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Nice, looking good! They really fit with the style of your game. I'm glad you like them!

The explosions in this pack were made with a custom particle system tool, which is quite out of date now but maybe in the future could see a revival.

However, I hand-draw a lot of pixel art effects lately if you're interested in something with less FPS but a lot more style and polish:

I'll definitely do some packs of hand-drawn explosions this year!

Hi Dmitry, thanks for asking! The license is for commercial use but requires attribution. Attribution is the same as crediting the artist in the game, for example in the credits section. For example, it can be as short as: "Pixel art by unTied Games." If your game doesn't have a credits section, another place is okay too. For example, in the description of your published game, wherever you host it.

Hey, thank you for becoming a patron! Only the art packs are available for patrons because of tax reasons. Surprisingly, this is also the first time this has come up.

However in the holiday spirit I can send you a download link- What's your Patreon username, so I can send it to you there?

Thanks! It's still a work in progress, I've been continuing to work on it after the jam. Version 1.0 will probably come before the end of the year!

I wasn't planning on it but that's a great idea! It would definitely fit that kind of vibe. I'll put ghosts on my idea list, thanks!

I love it, nice work!! My high score is 585. The whole website is great, I also really like how scrolling back up through your timeline turns the character into a Delorean like Back to the Future. It's a very nice portfolio!

I like it- The music and art are very nice! The jump feels a little weird but I got used to it.

It's possible to softlock the game with a black screen if you move back and forth quickly between two rooms. One time I did this I also got a room with the collision of a different room.

Overall a fun little game! I hope you continue with the idea!

When it was released, Demon's Hymn 2 originally supported MacOS. One of Apple's updates broke it and it shows a black screen, from what I heard from other Mac users. I'm unable to verify that personally.

If a new Windows version is made in the future, it may be runnable on Mac using Wine but I can't guarantee it'll work. I'm focusing future development of my games on Windows because it's my primary OS and because on Steam, 96% of users are using some version of Windows.

I'll keep it in mind that there's interest in a web version though- It's not impossible but I have to focus on other projects for the time being.

Thanks for the interest but a web version is unlikely. This was written in Java and I've since transitioned my game engine to C++. In the future, an improved Windows version or sequel is possible.

Thank you for the feedback, and glad you like the art! Enemies will only attack walls once they've been given an attack order, which currently happens either when they're damaged by a knight or when the attack timer at the top of the screen reaches 0. So even if a wall is built right next to them, they don't consider it an attack target if they're not in attack mode. Adjusting this is definitely on my to-do list for version 1.0.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm using the Dawnbringer32 palette, so between the grass and the goblins there's not many more greens to go around. I'll try adding some shadows to make them stand out from the grass a little more.

The timer at the top of the screen determines how long it takes until enemy units get an attack order. If an enemy hasn't come near a knight and doesn't have an attack order yet, it'll stand around until one of those two things happen. I'll be tweaking it in future updates. Controller support is also on my to-do list, which I think will help a bit.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the suggestions- I'll put them on my skill icon idea list. I'm glad you like the art!

Next summer sale! 😎

Glad you like them! The monkey game looks fun, looking forward to trying it out with some friends!

Hi there, thank you for your interest and I'm glad you like the art! I'm currently unavailable for freelance art work, but in the future you can check my status at my contact page.

unTied Games is fine- Thank you for enjoying the artwork, hope it helps with your games!

Oh, I see! So even if/when I update the asset, the version downloadable from Humble wouldn't update- That makes some sense, I guess. I wasn't sure how they had it set up. If you spot any others that may have been updated since you picked up the bundle and I'd be happy to generate download keys so you can get in on the updates!

Hi there! That's correct, this version is updated (v1.1, 2018) and the GDM version is old (v1.0, 2017). It was once a paid asset but I decided to make it free on here a while back. Sorry about the confusion! Please feel free to download this version, it has an additional color theme and an updated zip file structure compared to the initial release. It was one of my earlier tilesets though, so the spritesheet format is not consistent with the easier-to-use format of my later tilesets. However, it's still perfectly usable with some work.

As for Pixel Art Tileset Collection, that is the same version all around. Thanks for the question- I'll have to update this pack on GDM!

Thank you so much, glad you like the art! Effects are a lot of fun because you can get away with a little more than you can with rigid objects and character animation, but I find myself putting more work into them because they're so fun!

Thanks, glad you like the art! I actually have some space shooter assets already drawn that I'd be willing to put on here, it just needs some work on my end first. Stay tuned!

Thanks for bringing that to my attention! It was correctly downloadable for both $5 and $10 patrons but had not been added to the $10 patron collection. That should be fixed now- enjoy!

Hey there, glad you enjoy the art!

I'm not a Godot user myself, so I was unaware of the limitation... But yes, my more recent tileset spritesheets are indeed grid-aligned and should be easier to use (example). This tileset's spritesheet was done with an older workflow. I can do an update soon to make the spritesheet format more similar to the new style. Thanks for the feedback and info about Godot!

Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed the explosions! Thank you and best of luck with game dev!

Thank you so much! I've really been trying to boost the quality of my recent asset packs, and this one turned out really nice.

I think you'll enjoy the next one then! I have electric, fire, and ice effects planned for it.

Yeah, absolutely! I have tons of ideas already for future effect packs, and the next one is already in the works. Is there a particular type of magic spell you'd like to see?

Hi there, glad you like them! Unfortunately the animations do not explicitly have looping sections but I think you could fudge it by jumping back to a similar frame on some of the ones with more regular patterns. Thanks for asking, I do plan to do more particle effects in the future that feature seamless looping.

Hi there! I looked into it, but the files for this project are 4 years old and have developed incompatibilities with the engine used to render them. Without recreating them from scratch in a newer version, I can't remove the sun pillars.

Best I can do via image editing is something like this, to minimize the pillars:

And here are the PNGs for this animation so you can try it in-game:

Would this work for you? If so, want me to do the rest of the ones with pillars like this?

No worries: The answer is YES you can absolutely feel free to recolor or otherwise modify the tilesets! The license still applies to the modified result.

They weren't before but they are now:

They're upscaled 6x so if you want them unscaled you'll have to rescale them to 16.67%. The final boss is provided split into the body, crown, and mustache, because that's how it worked in-game. Enjoy!

I'll put them all on my idea list. I have a knight character here which could be used as either a player or as an enemy:

Stay tuned throughout October for more monsters! :)

Crawling animation has been added:

Zombie pack update:

(1 edit)

Hey there, sorry for the wait. It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time, but my job prevented me from taking on an ambitious project like this- There are a lot of different zombies in the pack to add a crawl animation for. The crawling zombies are also going to need their own death animation.

However I have recently returned to being a full-time artist and indie developer again, so I think I can do this now.

(Edit: For anyone wondering, this comment is referring to Zombie Pack, not this asset pack.)

(1 edit)

Thanks, glad you like it! The fonts are all hand-drawn, but I've been thinking about doing font packs at some point (once I figure out a workflow). For "Super Pixel" specifically those are the only glyphs that I drew because they're all I needed! The fonts for "sewer" and "tileset" on the other hand are actually complete with ASCII characters 33 through 126.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Nice idea, I'll put those on my to-do list! I don't think I've done classic-style shoot-em-up powerups yet, so that's perfect.

Ah, gotcha. Sorry about that- Nothing I can do on my end as far as I know. Thanks for reminding me to remove the Mac label from the game, at least.

Hi there, thanks for the bug report. What OS and Java Runtime Environment are you running? Windows is recommended, and Mac is no longer supported on newer machines due to Apple dropping support for OpenGL. Linux is generally untested but should work.

If possible, please locate the log file located by default in C:\Users\(Your User Directory)\demonshymn2_log.txt and send it to Or, if there's an obvious error message, feel free to post it in a comment here.