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Yes, absolutely!

Thank you for asking- I thought I updated all my assets to display the license, but I missed this one.

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!

Hey there! Glad you like the tilesets so far. I recently re-acquired the rights to some more of my RPG work, so you can expect that to show up sometime soon. It includes a very basic interior set, house exterior, and grassland area. I'd love to do a castle and also do some characters, so it's very possible I could come back to RPG assets sometime in the new year. Thanks for getting in touch!

Hi there- I'm not a Unity user, and while I'm interested in making the tilesets work out-of-the-box with Unity in the future, for now you'll have to use them as you would any non-Unity asset.

The font is VTF MisterPixel with some various outline/depth/shading effects and a drop shadow. One of my favorite pixel-style fonts!

Hi there, thanks for asking! I'm currently working on a massive sequel to this asset pack that will include barrels. Chests are also on my to-do list for the next pack- I'm not sure if they'll make it into the initial release but they would definitely be part of an update.

Hey, thanks! Glad you like it. Yes, the characters are designed to fit well with any tileset! They'll stand out against the background nicely with Super Pixel Dungeon.

Hey, thanks! Appreciate the kind words!

Thanks for the feedback on a free asset pack, where literally all I ask in return is a mention in the credits of your project.

Tons of audio, libraries, and art ask for attribution and nobody seems to complain. I don't get why there seems to be a pervasive expectation that pixel art is different or lesser than anything else used in games.

Looks fun! I'll give it a play!

Very nice! Since it's 2-player, I'll have to try it with a friend after the world calms down a little. ;)

Hi there, thanks for asking and I'm glad you like the asset pack! The answer is YES, there will be future pixel particle effect packs, but it might be a while. I'm actually working on a tool right now that can be used to create your own effects like this!

Here's a couple examples of what it'll be able to do:



Of the above GIFs, only the tornado is using an external asset (a 4-frame wind spiral animation). The others are just using basic shape particles.

If you hit the follow button on my page on (or if you're already following) you'll be notified when it's released! It still needs a lot of tweaking and some core features, but... maybe late 2020?

I'll put it on my idea list! This pack is more for simple RPGs.

Hi there! I got back to your comment on GDM. I'll add it to the description on both sites.

The character sprite dimensions are 79x63px for all frames, and the shield block effect dimensions are 64x64px for all frames.

I'm not sure if I'd be able to do it for this pack specifically... The perspective on the monsters is side view. If I did 4-direction monsters it'd likely be a more top-down perspective and an entirely new asset pack.

Hi there! This pack is designed for platformer games, so there's only 2-direction movement (by flipping the sprites). Sorry to disappoint. I'll have to put 4-direction monsters on my to-do list!

Thanks, I appreciate it. It is free to use and can be used in both commercial and non-commercial games!

I mean... really? Go ahead I guess since it's a free asset, but come on, dude. Artists deserve credit just like musicians and programmers when it comes to making a game.

Lookin' good! A little sideways, but good! I like the helmet.

Had to update the license.txt, didn't know it would produce a notification for that.

Hang in there, it's still on my mind and with my day job last year I didn't have the time to figure out a way to do this update properly and efficiently, and focused on new art instead. There's 84 possible zombies, so it's not trivial! I might be able to find a way to automate it. Possibly in time for a Halloween update?

Hi there, are you using Unity? I believe Unity supports single-image nineslices, while the asset pack has them split up into multiple images. So any image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP will allow you to combine them.

Updating the GUI packs to include single-image nineslices is on my to-do list!

Hi CrocoHunter, thanks for the question.

YES, you can alter the effects! Please feel free to hue shift them or perform any other modifications you like. The license permits it and will still apply to the modified result.

Sure thing! The full list of effects and their dimensions are now in the description. I'll do that for my other particle effect pack as well.

Hi, I'd be happy to clarify! There are 20 effects included, and 19 of them are 50x50px. The remaining one is a larger effect at 100x100px.

Thank you! Sci-fi stuff is my favorite, so I kinda went all-out on this one.

Nice! Got a link to your game's site? I'd love to follow development.

Hi there, glad to hear you're putting the character to good use!

Yes, I can add a throwing animation, but it might be a little while. Currently prepping to demo my game at a convention in early March, but I will put this update on my calendar for mid-March. Are you looking for just a standard overhand throw?

Thanks, I'm glad you like them! I've got more particle effect stuff in the works, so stay tuned!

No problem, I'm glad you like them and I hope they help make your game awesome!

Thanks, I really appreciate it! More assets are on the way!

Happy holidays!

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Thanks for the feedback, I've added this to my to-do list! I'll update all three GUI packs at some point to include this.

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Hi there, thanks for the question!

Yes, the assets are royalty free once purchased! You can use them in any number of projects, commercial or free.

The license for all of my assets is an attribution licence and can be read here:
It also specifies that you can't resell the assets themselves, only as part of a game or application product. (The GUI assets in particular are more general-purpose than my usual assets, so I'd allow their use in any type of application.)

Hi there, thanks for the question!

These tilesets all came before the Super Pixel tileset series, so some will fit with them better than others. My style was evolving at the time, so the Super Pixel tilesets are generally more flexible for level design. Other than that the most notable difference is probably that the Super Pixel tilesets have a dark outline around the terrain, which was less common in my earlier tilesets.

I think the Dagogum Cavern tileset, the Molten Foundry tileset, and the Derelict Spacecraft tileset would probably fit with them the best style-wise.

No prob! What items would you like to see next?

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Hi, thanks for asking! The license is an attribution license and can be read here:

In addition to the attribution requirement, it specifies that you can't resell the assets unless as part of a game or application product. As long as you give attribution, you can use them in both for-profit and not-for-profit projects, no problem!

Hey, thanks! I'll do my best to make some more monsters! If you picked up the bundle, be sure to check out the other monster packs included like Flying Demon and Skeleton Warrior + Archer. They have multiple color themes, so if you make them behave differently in-game based on color theme you can get the most out of them. The Zombie Pack comes with 84 unique zombies, so there's a lot of cool stuff you can do with that too!

But yes, I will definitely be doing more monsters in the future! I've got a long list of them that I'd like to get through. Bosses are kind of specific to each game and might not make for the best asset store product, but if you're interested in hiring me to do some custom monsters or bosses right away, feel free to drop me a line via my contact form.

Okay, cool. I was concerned because I didn't see it on those pages, but I didn't consider that there was limited space and that they were rotated in/out. Thank you for the assistance, and keep up the good work with!

Hi Leaf, nice to meet the guy behind! Thanks for getting back to me.

Just tried again from two business domains and a Gmail account, and only the Gmail worked.

I'm gonna go ahead and assume this is an issue with my hosting provider. I use the same one for both of those domains, and my cpanel indicates an issue that's beyond my control. Going to have to get in touch with them.

That said, I'm able to email other recipients fine... just not to apparently! I've emailed the issue again with my personal account, and it has gone through successfully. The sale should indeed be appearing in those sections by this point, right?

I sent an email to about an issue I was having, and the email was returned to me as undeliverable... so now I have two problems!

The first problem is that I've made a Halloween sale, but it hasn't shown up anywhere. My original email:

Hi there, I currently have a Halloween sale running that I set up a while back. (I think I used the pre-filled dates button.) However, the sale is not listed on the page nor the page, and it's not a co-op bundle. I've never had this happen before, my sales/bundles have always shown up there in the past.

The sale is located here:
I've made sure it's published and the discounts are active. I've also tried setting it back to draft and publishing it again, but no luck. Also tried ending my other running sales, and it's still not visible there.

Hope you can help! Even a little bit more visibility makes a difference.

And what I got back:

Hope someone can help! Never had either of these things happen before.

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Hi SorceressGameLab, love your art!

The license for all my assets is an attribution license and can be read here:

In addition to the attribution requirement, the asset cannot be resold unless as part of a game or application product. (Since the GUI packs are not strictly game art I permit their use and sale as part of any type of program, not just game-like ones.)

So to answer your question: YES, you are allowed to recolor and modify it as you please for use in your products, which can be either for-profit or not. The license still applies to the modified assets.

Nice, always love to see that! Just downloaded the game and I'm going to try it out this weekend.