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Post theme ideas in this thread!

Python Script:

import random
THEMES = [] # Will pull list from posted themes
def main():
    if len(THEMES) < MAX_THEMES:
        raise Exception(f"MAX_THEMES must be less than than the total amount of themes ({str(len(THEMES))})")
    for count, theme in enumerate(random.sample(THEMES, MAX_THEMES), 1):
        print(f"Theme{count} = {theme}")
if __name__ == "__main__":

Hello everyone,

I posted a year ago the soundtrack for Serenade of the Sirens in this thread here.   Since then I've continued working on the previous tracks and added new ones.  A lot of changes have been made and any feedback is greatly appreciated!  Here is the soundcloud link to the soundtrack.  Thanks for reading!

A cool game!

Thanks for playing!  You can take over enemy ships by hitting them with a Steal Shot.  The drone ships are smaller and you most likely took over one of their ships.  The current version is the game jam version of the game and in the future the post game jam version will make it more clear when you take over an enemy's ship.

Sorry there isn't a discord for this game jam.

It can be any game that exists including a game you've already made.  Just make sure it's a new project with new assets.

It's not allowed

For this game jam it is encouraged that the assets are created during the game jam window.

Post suggestions for themes here!

Wow this is really amazing, thanks for the awesome artwork!  This really made my day!  Reach out to me at for a free key.

Seems like a nice turn out!  Keep up the good work!

You can include c++ modules and use them like another class.

I don't completely agree with that assessment, I've used some that are coded correctly.  Could you point to the ones you're talking about with the 27 pages or are coded wrong?  I also think Godot is easy to use software for a programmer, at least it was for me coming from GameMaker and Unity.  As far as building a game without coding, Godot has visual scripting.  I have zero experience using visual scripting with Godot, but in my opinion you won't be able to make a game of a certain quality without diving into some form of coding anyway. 

There are plugins and you can extend with modules written in c++.  Are you referring to another type of extension?

Well made game, good job!

Awesome game, I love the aesthetics!

Nice simple game!  I made it past level 40.

Hey Steve, welcome back!

Studio Name:


Name Of Game:

Serenade of the Sirens

Quick Bio of Game:

Serenade of the Sirens is a 2D retro dungeon crawler with rogue-lite elements.  As a mermaid named Seika, you fight multiple enemies/bosses, collect various items/treasure, and obtain abilities all while traveling through procedurally generated underwater caves.

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete:

The game has been in development for four months (started May 15th).  It's still in development and will be release in early access soon.

Why you became a game developer in the first place:

Because I love playing video games and would like to recreate the same experiences for others.

Makes perfect sense, thanks for responding!

Just out of curiosity, why it is limited to using RPG Maker?

Definitely needed!

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Serenade of the Sirens was added to a gamejolt compilation!

Hey Davis, welcome to!

Wow this is great constructive criticism.  I'm not much of a marketing expert, but the advice firecat and No Time To Play seems to be spot on.

Could you please explain all that you've tried thus far?

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Hi Vo0do0leW,

I'm currently developing a rogue-lite dungeon crawler named Serenade of the Sirens.  You can check the game out here!


I implemented custom mappings in build 0.4.6.  You should be able to configure the controls to how you see fit.

This game is on steam, but it seems fun in a cutesy way and it's cheap.

Hey everyone,

I originally posed this thought exercise on reddit and I was curious to how this community would answer considering there are many here who participated in multiple game jams.  Actually a game jam game would be the perfect candidate for the following hypothetical situation.

You've just won the the reinvent your game sweepstakes! To enter the contest participants were required to provide a game that at least has a demo, which you had no problem submitting. You receive the grand prize which is a blank check to recreate your game in anyway you see fit. The only caveat is that you need to make at least one major change.  How would you change your game?

Examples of major changes are:

  • 2D to 3D
  • FPS to RTS
  • Third person to first person
  • VR to text based
  • Chiptune to Orchestral soundtrack

You can also provide a demo link, screenshot, soundtrack, etc to the previously developed game.  Also, any game that you're currently developing is acceptable too especially if you only have one.  Last but not least, if you don't have a game you can still participate by just making one up (though I encourage those who at least have one game in the works).

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Just so you know, I'm giving you credit in my new devlog 0.3.2.  I'm including custom key mappings on my tracker for future builds.

Thanks for playing!  This was my first game jam game, so this is the most under developed game out of my collection.  Since this is the second most visited page, I plan on revisiting this game some time possibly in a remake game jam.

Hi rayjo, thanks for playing and for the feedback!  Sorry that it's difficult to play on your AZERTY keyboard.  In future builds I'll implement a feature to allow you to map the keys to the controls.  Also this game is better played with a controller (if you have one).

Anytime! You can always show appreciation by play testing my game Serenade of the Sirens once it's completed ☺.

Just played, one thing I recommend would be some sort of title screen.  I launched the game not realizing it was going to jump me directly into playing it.

Cool let me know, I'll check it out!

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Hey M,Sarhan, thanks for checking out my game!  Devlogs are basically blog posts that record the progress on your project.  I have two development logs that I keep track of, one for internal use (only me) and the other is public facing such as what you see on  Currently each devlog I post is tied to a particular build, but that will probably change in the near future once this project becomes closer to completion.

Playthrough of Build 0.2.13 By Tom Cheshire

Quick question, how much time and effort have you invested in marketing your game?

Awesome, thanks for playing and for the feedback.  It was definitely helpful and revealing!