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Yes! You can use these for both commercial and non-commercial use.

The license for all my art is a modified CC-BY (attribution required). The only difference from a normal CC-BY is that you can only redistribute the assets as part of a game or game-like product. (i.e. no straight-up reselling the assets)

The full text of the license is available to read here.

Thank you, glad you enjoy the art!

Thank you! I definitely like some of my work more than others, but this one turned out really nice I think.

The license is a modified CC-BY. The only difference from a normal CC-BY is that it specifies that the assets may only be redistributed as part of a game or game-like product. (i.e., no straight-up reselling the assets)
All my assets can be used in any game, whether it's for-profit or not!

The full license text is available to read here: http://untiedgames.com/files/license.txt

Thanks for reminding me- Just added them! They're included as PNG sequences.

Thanks! I haven't used Tiled before, but I will install it and look into it.

Yes, absolutely!

The license for all my assets is a slightly modified CC-BY. The only difference from a normal CC-BY is that I specify that you can only redistribute the assets as part of a game or game-like product. (i.e. no straight-up reselling the assets.)
Redistributing as part of a commercial game is 100% OK!

I've made the full license text available here if you'd like to read it.

Wow, I didn't know you were so prolific! Awesome!

From one pixel artist to another- These are incredible! Really fantastic, high-quality work. Keep it up!

I'd be down to include separate versions without glow if people are interested. Here's what the effect in the original post would look like without glow. To me it has a lot less "wow" factor compared to the original, but maybe I could tweak it somehow to fix that.

Hi, thanks for asking! The license for all my assets is a slightly modified CC-BY. The only difference from a normal CC-BY is that I specify that you can only redistribute the assets as part of a game or game-like product. (i.e. no straight-up reselling the assets.)

I've made the license text available here if you'd like to read it.

Sure! You are correct, they are not pre-rendered. Someone also asked this question over in the comments on the jam entry, so I'll link you to my explanation there.

If you'd like any more details, let me know. Thanks for enjoying the game!

Cool update! I also noticed a new(?) option called "Embed BG" when I was customizing one of my pages. What is this, and what does it do? I tried uploading an image using this, but I didn't notice any change on my page.

Glad you like it!

Currently a little busy, but I will update the pack when I can to include hurt/death animations. I've thought about it before as well and it's definitely something I'd like to include.

Hi Bitlather, I can do that! I've added the basic particles in a folder called raw_particles. If you re-download the zip file you should see it in there. I hope you're able to create the effect you want with them. Many of the animations were rendered at a higher resolution and then downsampled to get a more "pixel" effect, so a few of the particles are actually a little large. The most useful ones in there are the rainbow particles, beam particle, and the cloud particle. Since the cloud particle was one of the larger ones, I've included a downsampled 16x16 version of it as well. Of course all the heart/star/diamond/etc particles are pretty useful too, I think.

Do you think it would be useful if I included spritesheets that skip every other frame, to reduce space? It would effectively make the animations 30 FPS, but that might be a nice option...

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Hi, I'm glad you like the Valiant Knight! I will be doing some more enemies soon.

For now, the only available enemy I have online is the Skeleton Warrior + Archer. Please check it out if you're interested!

Edit: Whoops, I thought this was a comment on the Valiant Knight... Obviously you already know about the skeleton warrior + archer. But yes, more enemies will come soon!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! If you enjoyed this, you might also like Super Pixel Plains. Can't wait to make more in the Super Pixel series!

Thanks, Jupiter! I was surprised to see all the notifications on Twitter, haha. I appreciate the write-up!

Glad you like it! It was a lot of fun to draw.

Hey, thank you for playing!

The dashing is inspired by and based on Mega Man X style dashing. You can jump while dashing to jump further, but you can't begin your dash in midair. You can, however, hold the dash button while wall-jumping to get a speed boost off the wall.

Sure, I don't mind at all if you post videos of the game on other sites. I think it's a great idea!

You don't need to revenue-share with me. "Let's play" videos are derivative content in my opinion and you own the rights to those videos entirely. I appreciate the thought, though! If you still feel like donating, I do have a Patreon: http://patreon.com/untiedgames

Oh, I see! This is a different issue than a missing collision box. The collision box above the player here is not visible, so it's not considered for collision. I'll have to fix this in the next version too!

Thanks for the pictures, and for finding this!

Thanks! I'll check your entry out too! Hoping to play a lot of the games this week and see what awesome stuff other people made.

Ha, they do kinda. I think when you try to make an 8x8 humanoid character, the proportions end up pretty much the same.

I'll have to try your game out!

Thank you! I'll have to add come key customization options. The A/S/C scheme is comfortable for me, but maybe a more traditional default scheme might be A/S/D or Z/X/C?

The blood effect isn't really complex, although this explanation might get a little technical. When you damage an enemy, it spawns some master particles that have a velocity corresponding to the direction the attack came from. These particles can bounce off the terrain a little, and they become more transparent over time. Each frame, each of those master particles spawns a blood particle at a random location within 4 pixels of the master particle.  Blood particles inherit the master particle's color and transparency, but not its velocity. Instead, they simply fall downwards. Unlike master particles, when blood particles collide with terrain they stop moving. Additionally, the collision does not cause them to be pushed out of the terrain, allowing for a more spread-out blood effect as opposed to a flat effect sitting on top of the ground.

Hope that answers your question!

Hi Max, thanks for playing! I agree that it's a little hard... I didn't have a chance to add checkpoints before the jam ended, although it was on my to-do list. Maybe in the next update?

I wasn't sure where exactly you were referring to at first, but I finally found it! It's the spot in the picture below, right?

Looking at it again in my editor, I'm pretty obviously missing a collision box there... Oops! I will fix this in the next update. Thanks for the bug report!

Hey, thank you for playing! I could tell you were a little drunk during the playthrough, haha. I think it adds character to the video, and I love seeing people play my game! As far as the video itself, I don't think you have to re-edit it, but I think you should feel free to reduce the game volume in your future videos, regardless of the game you're playing. The game's music was kind of overpowering your voice. (Demon's Hymn doesn't have any sound/volume options, but you can reduce the volume using the Windows volume mixer.)

I noticed you had trouble with the wall jumping sections, and I want to let you know it's definitely not just you. I'm going to be making wall jumping a little easier in a future patch. I also noticed you were having some trouble with the wolves (although they do kinda look like cats). The best way to take them out is to run right up to them and attack them before they jump at you. However, there might be some tricky spots where you're better off waiting for them to jump! If you're also curious about the heart drop rate, no hearts will drop when you're at full health. If you have less than full health, enemies have a 75% chance to drop a heart.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for making the video!

Thank you!

I've experienced a similar issue before, but I only thought it was in one location, and I ended up still inside the map. Where exactly were you able to escape the map?

Thanks, just watched the video! I left a comment for you on the video, too.

It's so cool that you're playing Low Rez Jam games on your channel! Great way to increase developers' visibility as well as get awesome new content for your channel.

Thank you for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :)

Hi Vanack, thank you for the error report! I gotta admit I've never seen anything like this before.

After a little research I'm under the impression that this is a Java bug rather than a bug in my code. Can you tell me a little more about your system, and what OS and version of Java you're using? Currently my only suggestion is to update Java to the latest version. Let me know if that's able to solve the problem.

Yup, I'm the Atmocopter guy! And thank you! :)

I've heard others say that about the wall jumping too, so it's not just you! If I do another patch I'll add some "leeway frames" where you can still jump if you were recently touching a wall.

Hi RetroClint, thanks for playing! I was scrambling to submit it by the deadline and the final boss wasn't entirely tested. He was trying to teleport to the first boss room, which causes the camera issue.

I've put a new version up that fixes this as well as some other bugs!

Thank you for the wonderful comments! I hope to expand this into a full game in the future, and really explore what you can do with a character who has a fist for a head.

Hello Billhilly! I'm unable to reproduce your issue, the game works fine for me using the itch app. Does it give you an error? If so, please reply with the error details and error code, if any.