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Really nice! Got a touch of Proteus about it! I actually didn't want to stop exploring, I feel there's a story to uncover here, especially those big egg things, whaaaaat, I wanna know! Graphically, it was a bit noisey, but at no point did that seem to stop me understanding the environment. Only thing that really bugged me was some weird sharp tone sound on some of the worlds.

Hey JackOatley, thanks for the feedback ! Proteus was indeed an influence. Sound could use some polish and would need longer/more varied loops, i agree, you can get mad pretty fast on some worlds. It also seems like the webGL version adds glitches when the track loops. Glad you liked it !

Ah, that would explain it, I did play the web version. Running Chrome on Linux. It wasn't all the loops, some seemed fine, and tbh, I didn't notice them looping, they're good sounds.