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All the characters gender swap and you're only allowed to kiss one of them, turning them back to their true self.

Working now. Downloading as I type. It was displaying html-like code as if the page was malformed. server hiccup?

Hi. Looks like a great game, but the download is broken for me (error from Firefox, Chrome and app). Could you please check?

Thanks for giving it a go! I will have to think about how to convey the controls better next time.

Interesting little game. It can be kinda hard to tell at the start which block(s) you are controlling without jumping / moving, which may kill you. It also seems possible to get stuck in some levels without any option to restart, requiring refreshing the page. The levels are well designed though and can teach you the different mechanics / types of blocks in the game.

neat game. :D

nice game. great animation / effects you've applied. the motion after-effect is a little distracting I think though - combined with the the contrast of white/greys makes it a bit difficult to see sometimes.

nicely done. I like the level design on the final level where you have to activate the block to get to the mirror. also, nice art. :)

Oh, but nowhere that I can see in the controls section does it say that you can press spacebar to 'expand' you golf ball character to hit the goblins.

Course score: 18. Great game.

Great game! Good execution.

Great looking game! Couldn't figure out if there was an objective to meet, but that's okay. :)

Hi, nice artwork. Would like to give it a try, but looks like you've provided your source code without a build?

Hi, nice work. Along with Moritz comments you could require each pin be tapped a different number of times based on some feedback you get. Completely aesthetic, but I'd like to have to do something to simulate turning the key - even if it's just pressing a key. You could also add an external timer that adds tension to which / how many locks you pick, such as a person chasing you down from room to room. People seem to like the game. :D

Hi. Nicely done. It took me a little while to realise that I could use my mouse to attack. Interested to see what the other levels look like.

Nice aesthetic, would like to see more. :)

Hey, neat game! I noticed that there was a 100th bug in the game - if you hold a direction key, run into a wall and then jump you will get stuck. It would also be nice to see a timer indicating how much time you have. Neat concept and I also liked the code comments as game tutorial. :D

Great game. Rather difficult, but each level is bite-sized thankfully. I wished that I could somehow hold my arrow at a particular strength because timing my jump and the arrow strength at the same time (plus avoiding spikes and parsing the next part of the level) is a lot to ask for!