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meow yes there is, 2 or 3 i think

yay c:


hopefully they fix it soon

any fix yet? i am also getting a black screen

Hey everyone!

For my first game jam, I worked with 4 other devs to make a game about saving your home from an adorable zombie outbreak by curing the zombies. Go ahead and try it out! It was made in 48 short hours so be nice :)

Oh, I saw that but I didn't realize that a sprite sheet could be then changed to a regular default texture.  But now I see that I just have to change the setting in the sprite sheet. Thanks!

Maybe this is already a feature that I couldn't figure out, but it would be nice if you could just export a drawing as a .png. I love using Doodle Studio's tools and I would love to be able to use it when I just want to make simple images in Unity.

I appreciate the hard work that went into creating your artistic interpretation of schizophrenia...but having worked with people with psychotic disorders, I think it's misleading to call this an "accurate simulation of schizophrenia". Doing so might bias people about an already very poorly understood disorder.


bare bones but interesting setting and sounds


Adjacency is an abstract puzzle game about colors and shapes. It is a challenging yet relaxing experience and features 60 puzzles. According to Cynosure Gaming, "Adjacency takes the best parts of the puzzle game genre and presents it in a simple, clean fashion."

It will be 10% off for the first week, so get it here!

Can we submit non-video/non-traditional games? I was thinking about submitting a game that is distributed electronically but played through practical means.

AQUARIUM2 is my first published game, although I have been working on others for longer.

I don't really know how to best describe it. There are cubes with googly eyes and the whole thing is pretty absurd. It's short and free, so the best way to understand it is to just play it. I made it during finals week when I always feel slightly insane.

If you have 5-10 minutes, try it out and let me know what you think. Hopefully it makes you as happy as it made me.