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Never made a game before but always been curious? My First Game Jam is an online game jam for people of all skill levels to learn something new. Set aside two weeks to join the jam and learn how to make a game along with others. Absolute beginners encouraged to join!

Our goal is to organize resources and make game development more accessible. We hope to foster an online space where you can share your progress with other first-time game makers and get help from experienced devs. By the end of two weeks, you will hopefully have some working game or prototype to share—it's an exciting first step to making games! Individuals and teams are welcome, and we encourage you to both play to your strengths and try something new.

Our optional theme for this jam is:


While the focus of our jam is learning, we provide a theme for jammers who are interested in some direction. The theme can be as prominent or background in your project as you'd like!

Fill out the sign-up form sometime before you start!

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