a way to switch easily, that would be neat. This is a global effort and not everything has to be in English :-) That said, judges will need an English version most likely.

Also, not sure if they can help, but we do have a Spanish proficient sponsor now; IndieDome. Keep an eye out for when we announce our Discord server; they may be in there and able to assist.

EDIT: IndieDome can help with Portuguese, not Spanish. Sorry for any confusion :)

Great, thanks!

is it allowed to represent historical events? I was thinking of doing something related to the Democratic revolution in my country (Portugal). If so, are we allowed to cite names like the dictator's name or the historical leaders of the revolution?

I'd be interested to see your game as I've become interested in the history of Portugal lately. Good luck with it!


Thanks! However, I fear you might be disappointed... Time is short and I'm still struggling to learn how to create a game.

Ha well there's always history books :p

Good luck with it though!


I hope you wont get upset when the social justice warriors are the bad guys in my game.

My friend just told me about this jam and I want to join the discord because it's a bit late to start but I still want to be part of the discussion and all the links I can find are expired can someone please help?

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I can't get on the Discord either. Is there a new link?

HEY everyone!

We had to break the invite links to the Discord because trolls kept joining!

So please email or tweet @resistjam for a new link :) Sorry for inconvenience! We'll update the front page!

Would a game indicting the Trump administration for it's nationalist and authoritarian bent be in the spirit of this event? I feel like it would be, but I don't want to get too far into a project that would be an instant disqualifier. Thanks.

I would recommend avoiding creating any stark likeness or naming any real life characters, but if you abstract it out I feel like it should be fine.

Can we submit non-video/non-traditional games? I was thinking about submitting a game that is distributed electronically but played through practical means.

Heck yeah you can! As long as it goes on an page, it's all good!