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99 little bugs in the code...
Submitted by offish (@crysxiang) — 19 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline

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Coped my feedback from the game-page:

Really amusing little game! I really dig how the UI and such feed into the idea. I love how the intro is crash and the code in the the background is the GML that drives the game. I recognised the inputs! The comments in the code clue me in to parts of the game. I love that!

Some more useful feedback: Just two semi-major things.

1. The game mentions I should collect as many bugs as I can before the timer runs out, however I don't see a timer anywhere. So it feels as though the game just ends when it feels like it.

2. When I jump and collect a bug, and it splits, the two other parts are already so far below me that I can't catch up. Two things could fix this. Either, give me the ability to rocket back down to the floor, like a downsmash. Or, when the bugs split, the two new bugs should travel in an arc, 'popping' up into the air and away from me before falling downward again.

Having said that, I do love the aesthetic of this game! Really well done.


i really love how the UI and interactive space of the game blend together, especially with the difficulty tabs, play/pause, and overall code windows haha. this is a really clever concept and is really polished overall--really great work (especially if it is your first game :Oc)!! i'm not sure if it was intended but i did see a few bugs phasing out into some of the other panes :? not sure if it's a collision bug.


ALSO as someone else mentioned i loved how you used the scrolling code to tell a player what they code do (with the double jump) although i'll admit i saw timer in there but was a little unsure of where that was actually represented in the UI. if you ever revisited this game i think that would be one way it could be improved!


It is my first game! :) I'm glad that you like it, and thanks for playing and notifying me of bugs.


Hey, neat game! I noticed that there was a 100th bug in the game - if you hold a direction key, run into a wall and then jump you will get stuck. It would also be nice to see a timer indicating how much time you have. Neat concept and I also liked the code comments as game tutorial. :D


I guess I have to rename the game 100Bugs... It's probably something to do with the collision boxes. Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game ^_^


Cool game, I really enjoyed it!


Thank you! 


This is really cool! I like how the code comments act as instructions for the game and lead to a gradual discovery of mechanics.

During gameplay I looked at them and saw // player can jump

I immediately pressed Space and said "Oh cool! I can jump."

Next was double-jumping, and then the scroll bar. The interaction with the scroll bar is really fun to use.


Thank you! I'm glad you learned to play the game as I intended. :)