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If you think it's a good contribution to the jam, that would be fine. But feel free to keep the Spanish. Maybe if there was a way to switch easily, that would be neat. This is a global effort and not everything has to be in English :-) That said, judges will need an English version most likely.

Also, not sure if they can help, but we do have a Spanish proficient sponsor now; IndieDome. Keep an eye out for when we announce our Discord server; they may be in there and able to assist.

EDIT: IndieDome can help with Portuguese, not Spanish. Sorry for any confusion :)

Yep, 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. There will likely be 3-4 charities and funds will be split among them. Some of the ones we have discussed are Human Rights Warch, Doctors Without Borders, Environmental Defense Fund and some others. When they are finalized, we will announce it :)

Absolutely, mobile games are allowed. If you're doing iOS only and you have an Apple developer account, you can send us Test Flight versions of the game. Also, Unity and Play Canvas (and potentially others) allow publishing to the web. In any case, we should be able to work it out :)

We don't really have a preference of format. If most of our judges and eventual bundle purchasers can play it on something, it's good enough for us :)

Yep, that's totally fine :)

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Hello jammers!

This is our workshop calendar as it currently stands. We will likely be adding to it in the coming weeks so check back if you don't see anything that interests you.

Some workshops will be live over Google Hangouts and also broadcast on YouTube, others will just be pre-recorded videos that we will release on the given date. Stay tuned to our Twitter account and this community page for further details. If your schedule doesn't permit you to participate in a live workshop, have no fear. Video of it will still be available.