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Ben James

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Thank you for playing another one of my games!

I've created a new project but when I try to upload a thumbnail or screenshot I get stuck in either an endless timer loop or a 'broken image' graphic.

Defold Engine.

My mistake! Thanks for the report - that should be fixed now.

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks

The fireballs 'wobble' slightly left and right or up and down depending which axis they will go. You can then look along that axis to determine which is the logical way it will go. Thanks for playing!

That game automatically saves the game progress. If you clear the browser cache that will lost though.

Stand next to the mirror and press 'C'.

Impressive! Thanks for posting

Teleporter is activated by hitting the blue target. Make sure you're stood in the teleporter by the time the target is hit.

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Full project files for a number of my games is on github here:

Great stuff! Thanks for posting and well done for seeing it through to the end!

Thanks for the suggestion! Have added gamepad support now.

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Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed! Also thanks for the bug report - have just uploaded a fix.

Awesome, thank you! I'm happy you liked the game.

Oh dear!

Nice variation on Tetris! A few things that might help improve it:

  • The play area is quite wide and makes for long duration games. A narrower level might work better?
  • Some sort of feint grid behind the playing area to denote where the columns lie would be helpful. I sometimes dropped a shape and it missed the intended spot by 1 place.
  • It's nice to have some 'slip time', that is being able to move left and right for a moment when the active piece has collided with something rather than just stopping as soon as you collide.

All the best with your revision!

If I click "log in" without checking the "I am not a robot" checkbox, it still logs me into the site.

Win 10
Firefox 70.0.1 with uBlock Origin / Disconnect and Ghostery add-ons.

Thanks - I'm glad you liked the aesthetic. Love me some pixel art!

Thanks, Pawel! I'd really like to expand this game at some point in the near future.


Thanks for your thoughts! I'll keep them in mind for the next game.

Very cool, I liked this a lot. Got as far as the boss and saw the duck! Nice game.

Enjoyed this a lot! Very polished game.

Thanks for having a go! And for the bug report - that's fixed now.

Windows download has been added.

Enjoyed this a lot! Took me about 20 minutes to finish in the end. Had fun figuring out the various puzzles and even found the cake. Very well done indeed.

Rule #1 - You can use assets but MUST list them if they are not your own.

So, yes, you can use open source art, provided you give the appropriate credit.

Used to be able to delete spammy comments but the option has gone - I can "edit" other people's comments though, which is kinda weird.

Nice implementation of the theme but damn, it's super hard!

Thanks! I mashed up Frogger, Battleships, Pacman and Monopoly.

The Windows build doesn't work for me. A white window displays then disappears.

That was great fun! Such a simple idea well exectuted - well done!

This is really great - well done! Surprisingly easy to pick up and play. Definitely a contender for 1st place in the jam.

Very nice little game! The pace is good and it's very challenging, particularly at first. It might have been easier to have automatic firing and using your 2 buttons for left and right - though that is a more conventional approach and I quite like the novel controls you've got here. I got 60 points YESSS!

Yeah man, that guy's a jerk! What he needs is a bird box to the face.