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Eigen Lenk

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Where did you leave your ship? Once you find it, get on it and press the little button in the bottom-right corner to sail back to town.

Nothing like that planned right now. There will be a couple of towns but these are all related to story, so they're predefined locations. I wouldn't rule out settlements completely, just not right now.

Damn, when exactly? After the intro texts?

Replied to Sinz in PIONEERS comments

Appreciated, thanks!

Hey, can you tell me when it's crashing?

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the towns aren't accessible in exploration mode. Glaring oversight that I've fixed now.

Replied to leemc in PIONEERS comments

Thanks for your comment. I was kind of afraid it coming across that way although my intention was to have a completely selfless and good-hearted character to have the player come across at different times, a way to balance all the negativity in the world. Also he's not supposed to be Native American but it's so ingrained in our culture it's the first association people make when hearing "native people". Will have to figure a way around this. And I guess I'm a little naive here in my little corner of the world.

It's on the ToDo list but at a later date, as supporting OSX and many different versions of Windows is already more work than I'd want..

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Hey, thanks for the comment. More customizable characters will be included in the next build. Here's a forum post to help with the shipwreck quest: http://eigen.pri.ee/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=71&p=758#p758

Thanks. Hoping to make it play interesting, too!

You cannot save during the tutorial in this version. You can do so as soon as you reach the first town. Will be changed in the next version.

Replied to TAD7 in PIONEERS comments

Yeah, it's a bit confusing. Once you get back on the ship there's a little button in the bottom-right corner next to the End turn button, clicking that you can exit back to the overworld or sail back to town.

So it crashes during the intro text sequence or during the tutorial? I'll have set up a Windows 10 machine somehow then to test things out and see what's what. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks. It uses SFML to draw onto the screen, but everything else on top of that (including the UI system) is custom.

After speaking to the harbourmaster in Marciudad, Barlow should appear in the tavern after you pass the season so it would be summer.