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Surprisingly good, reminds me a bit of Pikmin. I like the way the webs unfold from the spiders when they first spawn, and the way you can push the barrels into the spiders to damage them. Although I died at the bigger spider boss fight and I had to start the entire game over again, which is a shame: I would've liked at least restarting on the same level.

Very funny game, I liked the punny and silent movie-esque dialogue, and the way it says "DOUBLE" and "TRIPLE" when you smash multiple bugs at once.

I liked it, although I'd sometimes get stuck without bugspray, and I'd have to let myself get killed by the big ants, since it seems you cannot defeat them without bugspray. 

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Clever and fun idea, reminds me a bit of Baba is You combined with Puzzle & Dragon's mechanics. Although when I clicked the full screen button sometimes UI elements would go off screen and I couldn't read them anymore. I also would've liked being able to swap two tiles when you click and drag them onto each other.

Thanks for the great feedback! I'll be sure to write it all down.

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About 1 and 2: I'll look into it.

About 3: have you tried:

  • Disabling your virus scanner? (if you have one)
  • Exporting to your own Users folder, e.g. C:/Users/[your name here]/? (to avoid permission issues)
  • Does loading sprites work as expected? E.g. do loading gifs/spritesheets/individual frames all work correctly?
  • Checking the log file? (in the folder where you stored Bitmapflow should be a log file called "bitmapflow.log", can you post its content here?)

This should now be fixed in Bitmapflow v1.0.1.

Version v1.0.1 is now available, it should fix this bug.

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Update: turns out this is a bug, you can fix it by ensuring that Bitmapflow and your export folder are on the same drive. (e.g. both paths start with C:/)

I'll publish a fix for this soon.

Update: just tested, can you try using drag and drop instead of loading a file from the file menu? Drag and drop does seem to work for me, but loading from the file menu is indeed broken if the file's on another drive.

Working on it.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it.

Try placing the program into another folder (including all other included files), e.g. put it in your Documents folder, then try exporting again. (If you put the program in Program Files you may run into permission issues so don't do that).

The default export folder is the location where you extracted the zip file and ran the program.

That's a known issue, this is an issue in the library I'm using so I can't do anything about it. Although I guess I could add a minimum sprite resolution...

1. Have you tried loading individual frames too? Does that work?

2. Do you have an antivirus active? If so try disabling it.

It's okay, glad you solved it!

That's strange... Are you running out of disk space, perhaps? Or are you on a computer with restricted privileges? (e.g. a school computer?)

Does it work when you save an animated gif? And what about individual frames?

Press Right in the main menu to switch to options, then press Enter/Space to enter the options menu.

The game runs at a very low resolution of 64x64. The game is upscaled without any texture filtering, so it looks blocky.

Mouse sensitivity can be changed in the Options menu.

Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you too!

Yup, all made with just C++ and SDL.

Thank you! The pixelated effect was done by setting the window stretch mode to "Viewport" and the window size to 64x64. See

Thanks a lot :D

Thanks! The levels were made with Sprytile in Blender pretty much on the spot, didn't really plan that much ahead on paper.

Sorry about that, just uploaded a new build with the bug fixed.

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Thanks! See my comment below, you need to jump up to find another corridor.


Hint: you need to jump up to find another corridor where you can find the arm cannon.

You can check a full playthrough here in case you get stuck: 

I've uploaded the source here:

I've uploaded a Mac build. I don't have any Apple devices to test it on though, so please let me know if it works!

I'll spoil level 23 for you guys. The solution is D-L-D-R-D-R-U-L-D-R-U-L-D-R (be careful not to hit the blinking yellow thing).

(U = Up, R = Right, D = Down, L = Left)

Hello all, I've been working on this game for #LOWREZJAM 2017 and it's finally done.

The Zipper is a difficult, fast-paced puzzle game with a low-res sci-fi theme, made for #LOWREZJAM 2017.

You zip around the inside of a strange technologic world, trying to reach the end as fast as you can. There is no limit on how fast you can go: the speed of your fingers is the only limitation.

The amount of time and moves you take to get to the end is recorded - your goal is to minimize both.

There are 25 levels in the game, which were designed to be able to be finished fast, if you've mastered them. But before that, you'll have to stop and look around carefully where to go next. Randomly pressing buttons is punished by death!


Get the game here:

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Thanks! And yeah, you're right, sometimes it gets difficult to design levels for such a small resolution. I tried to avoid creating leaps of faith, where you have to zip to a place you can't see, but that wasn't always possible.

Really interesting and juicy game, the funky soundtrack really fits the aesthetic. Although, as others have pointed out, I often got stuck in levels without any way to reset the level (or having to jump off a ledge).

I love this game's aesthetic and lore, kinda reminds me of Space Station 13. However I found the player a little difficult to control (probably intentional, but still frustrating at times).  It's pretty hilarious when you're frantically pressing buttons trying to protect the ship though. Also, it seems the music stops randomly after playing for a while.

This game's real fun, and it looks good as well. I like the wide variety of different items you can find. My only complaint is that items would occasionally spawn inside walls so I couldn't reach them. I would've liked to hear some sound effects as well.

Thank you, I'll respond to your video on YouTube.

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Sure, go ahead!

In case anyone else is reading this... there's no need to ask for permission to make a video about the game, just do it (but I'd like to know about it!)