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Eigen Lenk

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It's related to another bug where lower class percentage goes negative. Since I fixed that this bug is fixed too. Will release fixed version tomorrow probably.

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Does it also crash when you open a city and just let the game run and not play? If so, then yes, it must be some sort of graphics/driver issue since no game logic is run unless you click stuff.

I found an old piece of a junk laptop with integrated graphics where it runs fine. But it doesn't have Windows 10. I'll have to see if I can upgrade somehow.

Posted in City Corrupted?

Sorry about that.. a crash during saving is a first. Yes, please send me the save file. Thanks.

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Thank you! That is a really weird bug that's popping up for some players. Could be a memory leak indeed. It's interesting that it's around 15 minutes for everybody who gets this crash (I don't). I will try and get my older laptop running tomorrow just to test it out on a different machine and see if I can get it to crash.

What sort of machine are you running this on? What version of Windows, how much RAM and what graphics card/built-in chip do you have? And is the post-processing effect enabled by any chance? And if you can, please tell me how much memory the game is using according to Task Manager when you play.

That seems to have been a wider issue on itch.io and should be resolved now. Please try downloading again.

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That's a bug. Got it fixed now. Thanks for reporting! It happens because there is a threshold of 50 buildings where waste management is unlocked. Any building beyond that will start increasing that expense. What was unhandled was when building amount went below 50 after that feature was already unlocked.

Okay, so when you unlock the large housing people will want to move into those rather than small housing. You should build those or upgrade existing houses. You can see housing demand by clicking the City Hall button.

Posted in 0.9.4 Questions
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1) Strange. Will look into and fix.

2) Right now, yes. There are couple of things regarding landfills/waste that could be implemented in the future:

  • Add power plants (one of which could burn waste)
  • Once city ordinances (just as in SimCity 2000) are added you could enable "Propagate re-cycling and waste sorting" option which could lower waste generation per day by 50% (or so) but cost more money.

3) That decision was deliberate although there don't seem to be any advantages to that right now. Once flats became available there was no reason to build smaller houses any more and I didn't really like that. In the future different housings would affect different social classes which in turn will affect employment (need lower class population to work in the factories etc.). At that point housing demand effect could be evened out or lowered because that will be managed by employment needs and so on. Not sure if you could build a city of just flats... probably.

Thanks for playtesting and excellent feedback! This really helps me.

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That's pretty funny but I'm not sure where you're going with that song...

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Sorry, you can't use the old save file. In additon to bunch of new data in the file, the game balance and features where changed in a way that your old city would not make sense in the new version, if it worked at all. I will try keeping breaking changes like that to minimal in the future.

I fixed the crash with building factories and hopefully it affects other issues as well? Please try it out. Version 0.9.5 is now available for Windows. Mac build coming later today.

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  • Fixed crash when building factories and potentially other places
  • You can now hold down the date button to automatically tick time (but more slowly than clicking)

Can you please provide me with your save file? Either you can put the file somewhere or just copy the plain-text contents to Pastebin or somewhere similar. Save files are in the "saves" directory in the root of the game directory. That would make reproducing that easier hopefully. Thank you.

I think you're on pretty good track. I would lose the park at early stages and use trees where possible unless you really want 3 star rating (which I made more difficult to achieve) and upper class residents. Right now upper class is mostly useful if you want to produce and sell luxury items.

Posted in Roads

Added an option to remove roads that only have one connection and no buildings next to them.

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  • Added help buttons for each of the row in the expenditure window
  • Capped rent increase to +6
  • More that 1 people will now move out each day if the rating is really low
  • Tweaked production and demand calculation
  • Budget is now internally calculated in decimal places rather than whole numbers which lead to some errors previously
  • Added road removal action. This action is only available when road only has one connection and no buildings next to it.
Posted in Removing Option

Sorry about that. Added the road demolishing option to roads that only have one connection and no buildings beside them.

(Edited 3 times)

1) [edit: FIXED] Yes, if a house is vacant it costs negative rent. Since it happens rarely I never noticed. It should be something like -1 instead I think.

2) [edit: FIXED] Yes, but then you're missing a lot of factory income and won't be making positive income most likely. The general idea is that you set the price at which those goods are sold in your city. There is demand and everything you don't produce (or don't produce enough) will be imported. But it looks like there are some issues. Looking into it. It should probably actually work like this:

There is demand. Demand is controlled by the price you set. When you don't produce some item, it will be imported but at a higher price. If you overproduce that will go to waste (finacially).

3) [edit: FIXED] Will check it out.

4) [edit: FIXED] There is an extra cost of piping (+1 cost for every 5 pieces of road). I will add short description text for each of the expense rows.

5) Interesting. Most likely the market your house considers nearest is already full by the time it gets to that house.

That's very clever but it definitely needs fixing. First I think I need to cap rent increase to +5 and then allow more people to move out at a time when rating is reallllllly low.

Indeed, it was bugged and has been fixed now. Expect a new release this weekend. Now each house is allocated to the nearest shop/job/water unless some other houses have filled it already, in which case it looks for the next nearest location.

(Edited 1 time)

Sorry this messed things up. But you make a fair point. Similar thing will happen with fire stations and hospitals. I can add a timeframe (lets say 6 months starting from the unlock), after which the crime effect comes into play. But should the police stations/fire department/hospital bleed money daily during that period? I think they should, to offset the 'generous' grace period.

Posted in White Screen?

If it doesn't crash on launch but shows a white screen then updating your video card drivers is what's generally recommended. Can you please try that? What version of Windows/OSX are you on?

Posted in Income
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Balance is tricky, yes. For me this does not seem very difficult but for newer players, sure. Shop is not suitable for starting out, it has a max. of 50 shoppers so you need 25 just to be neutral. I've tested and it's doable when you build a market (15 shoppers) and just enough houses to support it and up the rent where possible. Initial house placement is important - you gotta have as much trees next to houses as possible so you can easily up the rent to 4. If you can increase the rent for all houses that's a winner situation.

Okay, I think have these issues fixed. Will come with the next release this weekend I hope.

Thanks for reporting. Are you playing on Windows or Mac? Does it happen while clicking to build stuff?

Does it not unzip or does the executable not work? What version of Windows are you on?

Posted in Endless world?

I can probably increase the size of the map slightly if some optimizations are made. Have you filled the current map?

By adding more housing and keeping stores filled and only building new ones when you add more housing. It's important to fill factories/stores to max before building more housing. Also, start with markets as these accommodate less shoppers and are easier to max out and start generating profit. You can upgrade markets to shops when more houses are added in the area.

Two sets of five houses and a market with a factory + water tower in the middle should do the trick.

You need to check the finance window and see what is costing you so much money. 20 people is around the mark where factories barely make anything and large stores need at 25 visitors to make even. Couple of more houses should do the trick. You can get information about individual buildings by right clicking on building tiles. See if your factory and store are making any income at all.

Posted in Framework used?

It's written in C++ using SFML, the same graphics & audio framework I use for my other project, Pioneers. In fact, the GUI components were lifted from Pioneers.

About Linux... we'll see :)

By building 5 houses (near as many trees as possible), market, water tower, factory but not too many road pieces and increasing rent a little where possible (2 or 3 stars) you should be able to generate income.

Thank you so much! :)

I went ahead and implemented that small feature along with other fixes and small balancing tweaks.

Created a new topic Changelog
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  • New housing distribution method (fixes issues with finding nearest shop/water/job)
  • Added landfills and waste management expense
  • Changed factory income logic - factories no longer generate income directly. Instead:
  • Added production and demand. There are three categories of production:
    • Food
    • Basic goods
    • Luxury items
  • Housing demand
  • Social classes - these social classes directly tie into production (different classes require different produces)
  • Pumping station
  • Smaller tweaks and fixes
  • New music
  • Couple of new building sprites


  • Balancing tweaks
  • Added public services row finances overview to keep track of police, fire department and hospital costs
  • Raised loan interest rate
  • Briefly disable date button on year change


  • Added Mac version
  • Fixed issue with calculating workers/shoppers & water tower usage
  • Date is displayed with proper format


  • First Windows release

Where did you leave your ship? Once you find it, get on it and press the little button in the bottom-right corner to sail back to town.

Nothing like that planned right now. There will be a couple of towns but these are all related to story, so they're predefined locations. I wouldn't rule out settlements completely, just not right now.

Damn, when exactly? After the intro texts?

Replied to Sinz in PIONEERS comments

Appreciated, thanks!

Hey, can you tell me when it's crashing?

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the towns aren't accessible in exploration mode. Glaring oversight that I've fixed now.

Replied to leemc in PIONEERS comments

Thanks for your comment. I was kind of afraid it coming across that way although my intention was to have a completely selfless and good-hearted character to have the player come across at different times, a way to balance all the negativity in the world. Also he's not supposed to be Native American but it's so ingrained in our culture it's the first association people make when hearing "native people". Will have to figure a way around this. And I guess I'm a little naive here in my little corner of the world.