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Thanks! Yeah, it's something I've thought about a little. Not sure if I'm going to formalise it as such though. It'd be useful if the number of moves was measured (compared to a Par) and scored, which it isn't. I'd much rather give a hint in the level text popup or the title. I don't expect there to be a massive community around it, perhaps just a small group of people making and distributing something.

Hey, thank you! Already working on an update!

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Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it. And that little mouse lesson gave me an idea what the crash might be (saw it myself a couple of times). As soon as I get an editor in place I'll create more levels with ease. Hardcoding them while trying to iterate is a little annoying right now.

Ah, interesting! That's a different solution for level 9 than I had designed but I suspected there could be more solutions based on how much room there is to maneuver. My solution relied on knocking the green ball off the table. I'll see if I keep it or tweak it.

Hi, Diogo!

Thank you for appreciating the little details :) 

The black outline was mainly added for readibility. Otherwise everything became noisy and impossible to parse. And at this size the outline is chunky enough so that it looks good. If this was at a higher resolution, it wouldn't work. It's not a shader. This was an experiment in writing a raycaster (software-mode) so the outline is hacked in there as well. If I remember correctly it checked for ceiling-wall-floor changes (eg. wall segment ended and floor began) and also for differences in textures. Objects always rendered their own outline.

Regarding the game itself: there's a gated-off entrance at the other end of the beach that can be broken through. Punching it with your fists is going to take a while, so there's a wooden club nearby (have to take a swim). Once in, you will come across someone who has the required tool :)

But the game is frustraitingly difficult (somewhat by design but also due to jam time limitations) so I apologize in advance.

It is not using Unity nor any other ready-made solution. Linux would be possible to compile but it takes time and effort to set up, something I can't commit to right now.

Thanks! Some things still left to improve, hopefully can get around to them after the holidays.

Follow up: Since it's technically very similar, do any of my other games work for you?

Hmm, that's strange. Have you tried switching to fullscreen (alt+enter)?

It's through the dark cavern.

Getting some Terminator: Future Shock vibes from the screenshots! Will try it out and rate once I get back home. Glad to hear you learned new things. That's really what these gamejams are about.

Very nicely done apart from the confusing battle mode and strangely accelerating movement in the overworld.

Hi. It's on hold for now as it grew too big for me to handle. I hope to come back to it someday. I'm sorry.

Had to boot it up and see what's what. In that case the only way is to kill the snake by using the whip. Whip is in the bottom-left corner of Bandit Camp screen (third screen down from the start).

I had to shut the forum down due to massive bot issue. Have to see if I can reinstante it somehow in read-only mode. Yeah, this project is on hold at the moment. I want to get back to it at some point but the scope needs to be massively reduced and simplified. Been struggling with different things over the last few years, so game development has fallen in the list of priorities. I am sorry about that, because of the nice comments you guys still leave about it. I feel bad :(


First of all, I'm sorry this post totally slipped under my radar and I'm only replying to it now :(

Secondly, thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that. Hopefully the full game will be even better and with even more catchy tunes. This kind of music is fun to write but I'm wondering if making them too cheery and catchy starts to annoy players. I guess we'll have to see :D

Sure, you can use it.

Added it now! :)

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Ai rilli laiked the Finnish ralli draiver aksent in the help tekst.

It's fun to slide around! Graphics are really nice. Had to turn off the sound though. A little too ear-piercing for my taste. If you added more cars and tracks, this could really be a thing!

Funny how sea-faring pirate life comes to mind when you're limited to 64x64 pixels, right? :D

This is really fun. I love the look of the pirates. Not a huge fan of mixed pixel sizes but it seems to be working here. Quite a unique look. Treasure digging minigame is really cool!

Thanks for checking it out! I really felt the time constraint this time round so I didn't have a chance to make the combat any more involved or add animations.

For learning purposes, this is pretty nice. I just wandered around cleaning up. The music is so quiet I had to raise my volume up to 100 pretty much. The way the weapon/tool is rotated and drawn also breaks the 64 pixel rule of this gamejam.

Hopefully this was a great learning opportunity and I hope to see more releases from you.

If you get a chance, please check out my entry.

This is one game I wish wasn't made during the LOWREZJAM... :)

I would love to explore these worlds in higher resolution and get lost in the audioscape. While this is interesting and lets your brain fill out the details, downsampling a 3D render is not what this jam is about for me.

Great use of colors and very nice procedural generation going on. Nice work!

If you get a chance, please check out my entry.

I really like the graphics and music but I wish the gameplay didn't include shooting and was instead about jumping, sliding under obstacles  (held notes that are longer) and stopping to avoid falling debris or something (short pauses in music). As mrmatt said, it's pretty dang difficult to be looking both at the ground and aim your mouse at the same time, especially at the scale we're talking here. Or maybe I just suck at these kinds of things (I do).

If you get a chance, please check out my entry.

Can't call this a game but it's a cool little editor. I really enjoyed many of the Goldbox engine games, so this is nice little throwback.

Two jams with one hit, nice. Gravity switching isn't terribly original but it works in this one. Fun little game!

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Can you tell me what version of Windows you're using or what is the error you're getting?

edit: If it was a missing DLL error, then that should be fixed now.

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Hi there! It's hard to say without seeing your setup. What's your population and daily income? Certainly it's not balanced ideally but it should be possible to generate 100-200 per day without too much effort. But I haven't played the original version lately.

edit: You're probably not missing anything. It's a very small and simplistic game :)

Wow, thanks for the long writeup! Will respond soon.

Sorry about that, not sure why the email did not send. I activated your account manually now.

Drop action only works when you are actually in camp. Not on a camp tile but by choosing "enter camp" action.

When clicking on trees, click on their base (ground tile) rather than where they are visually. What might happen is that you click on the tile behind the tree instead, which is probably empty and giving you the camp option.

Hey, thanks! You need to grab the dynamite, it's a bit hidden in there. Look right from the tent.

Hey everyone, thanks for voting and commenting! Your interest in this little jam entry and all the lets play videos you guys made really blew me away. Real proud of third place and the end-result. Thanks again

Thanks for the comments and feedback! Some really valid points have been raised.


Time update is something I want to keep constant for now (1 click = 1 day). I've been thinking about ways to upgrade build speeds, most likely by building some auxiliary buildings. Not a fan of arbitrary number upgrades. I'm thinking more along the lines of having your city hall and opening new departments there that will affect different aspects of the game. Eg. opening a building/zoning department to decrease build times.


Good point, I'll get to that as soon as possible. The allocation is a bit wonky, sure. It works opposite how it should - water towers/shops/factories search of nearby houses rather than each house finding the nearest structure to cover its needs. So the shop each house ends up with may not be the nearest and most optimal. That was just simpler to implement in the short timeframe of the jam.

Solid little clicker, I quite enjoyed that.

Definitely the most clicker-y clicker game from this jam I've played. Looks absolutely gorgeous! Love your pixel-art skill. I do wish there were more sounds other than the music. Would've made the clicking more juicy. A simple idea executed well.

Had a couple of weird hangs at some point. The game didn't crash but became unresponsive for about 10-15 seconds.

A very different take on the clicker idea. Looks great and the music is really good as well. The collision detection was a little wonky at times, I thought I was picking up crops but it picked up the rock instead. Exactly what point of the player needs to be on the tile of the object should be highlighted, I feel.

The salesman ran away with my window..!!!! 10/10

I wish the hairbrush was more about clicking, rather than moving the mouse but really, it's a lot of fun!

I'm sorry this doesn't work for you :(

Haven't been able to  find the source of the problem yet. Are you on Windows 10?