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This is a phenomenal entry, one of my favorites for gameplay. I really wish it supported controller input because it's quite difficult, and I really wanted to finish it! Too hard for me on a keyboard... the heat shield was as far as I could get. Great level design, great music... the graphics aren't beautiful, but they convey the mechanics very clearly. Full marks.

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I'm glad you enjoyed the game. It's unfortunate you couldn't finish it, which is why I made quick gamepad version that you can download here:

It should be compatible with your old save file - just make sure to choose "continue" on the main menu. Also, try not to use it for rating.


  • Move: Left stick or D-pad
  • Shoot: X or RT
  • Dash: A or LT
  • Magnet: B or RB
  • Lift: Y or LB
  • Map: Back
  • Exit: Start
  • Select: Left stick or D-pad
  • Confirm: A

Wow, awesome! Thanks! I will definitely play this later. :D

Update: I have a USB controller (Logitech Dual Action), but doesn't work with the Windows machine I used to play AO! Boo. Only my Mac likes it, not sure why. Oh, well... I'll try to finish the game someday using just the keyboard. >_<

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Oh, that's unfortunate. Good luck with the keyboard, I guess.