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Helloooo Warriors!

We proudly present to you, a Sci-Fi FPS game with vintage 3D style-graphics from  early 90's...

Have fun :)


thanks for the feedback.

Well, last year we did Linux versions of our games, but we had a lot of negative reviews about weird bugs and the compiler.
After some tests, we decided to keep things under control as possible with Mac and Windows builds. Also we had gamepad mapping issues.
So, maybe we can try again in future to build for Linux. We will wait for future Unity changes and do tests again.


Super cool !!

Hey Guys, love the game! Awesome everything! Fantastic musics. I was wondering if in future you plan to do a easy mode :)  I love shoot-em-up, yet find it super hard. 
Anyway, great work!!

SUPER COOL !!! Love this style of game, congrats. Hope to play it soon :)

Hellooo Warriors!

We are working on a special edition of Mazes of Ogglar for old PC graphics enthusiasts. 
Downgraded textures and color palette to mimic old EGA graphics display from the 80's and 90's!

If you like it, please leave your comments / feedbacks. 
Also we have a TWITCH channel, streaming the development! We'd love to see you there :)


Hi, I liked the mood and the minimalism. Hope to see more personal story games :)

hi, its very similar, congrats! please create more walk sims.. maybe with some item interaction, or mystery points, perhaps :)

great atmosphere! the haze and fog are beautiful. I feel in a really cool wild beach and field!

hi, lovely psy landscape! lots  of atmosphere.  great purple variations!

Hi, thanks for the feedback.  I will check this out :)

Hi,  Linux have a lot of problems with the build. I tried many times, but a lot of bugs in it... so the working bug free builds are for windows and mac.. sorry :)

Hello Mikey, thanks so much for playing! :))

Hi, great Lets play, thanks!

Hello Warriors!
Today is a happy holiday and the game is finished!       \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/


An action / puzzle FPS influenced by 90's labyrinth style games  like Heretic, Wolfenstein, Ultima underworld.

Try the demo, we have a promo release price in a bundle! If you like the game please support us ;) Cheers!

Hello drnoir,

Just to say that MAZES OF OGGLAR IS  FULLY RELEASED TODAY!  \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ 

Happy holidays to you and hope you like the game  ;)

Hello Stavros,

how are you?
Just to say that MAZES OF OGGLAR IS  FULLY RELEASED TODAY!  \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
Happy holidays to you and hope you like the game  ;)

Hi, it will be super cool to implement a time-death mode ! Yeah, seriously considering that :)

Hello Drnoir, 

super thank you for playing it. You can download the Alpha 4.0 with a playable level 3.  It makes more use of the player controls, enhanced music, puzzles, graphics, etc.
Also, your feedbacks are super welcome. We will implement some introductory texts and history between levels to keep the player motivated. And some easter eggs and secrets ;)
Our intention is to gradually immerse the player in the controls and increase the difficulty.
You will have a good challenge at level 3 :)


Hi! thanks so much ! Feedbacks are welcome :)

If everything runs ok about the game dev, we are optimistic for releasing it at 16 december.
We intend to create one more game, for a bundle including Mazes of Ogglar.
About the price, as soon we have this information, you will know ;)

Hi Stavros, this one will have a lot of challenges  ;)

Yes,  there will be a lot of references :)

Hello warriors!
We are excited to share with you the dev of our new Sci-Fi action game.
Game mechanics and level design yet at Alpha stage,  screenshots are near final quality (it's a minimalistic retro game ;)

Hi , thanks so much for the interest in our games :)
System requirements are for mid-specs pc and macs. All games except STRUCTUS original need low-specs computers.

Minimum Macs and PCs system specs are:
Processor: 1,4 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics:  Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB or better

Hi! great gameplay! you almost solved the first level puzzles ;)
Thank you for the video :)

hi Stavros,

We deleted the post with your email, just for safety. Hope you liked the Bonus pack ;)
Best regards.

Hi, thanks for the advice, you're right.

hi Stavros,
thank you. You won a bonus pack! Can you provide an email link so we can send you the files? 
Cheers! :)

Hello  Stavros,

really sorry for the confusion. I already notified Gigoia Studios to remove the link. I think they forgot the game at their archives.
The actual version here at is the same. There is an altered  version, the "low-fi edition"included in a bundle, with graphical changes.

If you want a refund, no problem, just send an e-mail to with subject "Structus refund".
Thanks for buying it and the warning about that.
my best regards,

Well, I gave it a try, using a xbox controller. The controls are really smooth and has a quick response.

Loved it about everything.. the cyber style, the sounds, the fps, great and minimalist artwork.

CONGRATS TEAM! waiting for the full vesion.

Hi ! really great gameplay! Super happy you liked it ! thanks very much :)

hi! thanks so much for buying and playing it! Great game play !! loved the comments :)

Awesome !!! great job, I enjoyed the game a lot ! 

Hi, congrats ! great short game!. Going to play Fragments now :)

Gigoia waves produced soundtracks for Star Palm Games, influenced by 90's geometric landscapes, sci-fi movies, comics and underground cyber-punk animations. 
Crafted layers of synths, reverbs, orchestral passages, noises and choirs. 
Each dimension has a mood of its own. Explore alien canyons, desert planets, lost ethereal ruins, meet fallen gods monuments, energy fields and underwater living geometrical shapes.

Take a trip to short FOUR ALIEN DIMENSIONS in the late 90's retro style!

- Zorkron 1998 Edition: Explore the canyons of Blukol, after a cataclysm caused by ancient gods.

- Structus: Solve puzzles at strange and lost ruins. Discover deeper layers of reality.

- Goldak: Transformed into a sphere, you must scape  Goldak's bizarre cosmic domains.

- Sonic Cyan Hexagon: Fly across a bluish low-poly world. Experimental and with rich electronic soundtrack.

- BONUS: Structus Low-Fi edition. For collectors, a retro-graphical version in PS 1 style.


Hi! I'd love to play your games, but I have Mac .

Any chances to download Mac osx builds ?

best regards, keep up the good work :)

Hi, thanks and have fun ;)