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Hi SorceressGameLab, love your art!

The license for all my assets is a modified CC-BY and can be read here:

The only difference from a normal CC-BY is that it cannot be resold unless as part of a game or game-like product. (It's not specified, but since the GUI packs are not strictly game art I permit their use and sale as part of any type of program, not just game-like ones.)

So to answer your question: YES, you are allowed to recolor and modify it as you please for use in your products, which can be either for-profit or not. The license still applies to the modified assets.

Nice, always love to see that! Just downloaded the game and I'm going to try it out this weekend.

Hi there, sorry I missed your comment somehow. You can absolutely modify this for commercial use, but the license will still apply (can only be distributed as part of a game or game-like product, no straight-up reselling the art).

Haha, I'm not sure if Ace Ventura is known for a red shirt, but I remember someone else commented the same thing a while back. I think the hairstyle is a little similar.

I'm glad you like the asset and that it's working for you! Feel free to recolor the shirt or any other parts as necessary for your project.

Yes, feel free to edit the tileset!

You can sell the edited tileset as part of your Steam game. The license would still apply- no reselling the tileset alone if it's not as part of a game.

Haha, thanks! Glad you like it! :D

Nice! Glad you like it. I have a cave tileset with a similar style, if you're interested:

Awesome, sounds good! Best of luck with your game development!


My art can be used for any type of game- commercial or non-commercial. The full license text is here. (TLDR: Only distribute as part of a game or game-like product, give attribution, no reselling the art alone.)

Yes, compared to Super Pixel Cave this tileset is more suited for projects with much lower resolutions.

I actually made a game that uses this tileset for Low Rez Jam, feel free to check it out!

Here's a GIF of it in action. (Using Retro Pixel Cave DB32 color theme)

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

It's still on my to-do list, kind of swamped with work at the moment... A project I've been working on is nearing release.

It will definitely happen when things get less busy on my end!

I can add a NES color theme in the next update. I'm playing around with it now and I think I can make it work with 4 colors from the NES palette, but it's going to need to cheat a little and switch some colors around on the attack and death animations.

I actually thought of this while drawing it but forgot. Thanks for reminding me! I'll add crawling zombies in an update.

Hi Anasti0403, thanks for getting in touch. The license for all my assets is a modified CC-BY. (Attribution + no reselling + only distribute as part of a game or game-like product)
Assets can be used in both for-profit and not-for-profit games provided I am credited somewhere in the product.

The full license text can be read here:

That's a really cool idea! I'll put it on my to-do list. It might be a little bit before I get to it, so hang tight. Valiant Knight was updated recently with more animations, so be sure to re-download it if you haven't already!

By the way, I have a new monster you might enjoy:

Thanks, glad you enjoy it! If you like it, be sure to check out the full explosions asset pack and the rest of my pixel art!

Hi there! All frames are 72x63. The previews are upscaled for display purposes, and you can feel free to upscale them in your game as well.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions!

Agreed! I've been planning to do a balance update for a while now (and also add 2 more levels), but work has unfortunately been keeping me super busy. I think since the level 1 boss is the most complete, it's also the hardest at the moment.

Hi there! The license for all my assets is a modified CC-BY and can be read here:

(The only difference from a normal CC-BY is that it specifies that redistribution is only allowed as part of a game or game-like product.)

Both commercial and noncommercial use within those terms are permitted, and modifying it is fine too. Let me know if I can answer anything else!

Right now it just has a run animation. I'll add a walk animation to my to-do list!

I used my own program, which is still in development. Hoping to have it released soon!

It's possible, yes! It might be a little while before I get around to it as I have other projects going on, but it's something I've been thinking about for sure.

Thanks, glad you like it! For the next update I'll consider additional animations like rolling.

In that case, the log file should be in your Home folder. You can find it by opening Finder and pressing Command-Shift-H.

Without the log, I can only guess what the problem is... The game has had very limited testing on Mac, but it does work for my tester. I'll let you know when the next version is out!

Are you using Windows? If so, using your Windows file browser go to This PC -> Local Disk (C:) -> Users. In that folder you should see a folder named after your Windows username. Inside it should be a file named demonshymn2_log.txt. If you're able to find it, please attach it to an email and send it to

Otherwise thanks for the bug report- Even if I'm not exactly sure what the problem is, I'll try and add some backup method of drawing in the next version. Thank you!

That narrows it down a little. The gameplay section uses a different method of drawing than the title section. Would it be possible to send me the log file for the game? It should be in your user folder, like C:/Users/YourName/demonshymn2_log.txt. If possible, please send it to

Thanks for your help!

Hmm... That's no good. Did it display the title screen / intro animation at all, or only the credits?

Hi, and thank you! Yes, if you buy these you can use them in both commercial and noncommercial games, provided you give attribution in the credits. (It's only fair!)

The full license text that applies to all my assets is available to read here:

(It's basically a slightly modified CC-BY)

Looks really fantastic! Excellent pixel art as always!

I know about this bug! Sorry you encountered it on the final boss. After the game jam rating period I will be updating the game with bug fixes as well as additional content!

The skulls are supposed to not appear within a certain radius of the player, but it's possible for the player to move into that radius while they're appearing. I might be able to tweak this.

You can indeed dash and jump at the same time! Start a dash on the ground, and then press jump to do a jump that'll give you more distance. You can get over spike pits with a normal jump if you jump late enough, but dash-jumping is where it's really at.

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the artwork!

A dash jump gives you more distance, but the same height as a normal jump. To get on the platforms in that room you have to wall jump on the edge of the platform.

I'm glad you like the artwork! :D

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, the backgrounds probably had too much going on for this game. That's something I'd like to work on.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing! I'll be updating it with more levels at some point.

Hey, thank you! I've been wanting to make Demon's Hymn 2 ever since Demon's Hymn 1. After I finish Atmocopter, I'll be working on a  non-low-rez Demon's Hymn as my next major project. (But it'll be a while 'til that starts up.)

I had some trouble running your game, because launch4j couldn't find my Java installation in the registry. I looked at my registry and it all seems to be in order, so I'm not sure why that would happen...

But I did figure out I can just run your game with the command "java -jar game.exe"! So I was able to play. I got to level 3 and my high score is 30. Cool little game concept!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, I think the forest level in particular has a little too much going on in the background.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Days 10-13

Holy crap. Lots of new stuff!

  • TONS of new music added by my good friend and amazing musician, Charlie McCarron!
    To say it's "epic" is an understatement... You'll have to wait 'til release to hear it!
  • Added a skippable intro cutscene before the title drops.
  • Level 1 is 100% done! There's also a new HP meter, which you can see here. Max HP has changed from 3 to 5.
  • All player and enemy graphics have been updated to contrast better with the backgrounds.
  • A shader now keeps all the colors locked to the DB32 palette.
  • Blue Slimes have arrived! They're just like Green Slimes, but don't do anything special when they die.
  • Wolves have returned from Demon's Hymn 1! They're basically the same, but now their eyes turn red when they're about to jump.
  • Level 1 changes from bright and sunny to dark and rainy midway through the stage. The rain collides with the terrain and it's a really cool effect! Here's a GIF of an earlier version of the game that shows off the rain.
  • Another enemy has arrived in level 1, but I'm not going to spoil it!
  • The level 1 boss has arrived, but I'm not going to spoil it! There's a little cutscene before the fight.

That's all for now! It's going to be a challenge to finish on time, but I'm prepared to do whatever it takes. Half of level 2 is done. Level 3 will repurpose level 1's tileset, and level 4's tileset is almost done. In the event that I don't finish on time for the jam, I still intend to finish the game!

Sure, feel free to give credit wherever you like.

I don't have any robots or dinosaur assets yet... Maybe in the future!

Hi, glad you are enjoying the artwork! Thank you very much for the support, I really appreciate it.

Let me know if you have any questions about the assets!

Days 6-9 (Now with 3x the pictures!)

Hi again! I've made a lot of progress since last time.

  • Added sound effects for player attack
  • Added sound effect for player hit enemy
  • Fixed camera bug. Should be a lot smoother!
  • Added new enemy: Slime. It has 4 HP, which means the player can kill it in one combo attack. Be careful though... It does have an attack, and when it dies you might want to step back!

  • Added new enemy: Stinger. It has 1 HP, but is pretty fast and can attack from above. Maybe the player will get some kind of move to deal with these in the future...?
  • Expanded the cave level. I'd say it's about half done right now. And it's definitely a hard level! In the final game, this will probably be level 2.
    You might notice holes in the terrain. I do only what the player can collide with first, and that way I can change it easily if I have to.

  • Finished quick and dirty tileset for the forest level. The terrain filling in this mockup image  is a little messy because it's using the Retro Pixel Cave tileset layout.
    In the final game, this environment will appear in the first level!

That's all for now... See you next time!