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Team Gormless

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I have a bit of a soft spot for this game in it's incompleteness. I like where the game finishes up because the character can't progress (because the dev couldn't progress). It says a lot about the pressure of building a game over a weekend

The Aspect Ratio does well to frame the level, keeping it all in one screen but still giving it a good amount of space and size. But other than that it doesn't factor into the game as much as I'd like.

The pixel art is good on the whole. Some platforms, blend into the background until you collide with them. So there's some work to do with readability of the level at a glance.

Overall though, it is an honest attempt and shines in that honesty. A bit of an artefact.

I love the visualiser-style background. I could have that play in fullscreen on a secondary monitor and just be happy with playing in the corner of my eye while I work.

I think the player/enemy/bullet graphics would need to change however, as it they tend to blend in the background very easily, even with the clashing colours. Perhaps a semi transparent plane with a neutral colour between the background and the game plane would help.

The aspect ratio does create more of a small, high pressure space to play in. I would of liked to see some change in it as I play, or some mutation to that rule that adds some strategy or extra element to the game.

That background, though. Very nice!

I like how small the game is, form factor wise. The aspect ratio does a lot lock into the approx size for a forum sig or small toy on a website. The simplicity of how it fits the brief is very nice.

I would of liked to see a bit more visual flare, more celebration when you do win etc. The game play is nothing to complain about, it sets out to do what it does.

I had a bit of a giggle just playing around with the Beastie little guy, his art was nice and character full and just watching him plod along and following him was amusing enough. I think if there was a bit more interacting with him I'd be happy to play a bit more.

I think you should carry on this project some time, make a little sandbox to play with the beastie perhaps. There's more there to still learn from I think.

Thanks for uploading.


Love the look of the EyeSky game! Very unique! Well done on that experiment.

Thanks for all the comments! Hopefully, soon, we're going to get the code cleaned up and commented (along with some other art bits) and package up the project file and stick it up for download so people can go through it and learn from it.

Controls feel really solid and tight. Animation is very nice also. Could use a bit more of a lick of paint though, more levels perhaps! But over all very solid collect em up.

I love this. I just love it.

Level design really made it shine, exploring it felt really good! Nice flow to it.

The music and art are really nice too, they really fit. Could of benefitted from having the camera scroll whole pixels though to overcome the smooth, subpixel movement (for authenticity).

Very nice work! Has a great mood, brilliant levels, tight aesthetic.

Facepuncher is making people laugh and we've learned so much from making it. We'd love to make a mobile version with some proper time and care if we got the chance,

Very nice little idea, implemented well! Good job! The indicator for what burger I need to build is very good and I love the simplicity of all of it.

Nice one.

Very interesting mix of puzzle, judgement and balancing. I really enjoyed this. I would play a full game of this with a more fleshed out battle mechanic.

I don't have much in the way of negative feedback.

This is a very nice game!

The amount of effort that went into into the art and aesthetic is really, really impressive. I agree with some of the comments below.

The camera is a bit too close to feel useful. The combat is also a bit clunky. When two wolves really chew me up, I dont feel any amount of skill could of helped. It's a bit hard to predict and doesn't feel like something i have much control over.

But still, it is lovely on the eyes. The sound is very nice and I really like the main character.

I dont quite feel the massive open world lands itself well to being rendered on a 64x64 rendertexture, as things in the distance tend to dissolve (making shooting at distant targets very difficult). The level itself lacks direction and I find myself looking around for a place to be. Shrinking it into a more focussed, smaller level would help both these issues.

A technical issue with firing, as when I fire the weapon the game locks up for a frame or two. This happens most when stood in the landing craft with the friendly troops. The weapon model is very nice however and the beach assault does feel like an overwhelming assault. The artillery model is also quite nice!

Well done!

A bit random but the PRESS START graphic actually says PRESS TART. Which is a giggle, but may be a mistake.

I also have a bit of an issue that stops me playing. Space is used to start the game, but it also scrolls the page down and therefore stops my input when I click on the game again.

Can't wait to actually get to play it though!

Very tight controls that require good amounts of skill to use effectively, but are still very simple. Really enjoyable! I also like how well it's balanced, I never really felt cheated, I always felt pressured by the water and the difficulty was just right. A very hard thing to achieve but this game nails it.

I'd liked to have seen a bit more of 'bonkers' aesthetic. A mouse going for cheese gets the point across and is universal, but my personal taste is more outlandish, different stuff. Still, what is in there is refined and gels together super well.

Well done!

Time for an aaaarrrrdventure!

Sound, visuals, adventures, all tight and suitable. Good job!

Easy to understand but I had difficulty finding an island I'd died on. I got to it on the map but it was no where to be seen. But otherwise very solid, engaging and the aesthetic is spot on.

Very simple to understand and easy to play. Has room to expand on that toolset. Nicely designed!

I like that it was basically in a 64 x 64 res port too, which worked well functionally and visually and didn't take anything away from the game play.

The difficulty curve was a bit easy for the most part, I didn't really feel that challenged even after 6 or so levels (maybe down to level generation?). Maybe some more hazards would of helped. For example flooding, toxic graves, explosive gas etc. The water drop animation clues me in to what might be a tile that floods my tunnel any way.

Really nice little game! Just needs a tiny bit more challenge to keep it interesting over a long period,

The music loop really suits and the backgrounds are really nice . The main character is suitably cute and the sound fx really fit them. The first level's platforms don't quite fit the scene. I expected a grassy flooring similar to the background and such rather than the checkered, sonic two like platforms. On the plus side they were easy to spot and didn't get lost.

Level design is good. I enjoy finding little secrets.

The jump floats. Consider the time the player takes to reach the top of a jump, how long they stay up there, and how long they take to descend. Ideally a nice curve with about a quarter of a second at the top. As you change the jump, the level design has to change. Consider designing levels in a grid. Get the platforming controls nailed before the level design.

Another point that has already been said: If I lose my ability to fight enemies when I get hit the level should still be obviously do-able without that power or the power should be recoverable.

Nicely done.

The music loop and the sounds really really fit. also the cappy is so damn nice.

I also really like the fact that when I left him for a moment he fell asleep again. Really nice little touch that adds a bit of character and life.

Woops, that's a very good point! I'll get right on that!

You are too harsh on yourself. This is a great little game. Very nice twist on the idea. I'd love to see some more work on it, you've got some good talent. Keep it up.

This is a really interesting idea and impressively big for a weekend jam. Well done!

Simple idea executed really well. Plays great! My only critiism is that the player circle seems to scale from the top left corner, rather than the middle, which would feel a bit fairer. But otherwise, great job!

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Flerth is a game where, you, a merciful god (probably) look after a blissfully unaware world of tiny little Peeps.

Use your god hand to pick them up from the edge when they stray. Right click for emergency measures. If any Peeps make it to the edge of the world, they will have a stunning realization that their earth is not round, it's a flat earth. A Flerth. Stop them before they get to the city to spread their dissent.

Posted in Future Features

Just some little riffs:

  • Plants that increase the output of plants around it.
  • Little Picket Fences just for people who like arrangement
  • Bigger plants that only output resources when there's not other plants around them. Solitary ones!
  • A pond- plants around it output resources more often.
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Our Global Game Jam 2017 entry! The game can be found here

Welcome to the happy world of Gary SpringArms. Once, Gary was a legendary greeter and waver, gaining substantial muscle through continued waving. Until one day when he tragically lost both his arms in a double blending accident. He thought his waving days were over. Just when Gary was at his lowest, he was gifted with springs for arms. Now, Gary speeds down the street greeting people with this new, springy, wavey arms! He must make up for time lost by greeting the shit out everyone in his town.

Please give it a play!

Then Tweet me and tell me what you think!

Want to thank everyone who gave it a shot. It was a short pressure cooker of a jam and we learned a hell of a lot.

We'll be going through games tonight, can't wait!

Rock on!

Us Jam organizers are cooped up in a house and starting to jam. Well, setting up at least.

How is it going out there ?

We're really chuffed and can't wait to see your strange designs !

That is allowed, we don't want to stop you building your ideas. But we would love to encourage you to push yourself to more unconventional ratio.

So yes, go for it if that's what you want! But to design the game to incorporate the aspect ratio as part of the play would be really cool.

No problem, good luck!

That idea sounds kick-ass. Can't wait to see that in action.

I think that is fine, as it makes running the game easier. As long a the effective screenspace for the game itself is a non-standard aspect ratio. If you can, try to avoid putting the UI in the 'black bars' to challenge yourself further.

Ideally it should be built between those times, yep. The idea is to throw together a game in that short period of time (even if it turns out to be not very good - it's about learning!)

The times are GMT (UK)

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That was a laugh! Thanks for playing! I shared it here on my personal twitter prof.


Thanks again.

Sweet! The pixel art is so nice here. Keep it up!

Replied to louck in Screenshot Daily

I love that bouncing ball animation. Really nice little use of squash. Nicely done, dude!

Really really helpful reference gif for arty types and code monkeys alike.