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Apologies for the delayed response (never noticed an email about this but I may have just missed it) and thank you for your interest.

Excuse me ignorance but I assume you mean Wine HQ for Linux?  I can't say I really know much about it and don't have Linux installed to test it.  Does it give any particular error messages that I can look into?


Hey MusicGamingMore,

This was created for a game jam so some things don't quite work as desired (the email functionality) and there are some bugs present (scrolling in email).

I intend to come back to this shortly, it's just been a crazy few months since the jam finished and I've not had time.  

I appreciate you checking it out though and I will get in touch when an update is available.


Ha well there's always history books :p

Good luck with it though!

I'd be interested to see your game as I've become interested in the history of Portugal lately. Good luck with it!


Sorry that you're also having problems. Thank you for the message, it's a great help.

That's what is stumping me at the moment. I know the DLLs are included so trying to establish why they don't work.

I'm away this weekend but when I'm back home tomorrow night I'll send you an email with a few ideas if you don't mind testing them out?



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Thanks for confirming that. Would you mind emailing me on ashleytwo[at]gmail[dot]com please? At present I can think it might be one of two different problems which I'll need to send you some files for. Once I hear from you I'll send over both possible solutions to you.

If it is either of those I'll update the game page as well but would be good to test and confirm.

That is very strange. The project should contain the files you need for the SQL database to work. Can I just confirm that you are extracting it from the archive before running?

I shall have a look at this as soon as I finish work and get back to you. Apologies for the troubles you've been having.


Thanks for the video, that was really helpful. It seems that it's not picking up the data from the SQL database as that's supposed to populate the list of people, but clearly you're not seeing that.

Do you know if you're running a 64-bit or 32-bit machine? This guide should help you if you're unsure how to check:

Could you confirm that you've downloaded the matching version of the game? There's a separate download for 64-bit and 32-bit and if you get the wrong one for your machine the SQL data doesn't get included. I'll update the game page to make this clear as well for others as I realise now it's not.

If you have checked that your machine matches the version you downloaded could you let me know whether you have a 64-bit or 32-bit machine and which operating system you're running please. Looks like Windows 10 but if you could send a screenshot similar to this one that would be great (although don't worry about highlighting it).

Thanks for your interest in the game and sorry you've had trouble so far but hopefully we can get it sorted for you soon.

All the best,


From the main menu you should click 'Play Game' and then read through the intro. At the end of that you should see a pop up with guidance. Once you've read through that you should close it and the game starts automatically.

Let me know if this isn't happening or if you meant something else and I'll look into it for you.