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Hi there! I looked into it, but the files for this project are 4 years old and have developed incompatibilities with the engine used to render them. Without recreating them from scratch in a newer version, I can't remove the sun pillars.

Best I can do via image editing is something like this, to minimize the pillars:

And here are the PNGs for this animation so you can try it in-game:

Would this work for you? If so, want me to do the rest of the ones with pillars like this?

No worries: The answer is YES you can absolutely feel free to recolor or otherwise modify the tilesets! The license still applies to the modified result.

They weren't before but they are now:

They're upscaled 6x so if you want them unscaled you'll have to rescale them to 16.67%. The final boss is provided split into the body, crown, and mustache, because that's how it worked in-game. Enjoy!

I'll put them all on my idea list. I have a knight character here which could be used as either a player or as an enemy:

Stay tuned throughout October for more monsters! :)

Crawling animation has been added:

Zombie pack update:

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Hey there, sorry for the wait. It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time, but my job prevented me from taking on an ambitious project like this- There are a lot of different zombies in the pack to add a crawl animation for. The crawling zombies are also going to need their own death animation.

However I have recently returned to being a full-time artist and indie developer again, so I think I can do this now.

(Edit: For anyone wondering, this comment is referring to Zombie Pack, not this asset pack.)

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Thanks, glad you like it! The fonts are all hand-drawn, but I've been thinking about doing font packs at some point (once I figure out a workflow). For "Super Pixel" specifically those are the only glyphs that I drew because they're all I needed! The fonts for "sewer" and "tileset" on the other hand are actually complete with ASCII characters 33 through 126.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Nice idea, I'll put those on my to-do list! I don't think I've done classic-style shoot-em-up powerups yet, so that's perfect.

Ah, gotcha. Sorry about that- Nothing I can do on my end as far as I know. Thanks for reminding me to remove the Mac label from the game, at least.

Hi there, thanks for the bug report. What OS and Java Runtime Environment are you running? Windows is recommended, and Mac is no longer supported on newer machines due to Apple dropping support for OpenGL. Linux is generally untested but should work.

If possible, please locate the log file located by default in C:\Users\(Your User Directory)\demonshymn2_log.txt and send it to Or, if there's an obvious error message, feel free to post it in a comment here.

Glad I was able to help! And thank you for the kind words!

Hi there, thanks for the feedback. This is one of my older tilesets and includes a texture atlas + datafile, which is not aligned to a 16x16 grid. The intended use of the texture atlas is to parse the datafile to read the texture coordinates. The individual PNGs can also be used instead. My newer tilesets include a sheet that is grid-aligned and can be sliced by tools like Construct or Unity.

Here's some PNGs of just the tiles, aligned to a 16x16 grid. You should be able to import this into anything that can slice a sheet of 16x16 images. Enjoy!

Style A:

Style B:

Style C:

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Hi there, just wanted to let you know that the update is live! The update includes:

  • Unity-ready 9-slice PNGs to be used with the Unity 9-slice feature
  • Pre-assembled window and button PNGs for each style with 25 different sizes. Just drag and drop into your app!
  • Now includes a tool to generate window and button PNGs of any custom size you want! (See readme for instructions.)

Thank you for the suggestion- I hope it's sufficient for your game!

(Edit: For you and others who have purchased- Re-download the zip file to obtain the update.)

Hey, no worries- I can include some premade sizes of stuff, now that I know there's some demand for it. Due to the number of windows/panels/buttons I'll have to write a program to do it, but I'll see if I can get to it this week and push out an update that includes both the combined 9-slice images and various premade window sizes. I'll comment again when it's ready!

Like I mentioned, the standard way to do this both in Unity and elsewhere is by using 9-slices: Using these would allow the window to be any size using the same set of images.

A potential update to this asset pack would add pre-assembled windows in the sense that the 9-slices are ready to drag and drop into Unity. After doing so, you would be able to follow the manual and resize the window as you please.

But it sounds like you want images of pre-assembled windows of specific dimensions? If that's correct, which sizes would you find useful?

Hi there, thanks for the feedback. I'm not a Unity user personally, but this asset is usable in any engine in which you can create a 9-slice, or through manually programming 9-slice behavior.

I'm aware that Unity can only create 9-slices when the images are packed together into one sheet, so this would require some manual effort.

For example, let's say you want to make a window using the theme shown in the banner of this page. To prepare a 9-slice for the part of the asset you want to work with in Unity, navigate to the window/light folder. Open the 9 files representing the 9-slice in an image editor. They're all named according to the part of the 9-slice they represent: window_top_left, window_top_center, window_top_right, etc. Combine them into one image in your image editor and save it. You should now be able to import the combined image into Unity and follow the manual for the rest:

I've been intending to update these GUI asset packs with combined 9-slice files, so please stay tuned for future updates. As a Unity user: Other than combining the images, is there anything else I can do to make it easier to use? I would appreciate the insight.

Slowly but surely. I would expect something later this year!

Yes, absolutely!

Thank you for asking- I thought I updated all my assets to display the license, but I missed this one.

License: Attribution + no reselling the asset itself. Commercial and non-commercial use OK!

Hey there! Glad you like the tilesets so far. I recently re-acquired the rights to some more of my RPG work, so you can expect that to show up sometime soon. It includes a very basic interior set, house exterior, and grassland area. I'd love to do a castle and also do some characters, so it's very possible I could come back to RPG assets sometime in the new year. Thanks for getting in touch!

Hi there- I'm not a Unity user, and while I'm interested in making the tilesets work out-of-the-box with Unity in the future, for now you'll have to use them as you would any non-Unity asset.

The font is VTF MisterPixel with some various outline/depth/shading effects and a drop shadow. One of my favorite pixel-style fonts!

Hi there, thanks for asking! I'm currently working on a massive sequel to this asset pack that will include barrels. Chests are also on my to-do list for the next pack- I'm not sure if they'll make it into the initial release but they would definitely be part of an update.

Hey, thanks! Glad you like it. Yes, the characters are designed to fit well with any tileset! They'll stand out against the background nicely with Super Pixel Dungeon.

Hey, thanks! Appreciate the kind words!

Thanks for the feedback on a free asset pack, where literally all I ask in return is a mention in the credits of your project.

Tons of audio, libraries, and art ask for attribution and nobody seems to complain. I don't get why there seems to be a pervasive expectation that pixel art is different or lesser than anything else used in games.

Looks fun! I'll give it a play!

Very nice! Since it's 2-player, I'll have to try it with a friend after the world calms down a little. ;)

Hi there, thanks for asking and I'm glad you like the asset pack! The answer is YES, there will be future pixel particle effect packs, but it might be a while. I'm actually working on a tool right now that can be used to create your own effects like this!

Here's a couple examples of what it'll be able to do:



Of the above GIFs, only the tornado is using an external asset (a 4-frame wind spiral animation). The others are just using basic shape particles.

If you hit the follow button on my page on (or if you're already following) you'll be notified when it's released! It still needs a lot of tweaking and some core features, but... maybe late 2020?

I'll put it on my idea list! This pack is more for simple RPGs.

Hi there! I got back to your comment on GDM. I'll add it to the description on both sites.

The character sprite dimensions are 79x63px for all frames, and the shield block effect dimensions are 64x64px for all frames.

I'm not sure if I'd be able to do it for this pack specifically... The perspective on the monsters is side view. If I did 4-direction monsters it'd likely be a more top-down perspective and an entirely new asset pack.

Hi there! This pack is designed for platformer games, so there's only 2-direction movement (by flipping the sprites). Sorry to disappoint. I'll have to put 4-direction monsters on my to-do list!

Thanks, I appreciate it. It is free to use and can be used in both commercial and non-commercial games!

I mean... really? Go ahead I guess since it's a free asset, but come on, dude. Artists deserve credit just like musicians and programmers when it comes to making a game.

Lookin' good! A little sideways, but good! I like the helmet.

Had to update the license.txt, didn't know it would produce a notification for that.

Hang in there, it's still on my mind and with my day job last year I didn't have the time to figure out a way to do this update properly and efficiently, and focused on new art instead. There's 84 possible zombies, so it's not trivial! I might be able to find a way to automate it. Possibly in time for a Halloween update?

Hi there, are you using Unity? I believe Unity supports single-image nineslices, while the asset pack has them split up into multiple images. So any image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP will allow you to combine them.

Updating the GUI packs to include single-image nineslices is on my to-do list!